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What Is Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea Review: Does It Really Work

Flat Tummy Tea – Does it Work?! | Makeupd0ll

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah

Flat Tummy Tea is an herbal detox tea that promises to help you drop water weight, remove toxins, and get that tummy back to flat.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding detox teas, which actually sounds easy to use.

They promise to cleanse the body, lose water weight and shed some extra fat.

One of them, Flat Tummy Tea caught our attention it is actively promoted by celebrities such as the Kardashians who have a large social media following.

It has more than 550,000 Instagram posts, making it the most popular detox tea.

Moreover, it takes a different approach instead of focusing on losing many extra pounds, it focuses on the 20 to 30-year-old women, commonly referring to them as babes.

Their marketing technique sounds more like talking to a sassy friend.

It claims to help get rid of bloating and sluggish feeling and attain a leaner midsection flat tummy.

But lets put this aside, does the Flat Tummy Tea work?

Read more on our Flat Tummy Tea review below.

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Flat Tummy Tea Reviews

It is easy to get excited by some of the Flat Tummy Tea reviews and online pictures. But it is important to consider the source of each review. You’ll see many reviews posted by reality TV personalities and other influencers. These celebrities often get compensated for their endorsements.

Some social media channels require that influencers clearly mark content that they are being paid to post . But not all social media channels make the requirement known, and not all influencers follow the rules. So it is important to view these photos and reviews somewhat skeptically.

If you read comments under Flat Tummy Tea reviews on Amazon or other sites, you might get a better sense of customer satisfaction and concerns. Many customers report little to no results, but others claim that the tea was effective. There are also YouTube videos that both support and criticize the product.

Some customer comments mention difficulty tolerating the teaâfor example, some mention gassiness or diarrhea.

How do you know which reviews to believe? As with any product, results will vary from person to person. Reading the actual product claimsâwhich are regulated to some extentâmay be more helpful than reading product reviews on the company’s website or on social media.

The 30 Best Ways To Get A Flat Stomach

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Losing the fat around your midsection can be a battle.

In addition to being a risk factor for several diseases, excess abdominal fat may make you feel bloated and discouraged.

Luckily, several strategies have been shown to be especially effective at reducing your waist size.

If you dream about having a flat stomach, this article may be just what you need.

Here are 30 science-backed methods to help you reach your goal of a flat stomach.

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What Are The Ingredients In The Flat Tummy Tea

The Flat Tummy Co. claims that the ingredients in their detox tea are all-natural, loose-leaf herbs. The ingredients in the Active and the Cleanse teas are different. Active tea contains peppermint leaves, lemon balm, licorice, dandelion , fennel seeds, loose-leaf green tea, cardamom pods, and caraway seeds. All of these ingredients are known for their exceptional effects on the immune system, digestive system and the ability to aid the body to lose weight. Moreover, the Cleanse tea contains Senna leaves, peppermint leaves, licorice root, caraway seeds, dandelion root, rhubarb root, and the Cassia Chamaecrista pods. Now, these ingredients are especially effective when it comes to cleansing the digestive system. All together they might have a laxative effect as they stimulate the bowel movement.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Flat Tummy Tea with Green Tea  Fat Flush

Stress and anxiety are very common, and most people experience them at some point in their lives.

Stress is linked to the development of many diseases, and it is also a common reason why people tend to eat or binge eat, often without being hungry in the first place (

How much protein you need depends on many factors, such as your age, gender and activity level.

Generally, you should aim to get 2030% of your calories from protein on a daily basis. This can easily be achieved by incorporating a protein source in every meal.

Bottom Line:

High-protein diets may increase your metabolic rate, reduce your appetite and help you retain muscle mass during weight loss. They are also linked to lower abdominal obesity rates.

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What To Expect During The Flat Tummy Tea Cleanse

The makers of Flat Tummy Tea claim you should drink 1 cup of Activate AM tea every morning with breakfast.

You should also drink the Cleanse PM tea every other night before bed and then every third night before bed .

When making either tea, you should place one teaspoon of the loose tea into a tea strainer and then infuse in a cup of water for 5 to 7 minutes and 3 to 5 minutes . Then, you should remove the tea strainer and drink.

When you just start your cleanse, you should lower the infusion time so that less of the detox herb gets into your body. Once youre more accustomed to the effects, you can start to let the tea infuse for a longer period of time.

According to reviews online, the tea tastes pretty good:

Its quite naturally sweet with a herbal flavour similar to green tea and you can always add a little lemon or honey if you like it that way.

