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What Tea Is Good For Fertility

The Best Herbal Teas To Increase Fertility

Starbucks FERTILITY Tea at home!

For centuries humans have made teas from plants teas to promote good health and cure different ailments. Herbal teas to increase fertility are an easy and natural way to boost your chances of getting pregnant each month.

I personally view myself as a fertility tea success story as I drank it religiously while trying to get pregnant both times!

Many of the so-called fertility herbs can be taken in a tincture or tea and taste great.

You can make your own fertility tea using a combination of different herbs or you can buy ready-made conception teas from a few different companies.

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While Lady’s Mantle Tea Is Sometimes Recommended For Fertility There Are No Published Studies Evaluating The Connection

The herb lady’s mantle has been used for a long time in traditional European medicine and Ayurveda. Though there are claims that it can be helpful for fertility , we weren’t able to find any published studies showing a link between the herb and fertility or even overall menstrual health.

Lady’s mantle may not be recommended for use while pregnant.

Trusted By Doctors & Herbalists

Beginning with a single herbalist in 1994, the TEACURRY Doctor-Herbalist partner community has grown to over 150 medical doctors and practitioners throughout India and some abroad. These Doctor partners are at the heart of Teacurry’s mission and vision to serve each individual dedicated – to healthy conscious living by providing true wellness solutions. As you move ahead in your journey of #aBetterYou, Teacurry wants to ensure that you achieve the best fitness, physically and mentally, with high-quality clean plant-based Nutrition – the one that your body truly deserves. Know More

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Best Teas For Fertility

If youre looking to purchase some pre-made fertility teas, but have no idea where to start, youre in luck! Weve compiled a list of 5 of the best fertility teas available on Amazon just for you and we made sure they had glowing reviews!

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we havent but think would be helpful to you!

Modest Earth Baby Maker Tea

Amazon Review: 4.8/5-stars

Some of the benefits of this tea include:

  • 100% organic healthy nutrition for pregnancy
  • Full of vitamins and mineral-rich herbs
  • Great conception and fertility aid
  • Herby, minty, and slightly sweet red raspberry leaf tea blend
  • Full ingredient list peppermint, rose, milky oat tops, nettle, dandelion leaf, red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, chamomile, and alfalfa leaf

Secrets of Tea: Get Pregnant Fertility Tea

Amazon Review: 4.3/5-stars

Some of the benefits of this tea include:

Pink Stork Fertility Tea: Sweet Mint Tea

Amazon Review: 4.2/5-stars

Some of the benefits of this tea include:

Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Raspberry Womens Tea

Amazon Review: 4/5-stars

Some of the benefits of this tea include:

Moontime Tea Organic Fertility Tea

Amazon Review: 4/5-stars

The Conclusion: Is Green Tea Good For Fertility

Pregnant Fertility Peppermint Tea

Green tea remains to be one of the top drinks for health. It has a variety of benefits including:

  • Lowering cancer risks

Regarding fertility, its not specifically proven that green tea can help you conceive.

Drinking one cup or two cups of green tea a day is unlikely to do you any harm.

However, note that green tea does contain caffeine, which is a stimulant and too much of it may not be ideal especially when you are trying to conceive.

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Before We Dive Into Efficacy Are There Any Downsides To Using Fertility Teas

The main safety concerns regarding the ingredients in fertility teas are the ones you should avoid while pregnant and those that might interact with any medications or supplements you’re already taking. Most of these ingredients have only mild side effects associated with them.

Why does it matter if ingredients could have adverse effects during pregnancy when you’re only taking them preconception? Knowing exactly when you’ll get pregnant is often a challenge. So, in the case of fertility tea ingredients, there’s a risk-benefit balance of taking what could have fertility-boosting effects while you’re trying to conceive and taking something that could have adverse impact after conception.

There are a few other considerations when taking pre-packed fertility teas versus fertility herbs recommended by an herbalist, according to Freeman:

As with all over-the-counter fertility supplements, which aren’t as tightly regulated by the FDA, it’s crucial to talk to your healthcare provider about what’s right for you before starting anything new.

Ginger Tea Recipe For Fertility

Step 1:

Break open a capsule, empty the contents into clean hot boiling water

Step 2:

Add a dash of cold water and stir


Add some Fertility Honey for additional sweetness and shot of vitamins A, Bâs, E, K, propolis and royal jelly in a 100% bio-available form.

You can enjoy this drink any time of day or night to help warm your body by increasing circulation to your reproductive system and digestive system. Digestive health is imperative for fertility and for ensuring you and your baby absorb the nutrients you consume from your food.

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Ashwagandha Benefits Herb For Fertility

An Ayurvedic fertility tonic that is used to nourish the ovaries and uterus. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic fertility herb for nourishing and balancing:

  • feelings of depression
  • feelings of anxiety
  • the bodyâs energy reserve

You can also enjoy ashwaghanda in the Powerfully Pure Ultimate Fertility Superfood Blend, read more hereâ¦

Can I Drink Green Tea While Trying To Get Pregnant

How To Boost Your Fertility With A Smoothie – Fertility Course Bonus | Channel Mum

Although green tea is not on my list of herbal teas to increase fertility, lots of people enjoy it and wonder if they can keep drinking it while TTC.

