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What Is The Best Earl Grey Tea Brand

Pique Organic Black Tea Crystals Earl Grey Tea

What is Earl Grey Tea ? Why do they add Bergamot ?

If youre a busy person, you can opt for this instant, serve Earl Grey tea from Pique, which comes in a single-serve stick for the sake of convenience.

When you use this tea powder, you will no longer have to guess how long you need to steep your tea. All you have to do is to pour the powder into hot water and give it a few stirs.

Non-GMO and organic, this Earl Grey tea is keto-friendly and Paleo-Friendly. Thanks to this, the product is suitable for virtually all types of diet. Moreover, it will not leave the after taste commonly found in tea bags.

Key Features:

S To Make Iced Earl Grey Tea

Cold brewed tea makes the best iced tea.

  • Put Earl Grey tea and water in a pitcher or glass container. Cover and place in refrigerator to cold brew.Use cool or room temperature filtered water.
  • Strain Earl Grey tea leaves and pour tea into a cup.Cold brewed tea is already chilled so adding ice is up to you. Optional: Add simple syrup and milk or lemon.
  • Finding The Right Fit For You

    The point to remember is that there is no gold standard for Earl Grey.

    This is why there is quite so much discrepancy from one tea label to another. Thus, don’t give up on this tea just because you have had one or two disappointing experiences.

    Instead, experiment as much as you can with Earl Grey teas.

    Of course, this can be a rather time-consuming and expensive endeavor. So, you can go ahead and read reviews of the top teas instead.

    Before doing so, though, you should make a note of what flavors you are looking for with your Earl Grey.

    For instance, do you prefer a full-or are you body tea or are you someone who enjoys a milder cup, perhaps with a hint of floral notes or sweetness? As for the citrus flavor, do you prefer something with a fruitier taste or a sharper fragrance profile. Once you have narrowed your preferences down, you will find it far easier to find a quality Earl Grey. In short, pick something that tantalizes your senses.

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    The Top Earl Grey Teas

    To make it even easier to select the top Earl Grey brands, we have divided them up into three separate classes loose leaf, tea bags, and organic tea.

    We have also taken the initiative to offer up three distinctive categories. Thus, regardless of whether you are looking for a premium or budget choice for Earl Grey tea, we have you covered.

    We have even included the Earl Grey tea that we, personally, liked the most.

    Enjoy Your Earl Grey Tea

    Top 6 Best Earl Grey Tea Brands

    Now that you know what the best Earl Grey choices are, its time to get out there and find your favorite!

    Whether you go for loose leaf or prefer a tea bag, you really cant go wrong with your selection, especially if you opt for organic and natural choices.

    From Lady Grey through to Russian Earl Grey tea and beyond, theres a whole world waiting for you.

    Do you think that something is missing from our list of best Earl Grey teas? Get in touch, let us know and well update our article.

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    Final Thoughts On Earl Grey Tea

    Selecting the right tea is such a personal thing. Perhaps an organic product is important to you, or no artificial flavours. You might like a strong simple tea or something more delicate and fruity. The exact origins of Earl Grey tea is not known, although there are a number of theories. It originally gained popularity in Britain and has since become popular globally. Earl Grey tea is a blended tea with ingredients differing between tea makers. In its simplest form it is a black tea blended with the oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit.

    The base of Earl Grey tea can be any variety of black tea. The bergamot used could be either synthetic or natural. Synthetic bergamot maintains a more consistent flavour, while natural oil will vary depending on a number of factors including origin and processing practices.

    Everything You Need To Know For The Best Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey tea is the most popular flavored tea internationally. Not sure which brand to choose? Here are the best Earl Grey brands and why they are so special.

    Earl Grey tea has a delicious citrusy aroma. This classic signature blend is perfect for an afternoon tea preferably with scones.

    I confess that for a long time, I never liked Earl Grey. Every blend I tried tasted like drinking perfume. Am I alone here?! Always willing to try a new tea, I never gave up. I finally came across an Earl Grey that I liked, a full-bodied black tea with a light citrus note. It was absolutely delicious!

