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What Is The Best Earl Gray Tea

Harney & Sons Black Tea Earl Grey Supreme Review:

How to make Earl Grey Iced Tea

When Harney & Sons brand was founded 30 years ago, it had one specific goal- to provide their customers with the best possible tea quality. Years later, they live to their promise. And this explains why their earl grey tea has such a high popularity among tea aficionado.

Being a supreme blend, this particular version contains four tea varieties, silver tips, and of course the bergamot flavoring. This has made it a solid, stable pick for nearly all households who want to experience the real earl grey. Each package comes with 20 sachets.

Highlighted features:

In Pursuit Of Tea: Darjeeling Earl Grey

If youre looking to treat yourself to something fancy, look no further than this limited-edition, single-estate Earl Grey. The black tea is sourced from the Darjeeling region of India and then hand-scented with organic bergamot oil from Italy. The company only uses the rind of the bergamot to create the oil, which produces a smooth, citrus-y flavor. Meanwhile, the black tea boasts cocoa undertones that, when mixed with the bergamot oil, create a warm, slightly spicy, and robust flavor.

Harney & Son Supreme Earl Grey Tea

This supreme blend of black tea from Harney & Son is made from high-grade tea leaves as well as silver tip tea. With the addition of lemony bergamot, this pack of tea will give you the best cup of your favorite beverage.

Besides the slight hint of lemon, this tea offers a delicate yet strong flavor from the tea leaves. The perfect balance between the bergamot and the tea leaves will give you a hearty cup of tea.

Furthermore, the tea bags are individually packed in a foil pouch. This means that the freshness of the tea will be preserved to the max. Grab a cup of this tea in the morning, and you will feel refreshed and energized in no time.

Key Features:

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Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot Benefits

Bergamot is a Mediterranean fruit from the Citrus bergamia, a hybrid of lime and bitter orange. The fruit is similar to oranges in size but similar to limes in color with a thick rind. Too bitter for eating the zest is used to produce the natural extract.

  • The essential oil comes from the peel of the fruit.
  • Bergamot zest is often used in cooking.
  • The fruit is high in Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin B1, B2, and Vitamin A.
  • There are many folk remedies with bergamot oil, especially for skin and urinary tract complaints.
  • The essential oil is used in skincare products, perfumes, and aromatherapy.
  • Bergamot helps with digestion. One study found a phytonutrient in bergamot oil called bergamottin that is beneficial in protecting the stomach lining.

Are There More Earl Grey Tea Flavors

Best Earl Grey Tea

Surprised to see so many Earl Grey tea flavors? There is more. Every tea scented with bergamot orange essential oil is technically an earl grey tea. On the other hand, there is not one single tea blend in this world scented with bergamot essential oil that would have any other name except earl grey or grey tea. Whichever earl grey tea you choose, you can rest assured it will have at least light bergamot note.

Learn more about earl grey tea:

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Iced London Fog Tea Latte

The Earl Grey tea at Starbucks is made up of both bergamot and lavender essence. Thus, you get to enjoy a lovely balance of floral, citrus-y, and sweet notes here. With vanilla syrup added to the mix, the iced London fog tea latte is made even more decadent.

The milk adds a glorious creaminess to it as well, making it one of the more interesting of the Starbucks iced teas. It is the perfect pick-me-up!

Davidsons Tea Bulk Earl Grey Tea

An excellent choice if youre seeking to buy a reasonably priced pack of Earl Grey tea, this item from Davidson boasts a delicious blend of black tea and natural oil from the bergamot orange.

One outstanding factor about this tea is that it has been certified to be made of organic ingredients by the USDA. Additionally, the product has also been Fair Traded Certified.

The double-layers package that the tea leaves are stored in ensures that the freshness of your tea will be properly preserved. Therefore, you can enjoy this premium blend of tea with its outstanding freshness and flavors.

Key Features:

Caffeinated Yes

You can see the quality of the tea leaves and learn how to brew a cup of Earl Grey with this product in this video here:

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Is It A Brand Or Blend

Another point that tea drinkers are confused about is what category Earl Grey tea falls under. Is it a true tea, flavored tea, herbal tea, type of tea, or is it a specific label produced by a particular company?

Well, it falls into a few different categories.

The base of Earl Grey is a true tea – black tea – not a herbal tea. However, it is technically a flavored tea. Here’s the catch, though – there isn’t such a thing as a classic Earl Grey tea in the tea industry. Despite the noble association, no one really has a claim to this black tea. There isn’t a set ratio of black tea to a certain amount of bergamot, even!

However, Twinings did receive permission permission from one of the Earls to use his signature on their Earl Grey teas.

So, if there is no classic Earl Grey, how do you know you are getting the real deal? Well, you can’t – you simply have to find a way to select the finest black tea with bergamot oil instead.

Flavoring In Earl Grey

How To Brew Earl Grey Tea

Todd Chatterton, Director of Coffee and Tea at New Yorks Eleven Madison Park, says,

The prime flavoring in Earl Grey tea, bergamot, is a type of citrus fruit with similarities to the Meyer Lemon. The flavor profile comes across very floral, with a very distinct lemon-y citrus and a little bit of grapefruit.