Never Received Order Got Runaround From Company

ByAngela M.,Beaverton, OR, Verified Reviewer

I received an email on 1/13/2020 stating my order has shipped. I have looked on UPS tracking for my order and it says it has not shipped. I contacted Flat Fummy Tea via email as there’s no number to call and the girl told me that I have to contact USPS to have them see if my package is sitting there waiting for pick up using my name as the tracking info they supplied was not “scanned” by UPS. UPS stated that it is not possible. I also called USPS and they advised that my order was NOT in the system at all. I have requested a refund from the company and highly doubt they will be cooperative. I have also contacted my credit card company for this issue. I would not order anything from this company unless you want to deal with the runaround and waste of time and money. Extremely frustrated and will never purchase from them again.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Can Boost Energy Levels

Flat Tummy Tea has ingredients that can help improve your bodys energy levels which will get you to work out longer and will lead you to lose weight. Peppermint and lemon balm combined will help you achieve your weight goals and can even regulate your weight. It can also assist with the metabolism of digested lipids.

Drink Coffee Or Green Tea

Flat Tummy Tea Review | Does It Work?

Unsweetened coffee and green tea are among the healthiest beverages in the world.

Drinking coffee has been shown to increase the number of calories you burn by about 311% (

160 ).

One study suggested that fidgeting, walking and standing could burn up to 2,000 extra calories per day, depending on your weight and activity level .

Make it your goal to walk around while talking on the phone, stand up regularly, work at a standing desk or take the stairs whenever possible.

Bottom Line:

Increasing the amount of non-exercise activity you do may significantly increase the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

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Flat Tummy Tea Ingredients

Flat Tummy Tea doesnt give us the dosage or concentration of any ingredients, but thats not unusual for a tea company. Instead, it just lists all of the ingredients in list form:

Activate Tea Taraxacum leaf and root, Galium aparine, Camellia Sinensis, Cardamom, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Mentha × Piperita, Carum Carvi Disambiguation, Melissa Officinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare.

Cleanse Tea Senna Alexandrina pods and leaf, Taraxacum root, Mentha × Piperita, Carum Carvi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rheum Rhabarbarum

Flat Tummy Tea claims that all of these ingredients are 100% natural and earth-grown, although it does not claim theyre organic or certified organic.

Does Lemon Water Burn Belly Fat

Lemons are known to help you lose weight thanks to the presence of vitamin C and antioxidants that promote good digestion. Lemons also have diuretic properties, which help in detoxifying the body, thereby helping burning fat. According to experts, this magic potion can boost the bodys metabolism to a great extent.

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How To Contact Flat Tummy Tea

If you need any other information that this Flat Tummy Tea review did not include, you can reach out to the company via:

  • Email:
  • The Contact Form on their website

This Flat Tummy Tea review has not been able to find a Flat Tummy Tea Customer Service phone number at this time.

And a few other at home gym brands we recommend Horizon Treadmill, Tonal Gym, and Peleton Bikes.

Is Flat Tummy Tea A Scam

Flat Tummy Tea All

The manufacturer states that this product does not result in massive weight loss but only helps with bloating and losing water weight.

Additionally, they advocate for users to work out and eat right as they take the tea.

Well, this is quite straightforward and its a good thing.

So, no, it is not a scam.

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Claim : Support Your Metabolism

This is more ambiguous marketing gobbledygook that really doesnt mean anything.

What specifically does Flat Tummy Co mean by support your metabolism?

Nowhere on the website do they define what this actually means.

This is similar to the nebulous reduce bloating claim where it can mean different things to different people.

All Natural Teas That Flatten The Stomach

Bloat is an uncomfortable feeling, often caused by excess water retained in the body. An October 2013 study published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility reported that 15 to 31 percent of individuals complain about belly bloat, which is why finding remedies to fix it is key.

Video of the Day

While there are several foods that contribute to flattening the stomach by helping to reduce storage of excess water in the body , you can also try incorporating a natural tea for a flat tummy, which is easy since there are so many on the market right now.

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Flat Tummy Tea Promotions & Discounts

Flat Tummy Tea has the following promotions and discounts available:

  • 30% off New Year, New Tummy sale
  • Free shipping on U.S. orders of $50 or more
  • Fast shipping to Canada
  • Flat Tummy Ambassador program refer a friend so that theyll get 10% off their first purchase and youll receive $10 off for every successful referral

Is Flat Tummy Tea Worth It

Flat Tummy Tea UnSponsored Review | Does It Really Work?!

Yes, Flat Tummy Tea is a great way to enhance the effects of any calorie-deficient diet. You’ll feel more energetic, even though you’re eating less, with no harmful effects on your body. How much would you pay for a flat tummy? If you want to get rid of those extra pounds, the Flat tummy Tea brings you the solution.