    I had to find out why. What made this one stand out from all the other Earl Greys Ive tried? Why was this tea so superior?

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    Numi Organic Tea: Aged Earl Grey

    Heres one for those who prefer a more subtle hint of citrus in their Earl Grey. The black tea used in this organic and Fair Trade Earl Grey is sourced from the Assam region of India, while the bergamot oil hails from real Italian bergamots. The tea leaves are aged with the bergamot so that the leaves gradually absorb the orange aroma and flavor. The end result is a robust black tea with subtle citrus notes.

    Harney & Son Supreme Earl Grey Tea

    How to Make the Best Ever Earl Grey Tea Latte London Fog

    This supreme blend of black tea from Harney & Son is made from high-grade tea leaves as well as silver tip tea. With the addition of lemony bergamot, this pack of tea will give you the best cup of your favorite beverage.

    Besides the slight hint of lemon, this tea offers a delicate yet strong flavor from the tea leaves. The perfect balance between the bergamot and the tea leaves will give you a hearty cup of tea.

    Furthermore, the tea bags are individually packed in a foil pouch. This means that the freshness of the tea will be preserved to the max. Grab a cup of this tea in the morning, and you will feel refreshed and energized in no time.

    Key Features:

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    Art Of Tea: Earl Grey Tea

    The black tea used in this Earl Grey is organically grown and hand-harvested in Sri Lanka. After harvesting, the leaves are blended with natural oil of bergamot to create a bold citrus flavor with floral notes. The premium ingredients and careful attention to detail help explain why this Earl Grey won the category of Best Black Tea at the World Tea Expo.

    Twinings Earl Grey Bubble Tea

    This summer, enjoy the delights of Bubble Tea! This is a unique way of enjoying Twinings tea ice cold and it also makes a great party drink. It’s fun to prepare and it stores really well so you can make a batch and save it for later!

    Dried Boba Tapioca Pearls Per Serving
    Milk, Almond Milk or Condensed Milk
    Splash of Fruit Juice or Nectar
    Bowl for Holding the Cooked Boba
    Measuring Cups

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    Earl Grey Tea: Overview

    Just like lime and tequila, peanut butter and chocolate, and cookie dough and vanilla ice creambergamot blends with black tea leaves to give us a delightfully delicious tea: Earl Grey.

    Bergamot orange is a fruit native of France, Italy, and Southeast Asia. Its addition to the black tea creates a swiftly smooth flavor with an exquisite orange-flower finish.

    It is equally fantastic hot, or cold and goes well with meals. Remember, Earl Grey tea is not tea per se. Its black, white, oolong, or green tea flavored/scented with fruit, spices, flowers, extracts, oils, and organic/artificial flavors.

    Modern variations on the classic blend include:

    • Red Earl Grey
    • Lady Grey
    • Russian Earl Grey

    Great Britain is rejoicing in the splendor of Earl Grey since the 19th century. Often with a dash of honey or a pinch of sugar.

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    The Best Earl Grey Loose

    Best Earl Grey Tea Brand For The Money? [Updated 2019 ...

    Help me decide. Give some examples please.

    I have Harney & Sons EG and EG Superior samples being shipped this week. They are new to me.

    I really enjoy the earl grey from Postcard Teas and think its a good clean crisp tasting Earl Grey that works best without milk

    Absolutely agreed, Postcard Tea Earl Grey is the best I have tasted.

    I love Postcard but havent tried their Earl. Thanks for the recommendation. i will have to amend that!

    Harneys Earl Grey Supreme is one of my favorites. The Tea Centres Earl Grey Special is another, but youll have to get it shipped from Sweden:

    Adagio has a few decent Earl Grey versions as well.

    I read about Harney & Sons. People said it is superior tasting Earl Grey. Unfortunately my country does not import any product from this brand.

    What tea brands are available to you? That will affect recommendations!