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Determine Your Flavor Preferences

There is no singular best Earl Grey tea flavor, because everyone has different taste buds. So finding the right flavor for you may involve some trial and error.

As noted above, natural bergamot oil will likely taste better than synthetic options.

To narrow down your choices even more, think about whether you prefer a fruitier or sharper flavor profile. In the former case, opt for teas that are flavored with bergamot oil, which is sourced from the peel of the bergamot fruit. If you prefer a sharper brew, look for Earl Greys that mix dried bergamot peels directly into the tea.

What Do You Think Is The Best Earl Grey Tea Going

Im looking to expand my Earl Grey horizons, but would like skip all the bad stuff out there. Id appreciate anyone sharing their thoughts on what is the best out there. Im not put off by a noticeable amount of natural Bergamot since that is what gives this tea its distinctive flavor. The importance of quality, natural Bergamot notwithstanding, Id still want a high quality black tea base to go with it. Thanks for your help. Bryan

Earl Grey from Lupicia

Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamaker:

Earl Grey from Damn Fine Tea:

Earl Grey from Joys Teaspoon:

I also would like to add:

Earl Grey from Townshends Tea:

Earl Grey from Tao of Tea:

Its a bit pricey compared to traditional earl grey due to the use of high quality darjeeling black oolong and silver needle

I get an error when I try to load that page.

I believe Chi of Tea is now closed.

I have very little experience to compare it with, but I agree! +1 on Earl Grey Supreme. 🙂

I agree! Harney and Sons supreme version is really, really great!

I believe this is the blend that Captain Picard would appreciate? Earl Grey, Hot.

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What Iced Tea Provides The Most Pick

If caffeine is what youre after, almost all Starbucks iced teas have caffeine. But, the amount varies by the type of tea.

However, three iced teas stand above the rest when it comes to having the most caffeine.

Heres how much caffeine is in a grande cup of iced tea so you can see what I mean.

  • Chai Latte: 95 mg Matcha Latte: 80 mg Matcha Lemonade: 80 mg Iced Pineapple Matcha: 80 mg
  • English Breakfast Latte: 40 mg London Fog Latte: 40 mg
  • Iced Black: 25 mg Iced Green: 25 mg Iced White: 20 mg
  • Iced Passion: 0 mg

Additionally, if you love chai like me, heres a rundown of all Starbucks chai tea drinks, iced and hot.

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Consider The Bergamot Source

Earl Grey Tea  The 9 Surprising Benefits + Side Effects

The black tea used in any Earl Grey will have the most impact on flavor and overall quality, but you might also want to consider where and how the bergamot oil was sourced.

Some tea sellers use synthetic bergamot oil, while others opt for the real deal. For the best taste, look for Earl Grey teas that are flavored with natural oil from real bergamot fruits. And if you have concerns about artificial flavorings, thats another reason to stick to teas that use natural flavor.

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Black Tea And Heart Health

As Earl Grey has a black tea base from the Camellia sinensis or tea plant, it is rich in a number of antioxidants mainly the polyphenols which include thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins.

Black tea is also a source of flavonoids, another antioxidant group. Also found in dark chocolate, fruit, vegetables and red wine, the flavonoids are linked with being able to reduce some of the risk factors for heart disease.

Consuming black tea for three months was able to reduce triglyceride values by 36% and another study shows that those drinking three cups of black tea every day had an 11% reduced risk of developing heart disease.

Low-density lipoprotein is known as bad as it transports cholesterol to our cells, while the high-density lipoprotein is good as it moves cholesterol away for cells and to the liver to be removed from the body. When LDL builds up in our bodies it is in the form of fatty plaques on the walls or our arteries which increases the risk of heart disease or strokes. One study showed that those who had slightly high cholesterol levels reduced their LDL cholesterol by 11% when they drank five servings of black tea every day.

When participants took Chinese black tea extract in another study, they had a decrease in LDL levels when compared to the control or placebo group.

S To Make Iced Earl Grey Tea

Cold brewed tea makes the best iced tea.

  • Put Earl Grey tea and water in a pitcher or glass container. Cover and place in refrigerator to cold brew.Use cool or room temperature filtered water.
  • Strain Earl Grey tea leaves and pour tea into a cup.Cold brewed tea is already chilled so adding ice is up to you. Optional: Add simple syrup and milk or lemon.
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    Earl Grey Tea Bulk Bag

    If you prefer to buy just loose-leaf tea, then this product might be for you. This is a big pack of loose leaf, which makes it a very high-value choice.

    This blend uses natural bergamot oil and organic black tea leaves. It tastes great, and its also certified organic. Its been tracked from start to finish for quality control, and there are no pesticides anywhere in the process.


    • Definitely less convenient than tea bags or sachets.

    Everything You Need To Know For The Best Earl Grey Tea

    What is Earl Grey Tea ? Why do they add Bergamot ?

    Published | Updated Feb 23, 2021 by

    This post may contain affiliate or sponsored links. Disclaimer

    Earl Grey tea is the most popular flavored tea internationally. Not sure which brand to choose? Here are the best Earl Grey brands and why they are so special.