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What Does It Cost

If you’re ready to start with the Flat Tummy Tea program, then you’ll pay $49 for their 4-Week Tea Program and $36 for the 2-Week Tea Program.

The tea is available from online retailers other than the official company site. However, you might void your right to a refund if you buy from alternative retailers. You have a seven-day window from receipt of purchase to ask for a refund.

Overall, Flat Tummy Tea offers you one of the most affordable ways to lose those extra pounds.

Overview Of Flat Tummy Tea

Bec and Tim Polmear founded Flat Tummy Tea in 2013 to help women feel good. Bec witnessed firsthand how extreme dieting did not minimize bloating and water retention and decided to develop a product that could remedy that.

Their products help women stay satisfied while eating clean, with delicious snacksandsupplements that also promote a stronger gut.

Flat Tummy Tea products are made by women on a mission to deliver effective results. As an inclusive company, they offer support however and whenever they can with discount codes available through certain Instagram Influencers.

This Flat Tummy Tea review will now go over the pros and cons of the brand.

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What Are The Teas

Fit Tea tends to be promoted as a detox product, in either a 14-day or 28-day form.

According to the companys hype, the tea is supposed to help you get less bloated and also make weight loss easier.

The company also uses many before and after images, along with various endorsements to make the tea sound amazing.

In many ways, Flat Tummy Tea is similar.

And again, there is no shortage of marketing.

But, in this post, were taking a detailed look at Flat Tummy Tea vs Fit Tea, to see what the actual differences are.

After all, marketing aside, the two types of tea are different products with varying ingredients. As a result, the effects they have on the body may be different too.

Side Effects Of Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea Review and Alternatives

Everybody is different, so there will be different body reactions when you try something new that will also be when you drink Flat Tummy Tea. Some people experience some minor side effects and some nothing at all. It will always depend on your body.

The mechanics of the Tea is to give you a gentle cleansing effect and help you detox your body from toxins, and decrease your bloating.

Here are some side effects that you should know before taking the Tea:

  • Can experience dehydration

  • Can cause nausea, gas, and abdominal pain

  • Can cause heart arrhythmia

  • Can cause a fast heartbeat

  • Can cause insomnia

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Not Safe During Pregnancy

But there are more problems with this sort of product and this one in particular than the anti-bump sentiment it seems to spout.

On the website where this tea is sold things get even more upsetting.

Babes with babies, this one is for you! If youre feeling bloated, nauseous or like you could use a little extra help with digestion, weve officially got you covered, the Organic Pregnancy Tea product blurb says.

But further down the Organic Pregnancy Tea product page comes this: Results from consuming the products offered on the site may vary from person to person. Please do not use the products available on the site when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Hm. The bottom line is that you shouldnt even consider using packaged teas like this without talking to your healthcare provider and you definitely shouldnt listen to any flat tummy-themed company spruiking anti-bloating tea to pregnant women.

It Took 24 Days For Me To Get The Bundle

BySaundra R.,Bastrop, TX, Verified Reviewer

I ordered this tea on January 1st, 2021. Starting my New Year’s resolution! Yay me. Ok, on 01/07/2021 my tracking showed label created, on 01/15/2021 tracking showed label created, on 01/20/2021 same thing. I sent FTT crew an email on 01/18/2021, because, guess what, no number anywhere to call them. Go figure. Ok, so finally a response from FTT, it’s out of their hands because of the pandemic and I need to call FedEx. Guess what, I got my $181.50 bundle on 01/25/2021…yay. Will return with another review in 3 weeks. Lets give it a try.

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Cleanse tea doesn’t taste bad

Customer service, no phone number

Shipping time

Posted on May 29, 2020

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Youre Not Worth That Much Money

In interviews with the Guardian, two former Flat Tummy Co employees described the process by which the company flooded Instagram with thousands of paid-for posts.

Each week, they were tasked with identifying and contacting between 150 and 200 new influencers, with the goal of getting 50 to 60 of them on board for a series of four promotional posts each. The ideal model was a woman with at least 100,000 followers.

They had a rating system, depending on how on brand you were, explained one of the former employees. You dont want someone who already has a six pack. You want a mum who is on her fit journey trying to lose weight after having kids.

African American and Latina models were prized because their posts converted well into sales, while models were downgraded if they were too slutty on the assumption that their followers would be mostly male.

This article includes content provided by Instagram. We ask for your permission before anything is loaded, as they may be using cookies and other technologies. To view this content, .

If someone is a little bit bigger, they get a higher rating than if someones skinny, one former employee said. No one is going to a listen to a skinny white girl say that she bought this tea and its great.

Added the other former employee: If they were sexier, showed a lot of skin, or showed too much boobs, it was like, Dont pay them, try to get free posts.


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