    If you can get Twinings Earl Grey it is a well respected brand and is quite highly rated. For many people Twinings is the taste they use to judge all other Earl Grey teas.

    The best is more difficult because everyone likes something different.

    One good quality tea that might be available to you is Tayors of Harrogate. They are a U.K. brand and are probably everywhere in Europe. Their Earl Grey is very smooth and a little floral in flavor.

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    Earl Grey Classic From Sloane Tea

    Similar to the other earl grey tea blends on this list, this classic from Sloane tea is a black tea with oil of bergamot, and boy is it ever aromatic! Pleasantly so, too.

    Sometimes there is chemical like taste with earl grey blends that have an overpowering aroma, but thats definitely not the case with this one .

    With strong notes in the citrus department, this is one of my favourites to use when making a London Fog latte . It also comes in a beautiful reusable tin.

    History Of Earl Grey Tea

    Many theories try to explain the origin of earl grey tea. However, many believe the tea was blended for Charles Grey , who was the prime minister for the UK between 1830 and 1834.

    He asked Richard Twinning whether he could devise a new blend of tea. Charles liked the tea immediately after tasting it and gave it his name.

    Another theory states that a Chinese man gave the tea to Charles as a gift in 1803 after one of Charles employees saved the Chinese mans son from drowning.

    The black tea was a blend of Chinese and Indian teas and was flavored with bergamot. Nowadays, teas can also be sourced from Africa, which adds a distinctive flavor to the tea.

    Chinese teas tend to be fruity, floral, or smoky, while teas from India come with a malty flavor. On the other hand, Ceylon tea is usually used as an earl grey tea base to give it different flavors like the English breakfast tea Assam base.

    Traditionally, earl grey tea was served in the afternoon. However, it is suitable to consume at any time during the day. It can be served with spicier foods because the flavor blends well with the spices.

    It also balances well the dark chocolate flavors in different recipes while enhancing the flavor in lemon cakes.

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    Tea Top Ceylon Earl Grey

    Summary This is a Melbourne based boutique company. All of their tea is single origin, single estate tea. They do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in their tea.


    • Single origin, single estate, Ceylon tea.
    • This tea includes cornflower petals
    • Sweet, fruity flavour.


    • Not a very strong flavour, you may need to use more tea to increase the strength to your taste.

    Lady Betty From Tielka Tea

    Taj Mahal Earl Grey Tea

    While this technically isnt a classic earl grey, I wanted to include this as a bonus because this earl grey inspired blend is a great representation of the variety available.

    In fact, this one is excellent if you want to try something different. Something that offers the classic bergamot flavour with a bold black tea but also much more.

    This blend is like a combination of a French Earl Grey and a Lady Grey. French earl grey features a floral element like rose petals and Lady grey features more citrus ingredients like sweet orange peels. Tielkas Lady Betty includes both!

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    What Is A Single Origin Tea

    A single origin tea comes from a single region of a particular country. This can mean a broad number of things depending on the company. A single origin Ceylon tea could mean tea that comes from a number of tea plantations within Sri Lanka. A single estate tea is tea that is harvested from one single tea plantation.

    A Brief History Of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey tea may be one of the better known drinks among tea lovers in the world.

    Though associated with England, its beginnings, however, are shrouded in mystery.

    The truth is that no one is quite sure how this particular kind of black tea came about.

    There are plenty of theories, nonetheless.

    One thing that is for sure, though, is that the tea is named after Charles Grey – one-time British Prime Minister.

    These are all the Earl Grey teas that you should keep an eye out for when shopping.

    If you enjoyed this post, make sure to head over to our page. We post lots of fun and interesting tea-related content there.

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    Us Wellness Naturals Earl Grey Tea

    The next reviewed product in our list is from the U.S. Wellness Naturals who craft a stronger blend made from black Ceylon tea leaves which are flavored with bergamot. The bergamot oil helps restore the traditional Earl Grey flavor and the Ceylon tea leaves give it a bold and rich flavor. The tea is offered in the form of loose leaves in a

    The tea naturally features an astringency flavor which makes it perfectly complement desserts or rich foods. On the contrary, the light citrusy flavor works as a refreshing agent. Not to forget, each cup offers you around 50-90 mg of caffeine, the very substance that helps you stay energized and going throughout the day without feeling lethargic.