Good news! Green tea has been proven to be safe for pregnancy and therefore for fertility. However, there are two things to bear in mind if you enjoy a cup of green tea.

First of all, it does contain caffeine. It is less than black tea but not an insignificant amount so you will still want to drink in moderation or choose a

Second of all, green tea, like black tea, contains an antioxidant compound called catechin which can reduce the bioavailability of folate according to a 2012 study.

As folate is essential for reducing neural defects in babies, you should make sure to take a good quality prenatal vitamin for at least 3 months before trying to conceive. Also be sure to include lots of folate-rich foods in your diet.

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Natural Remedies Can Be Used To Support Fertility Struggles But They Are Not A Cure

Although mint tea may help with fertility issues, it is important to try other techniques that might also improve your fertility and enhance your reproductive health. For example, one way to increase the odds of getting pregnant is by not smoking or drinking alcohol which can lead to decreased egg quality.

Other ways you can boost your chances are by eating a healthy diet rich in high-quality protein, vegetables, and fruits, and by maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, you can also try to increase your level of activity and reduce stress levels.

Ultimately, if you are still struggling to conceive after trying these methods, it is important to consult with your doctor to see if there might be an underlying medical condition preventing you from becoming pregnant.

Delicious Taste + Powerful Herbs + Nutritional Support Equals Increased Fertility

Drink up the restorative power of herbs to increase your chances of conceiving. FertiliTea brings together 6 herbs to make a delicious, mint-flavored tea that supports hormone balance, menstrual cycle regularity, and strengthens and tones your uterus, while also providing vital nutrients to promote fertility and reproductive health.

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Green Tea Increases Sperm Concentration

Apart from all the dozens of other health benefits of green tea, did you know its also a great fertility aid?

The Hypoxanthine, a purine, and polyphenols, bio-compounds abundant with antioxidants, in green tea are thought to increase the number of embryos. They are suspected to be responsible for both increasing the fertility of eggs and their maturation.

Green tea also helps the males successfully complete their part in the process by increasing low numbers of sperm and improving sperm motility.

It further helps in a more general way through its antioxidant activity on internal cells and tissue.

Antioxidants destroy the free radicals that enter the body and cause internal oxidative damage. They also protect healthy, living cells, repair damaged cells, and remove dead cells. By doing this, they maintain the health and condition of your body. Naturally, the healthier your body, the more chance there is of getting pregnant.

By combining its calming properties, its healing properties, and its ability to aid in fertilisation, this is one tea you should definitely try.

Finally, its a good idea not to drink green tea with meals as it can inhibit the absorption of much needed iron. Read:

Green tea has a gentle herbal taste, slightly bittersweet with earthy undertones.

Fertility Tea: 30 Cups

The Best Fertility Tea &  Herbs: How They Can Help You Conceive

Natural fertility aid: Supports your natural fertility, conception, hormones, and cycle. Please be mindful as this product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle consult with your physician before use.

100% organic: Our whole-leaf tea is 100% organic + never genetically modified. We use biodegradable pyramid sachets. Each sachet makes 2 cups, 30 cups total. The tea pouch is stamped with the manufacturing and expiration date. Our teas expire two years from the date of manufacture.

Female-herbalist formulated: This tea is formulated by our certified herbalists with herbs that have been used for centuries to support natural fertility.

All the essentials: 100% organic herbs, including Peppermint, Chaste Tree Berry , Red Raspberry Leaf, and Ladys Mantle, to support fertility. Caffeine-free.

Women-owned + run: Our founder and CEO is a woman, and over 80% of our employees are women. We are on a mission to provide women with hope and positively impact everyone that comes in contact with Pink Stork.

Try it and love it or send it back. We’ll take care of it, no questions asked.

This product supports a womans natural reproductive cycle. Please be mindful that this product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle.

Attention: As with all dietary supplements and herbs, please consult with your physician before use if you are breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.


Chaste Tree Berry


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Fertility Tea: What Is It And Does It Work

If you’re trying to improve your chances of conceiving, you’ve probably heard of fertility tea. Whether it’s a combination of homegrown herbs or a fancy tea company blend, midwives and alternative medicine practitioners recommend these options for improving reproductive health. But what does the science say?

We’ve gathered research on some of the popular herbs used in fertility teas. Find out what the medical community says about using fertility tea to improve reproductive health and increase the chances of conceiving.

Are Fertility Teas Really Effective

You probably know from the review of the common ingredients that there is not much research supporting fertility teas for conceiving. This doesnt mean that tea should be stopped entirely. It just means that it might not have the same impact on your reproductive health that we want. There are many benefits to drinking tea during your fertility journey. These are the top benefits of drinking tea when youre pregnant:

  • Reduce caffeine intake. Many of you are concerned about the effects caffeine can have on your reproductive health. The great thing about tea is its lower caffeine content than coffee. You can even find great varieties that are caffeine-free!
  • Increased water intake. Increased water intake is good for your health. The main composition of a tea drink is water.
  • Natural soda substitute. Natural soda is not as nutritious as artificial sweeteners or sugar. Tea is a great alternative to soda, especially if it tastes like plain water.
  • Its a relaxing ritual. A relaxing ritual. Many people enjoy brewing a cup of hot tea, such as peppermint tea, and then slowly sipping it while taking in the sights and smells. There is more to tea than its taste.