    Earl Grey tea has a delicious citrusy aroma. This classic signature blend is perfect for an afternoon tea – preferably with scones.

    I confess that for a long time, I never liked Earl Grey. Every blend I tried tasted like drinking perfume. Am I alone here?! Always willing to try a new tea, I never gave up. I finally came across an Earl Grey that I liked, a full-bodied black tea with a light citrus note. It was absolutely delicious!

    I had to find out why. What made this one stand out from all the other Earl Greys Ive tried? Why was this tea so superior?

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    What Are The Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

    The benefits of Earl Grey tea are often a bit complicated. So many teas claim so many different benefits which can range from vague to unproven. While Earl Grey tea has been touted for many different benefits, the research in many areas is not always so definitive.

    With that disclaimer out of the way, here are a few of the benefits of Earl Grey tea which are backed by some research:

    • May boost heart health.
    • Black tea has been linked to decreased blood pressure.

    Which Starbucks Iced Tea Is The Healthiest

    Healthy is a very subjective word, meaning different things to different people.

    That being said, matcha and green tea are known for their health benefits, with matcha topping the charts for its extreme amount of antioxidants.

    Take a look at my Starbucks Guide to Green Tea & Matcha to learn even more.

    Recommendations: Iced Green Tea without liquid cane syrup Iced Matcha Latte without liquid cane syrup.

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    Do You Put Milk In Earl Grey Tea

    Most tea purists take their Earl Grey Tea without milk, to fully enjoy the unique flavor and delicate taste of the fragrant bergamot. If you prefer to take the tea with milk, we recommend a creamy nut or plant milk. Its best to first pour the milk into a warmed teacup before pouring in the tea. This way the milk can be warmed up! Because Earl Grey Tea contains caffeine its best enjoyed as a late morning or early afternoon pick me up tea.

    Camellia Sinensis: Earl Grey

    Best Earl Grey Tea For The Money  Reviews and Buying ...

    This tea company is named after the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is the origin of all true teas . In the case of their Earl Grey, that plant is organically grown and harvested beneath the Indian Himalayas in Dooars, India. Meanwhile, the natural bergamot oil is extracted from organic, Italian-grown bergamot. Together, these quality ingredients make for a slightly malty, flavorful brew.

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    Island Coconut Black Tea

    Our Island Coconut Black Tea offers the perfect flavors for a refreshing glass of iced tea. This tea blends the bold earthy notes of black tea leaves with the smooth flavor of coconut. Each infusion will transport you to a tropical island where you can just feel the sand between your toes and the sunshine in your hair.

    How Earl Grey Is Made

    A tea is flavored or scented during manufacturing toward the end of the processing, usually once the tea leaves have dried. One way teas are flavored is by blending the finished tea with flowers, herbs and spices so that the blended ingredients are visually appealing and lightly infuse the tea leaves with their aroma and flavor. Another way tea is flavored is by spraying or coated the finished tea with extracts, essential oils or flavoring agents during or after the drying process. This adds much a much stronger flavor to the tea and uses fewer ingredients. The flavoring-to-tea ratio is completely up to the tea manufacturer, and the flavors that come through to a brewed cup of flavored tea will vary by brand.

    Earl Grey is most widely defined as a black tea that has been flavored with the oil of bergamot. There is no one way to make Earl Grey tea, however, which is why every Earl Grey tea you’ve ever tried has probably tasted slightly different.

    Some of the most significant variables in how Earl Grey tea is made include:

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    Antioxidant Power Of Bergamot

    Another great reason for drinking Earl Grey tea is that unlike most black teas, it has antioxidants from the addition of bergamot oil. Antioxidant content is the main reason that green teas have received so much more positive press than black teas over the years.

    Antioxidants help to scavenge free radicals in your body, which also helps to support your immune system . With Earl Grey you might just be getting the best of both- the antioxidants powers of bergamot and the prebiotic benefits of black tea. Thats a win-win combination!

    History Of Earl Grey Tea

    How to make the perfect cup of tea using earl grey

    While we do know that Earl Grey tea was most likely named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, who was prime minister of England in the 1800sthe exact origins of the tea are a bit murky. Chatterton identifies two leading theories of how it came to be, both of which, he says, are “all conjecture”:

    Theory #1: “This involves saving the life of a Chinese man who was into tea blending, so as a thank you, he was given tea.”

    Theory #2: ” was made to fit the water profile at the Earl’s house. There was a lot of mineral content in the water, so they needed a flavor of tea that would coincide with instead of clash with it. They figured citrus would work. So Earl Grey Tea was made for the Earl and for his household. I couldn’t find hard evidence to support this, but it might be more likely than the Earl saving the life of the Chinese man.”

    Regardless of its true history, Earl Grey tea became extremely popular in Britain in the late 1800s due to a company we still know today called Twiningsthe first one to market the teaand spread to the United States mainly via the Industrial Revolution.

    Nowadays, Earl Grey is the standard bearer for tea, found in most homes and restaurants in the U.S. “It’s a flavor that isn’t really off-putting and that a lot of people can relate to,” Chatterton says. “A lot of people think it tastes like Froot Loops.”

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