    In addition to all these, the brand is certified organic and features quality ingredients that will not meddle with your health. The tea blending is done with 100% organic black tea leaves known as Ceylon, cultivated from the luxurious tea gardens of Sri Lanka which are free of pesticides so the chances of harmful chemicals entering your body are the least. The Ceylon variant of tea features a strong and bold taste due to the soils of Sri Lanka which are purer than the Chinese ones. They also contain fewer quantities of metal and other impurities.

    The tea blend can also be used to make your own kombucha. This is because of its distinct flavors which are essential in a kombucha blend.

    What we didnt like:

    Pique: Organic Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Tea  The 9 Surprising Benefits + Side Effects ...

    Pardon us while we toot our own horn: Were confident that our Earl Grey tea is one of the best. Our USDA Organic brew is made from Ceylon black tea and natural oil of bergamot to create a smooth black tea with a hint of citrus. It contains slightly less caffeine than some Earl Greys, which means you can enjoy a quick energy boost without the jitters.

    Its also packed with vitalizing antioxidants. And of course, our tea is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar. Instead of a loose tea, it comes in the form of tea crystals, which are convenient for anytime, but especially while traveling.

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    Vahdam Earl Grey Tea Leaves

    Offered in the form of loose tea leaves, VAHDAM is another premium that does not compromise its quality. The flavorsome tea is a blend of long high-quality tea leaves cultivated in India blended with authentic bergamot oil extract. Being perfect for brewing both hot and iced tea, the brand uses no harmful chemicals in its processing.

    Its top-notch packaging features a double seal zip lock bag that helps keep the tea leaves well protected and fresh. Moreover, the brand involves no use of carbon or plastic in its manufacturing or processing, making this a green brand.

    So, if you are someone who feels responsible for the environment, worry no more. The brand measures its plastic and carbon footprint and offsets them by investing in environmentally sustainable projects. Not only that but the farmers who cultivate these fine tea leaves are offered a good deal. On top of that, 1% of their generated revenue is contributed to their social campaign TEAch Me with the aim of providing better education to the children of these farmers.

    Moreover, in order to ensure authenticity and safety, the brand has an innovative supply chain model that procures the finest and freshest tea. Distributing in over 83 countries, this is an award-winning brand that is a consumers favorite. Lastly, due to the unique taste and depth, the black tea leaves can be used to make Kombucha tea as well.

    What we did not like:

    What To Consider When Buying Earl Grey Tea

    Purchasing an Earl Grey tea can be challenging due to the hundreds of brands and blends available on the market today.

    Have no fear. Weve got your back.

    Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

    Caffeine content

    Whether its loose tea leaves or tea bags, the amount of caffeine in various blends will differ, as will the amount of time required to brew the tea. The brew time also affects the amount of caffeine present in the tea.

    If you brew a cup of loose-leaf tea for a minute, it may contain up to 19 mg of caffeine, but if you let the tea brew for about 5 minutes, caffeine levels may increase to 31 mg. In contrast, using a tea bag opposed to loose-leaf can reduce caffeine content by 10%.

    If youre sensitive to caffeine, make sure the blend you buy is caffeine-free.

    Consumption safety

    Bergamot is safe for most people to consume, with little to no adverse effects. There are, however, just a few things to take into consideration.

    While the tea is safe for consumption, it may have possible adverse effects when applied physically on the skin, causing photosensitivity. It may also interact with certain pharmaceuticals such as tetracyclines, amitriptyline, and levofloxacin.

    Also, bergamot contains a chemical known as bergapten, which acts as a potassium blocker. This means that the chemical inhibits the absorption of potassium in the body, some side effects being blurry vision, leg cramps, and twitching muscles.

    Heart health

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