Most fertility experts will agree that antioxidants in tea can be a great way for women to improve their health and overall well-being.

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How To Prepare Fertility Tea

Whether you make your own or buy a premade blend, fertility tea is simple and easy to prepare. You may be used to steeping your average cup for 5 minutes or less, but most herbal infusions require slightly longer than that.

Once youve poured the boiling water over the tea bag , cover and let your tea steep for at least 10 minutes. The extra steeping time is needed to get the most therapeutic benefits from all the ingredients and you can enjoy the aromas while you wait. Discard the used herbs or tea bag and enjoy with a touch of honey, maple syrup, or even a slice of lemon.

Thai Black Ginger Tea For Fertility And Pregnancy

Best ayurvedic herbs for treating male infertility – Dr. Chetali Samant

Did you know that organic Thai Black Ginger powder is a delicious and nutritious way to support your digestive health and so much more?

  • Thai black ginger helps to fuel your digestive juices
  • Thai black ginger helps to warm your womb to prepare for babyâs coming
  • Thai black ginger helps to restore energy to your cells
  • Thai black ginger helps to reduce inflammation of the reproductive system
  • Thai black ginger is anti-allergenic
  • Thai black ginger helps the body to release fat

Read more and get yours in the Powerfully Pure shop, hereâ¦

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Best Herbs To Look For In Fertility Tea

While some of these herbs appear to have specific benefits for various factors in fertility, Dr. Langdon makes an important observation. Almost all of these herbs are anti-oxidants, which lower inflammation, which may be a factor in infertility.

So even if youve been given a specific diagnosis related to infertility, it may just be the general consumption of anti-inflammatory herbs that helps you conceive!

Can Green Tea Regulate Your Periods

Green tea is said to have an effect on female hormones. However, there is no research that specifically observes green teas effects on the menstrual cycle.

A 2002 report in Food and Chemical Toxicology showed that green tea extracts inhibit a certain enzyme called aromatase that boosts estrogen in rats.

The study indicates that green tea may possibly lower estrogen levels and make your periods come faster.

But again, this study was conducted on rats not on humans, so it is unclear whether it would affect humans the same way.

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Best Benefits Of Green Tea For Fertility Health

  • Post author Scientific review: Dr Heben’s Team

Green tea is widely known as the great tea. It can boost the body health. The good taste of this tea also attracts people to consume it. Other than that, green tea is also believed to boost the fertility health. It is due to the presence of B vitamins and folate. Not only for that, it also provides minerals such as antioxidants, magnesium, and less caffeine as well. The polyphenols as antioxidants contained in it have a role in protecting the body against diseases. It also fights against inflammation. Indeed, compounds in green tea offer great health benefits. Then, we have listed the excellent benefits of green tea for fertility healthy below.

1. Have Less Caffeine

We know that green tea has less caffeine than regular tea. This will be good to promote pregnancy. In fact, caffeine can bring negative effects when trying to conceive. Then, it is the best way to reduce the caffeine consumption. Also, based on The National Infertility Association studies, it is known that caffeine takes part in preventing an egg from maturing properly. This can lead to lower the chances of pregnancy in women. You also check on Health Benefits of Drinking 3 Cups of Green Tea A Day

2. Prevents Free Radicals

3. Balances Hormones

4. Improves Cervical Mucus

5. Prevents Miscarriage

6. Helps Pregnancy

7. Improves Sperms

8. Removes Toxins

9. Hydrates Body

Also, there are other health benefits of green tea which are:

12. Cures Fever

Its All In The Ingredients

5 Herbal Teas To Increase Fertility Naturally

With all fertility teas, it is all about the ingredients and the benefits they provide so Ive done some research on the four most common teas found in fertility tea blends on the internet.

Green Tea: Green tea is one of the most popular teas in the world! Along with tasting delicious, green tea has a whole host of benefits mainly due to compounds known as catechins.

The catechins in green tea act as antioxidants that help to remove free radicals in the body. High levels of free radicals can potentially negatively impact sperm health as well as egg health.

It is for this reason that research has shown certain catechins, such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate , can reduce the negative effects that free radicals have in the reproductive organs, leading to improvements in sperm health and egg quality

Raspberry Leaf: A quick Google search on Raspberry Leaf and fertility results in numerous claims around improving infertility, however, these claims are purely anecdotal, meaning they are based on personal experience and not through scientific research.

A systematic review looking at all the studies conducted with raspberry leaf found no benefits in terms of fertility and labour . This means that more studies are needed before its able to be recommended for any couples going through a fertility journey!

Chastetree: Chastetree is a tea made from the berries and leaves of a shrub native to Europe and Asia.

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