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What Is Chai Tea Good For

The Decision To Drink Chai Tea Every Day Is Not For Everyone

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Chai tea isn’t the best choice for menopausal women. “When you look at people constitutionally, some people already have way too much heat in their bodies they might have really bad heartburn or feel hot, like people with a fever or women going through menopause,” Neka Pasquale, herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, and founder of the plant-based food company Urban Remedy, told Well+Good. “You don’t want to heat them up too much, because it aggravates the heat already in their body.” For such folks, Pasquele recommends green tea, which also tastes great chilled.

Chai tea made with cow’s milk, as it is traditionally served, is also not the best bet for people with lactose intolerance, as it can cause nausea, stomach cramps, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Of course, you don’t have to drink chai tea with cow’s milk. If you still want to experience the benefits from the spices and tea without any of the side effects of lactose intolerance, you should “opt for chai teas made from plant-based milks or only water,” according to Healthline.

Although deciding to drink chai tea every day is not the right fit for everyone, the pros outweigh the cons for most people.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Chai Tea

Chai can offer many benefits. It contains black tea, so the benefits of chai include the benefits of black tea. The most commonly used teas are Indian, and sometimes Ceylon tea. African black tea may be a good option too. Besides the benefits of black tea, chai includes many health benefits of the spices too. The most common ones such as cinnamon cloves and ginger have been traditionally used in both traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Both tea and spices in chai tea are boiled for longer that you would brew your regular cup, so they have more time to release both the flavor and beneficial compounds. Keep in mind though, that the type of milk, sugar or other ingredients may influence the final benefits.

Orange Pekoe Tea Benefits

A term commonly heard in conjunction with chai tea is Orange Pekoe.That is a clear indication that the tea in question is loose-leaf and of excellent quality. If you want to experience the health benefits of chai, it is essential that you drink a high-quality brand with the Orange Pekoe grade.

One of the key benefits of Orange Pekoe tea is heart health.There have been studies which have shown that cinnamon, one of the key ingredients in the drink, can help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Both the cinnamon and the ginger present in chai can also be highly effective at reducing blood sugar levels. Too much sugar in your diet can lead to weight gain, heart problems, or even issues like diabetes, but regular consumption of chai has been shown to increase your bodys insulin resistance and draw sugar out of your blood.

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It Can Help With Weight Loss

Some of the ingredients contained in chai tea have scientifically been proven to help with weight loss. For instance, black pepper contains fat burning properties, thus making it effective for burning off belly fat.

Due to a powerful compound in black pepper known as piperine , black pepper has been known to counter weight gain by blocking the growth of new fat cells. That is why black pepper has widely been used as a natural treatment for obesity in many communities all over the universe.

Furthermore, the ginger that is contained in chai tea is also clinically proven to aid with weight loss . Ginger helps with fat loss through thermogenesis, whereby it speeds up the burning of calories by boosting metabolism and increasing heat production.

It also enhances the usage of the excess fat the body stores in its cells thus preventing long-term accumulation of fat in the body. Ginger also counters the absorption of dietary fat, thus helping with effective weight loss in the long-run.

Bottom line

Taking chai tea is a nice way to shed off those unwanted pounds devoid of doing strenuous workouts or resorting to ineffective and costly weight loss pills.

How To Brew Chai Tea

Is Chai Tea Good for You? What Are Its Main Benefits ...

Chai tea is typically consumed as a standard tea using loose black tea, spices, and hot water, but can also be brewed as a chai tea latte. Chai tea is usually brewed with a combination of warm milk and warm water. The milk adds a creamy, rich taste that contrasts nicely with the powerful flavors of the herbs and spice in chai.

Milk is added as a flavor and texture enhancer to chai and isn’t necessary in order to reap the health benefits of this type of tea. If you are lactose intolerant, you can also use rice milk or soy milk instead.

Chai tea can be brewed using a liquid tea base or tea bags. You can find both types at the store and local coffee shops such as Starbucks. You can also make your own chai tea concentrate at home using peppercorns, cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ginger and black tea. For a detailed recipe, you can look here.

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It Can Benefit Mental Health

Chai tea is a rich source of antioxidants, courtesy of most ingredients which are generally parked with antioxidants. For instance, cinnamon and ginger have more powerful antioxidants than most herbs out there. Antioxidants are basically quite important for mental health, since they aid with damaging the cells that contribute to mental illnesses .

Cinnamon has specifically been proven to aid with improving overall mental health and for preventing Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers disease .

Antioxidants also play a role in combating depression and anxiety disorders, thanks to the fact that they help counter the biochemical changes that are brought about by stress .

Since foods that are high in antioxidants have been proven to be excellent for brain because of their ability to counter the damage done by free radical cells on mental health , then taking chai tea can be an excellent way of loading your body with the powerful antioxidants it requires to maintain a good mental health.

Bottom line

That cup of chai tea can significantly boost your mental health and help you combat stress and depression. Better still, it can help lower your risk of some serious mental disorders that can adversely affect your mental health. The high antioxidant activity in this herbal tea can potentially change your mental health for the better.

What Is Chai Tea Made Of Chai Spices

Did you know that chai tea varies depending on where you are from? Unlike green tea, black tea or even rooibos tea that comes in trees and leaves, chai tea is a combination of different ingredients to make it more appealing on ones taste. Here is a list of the standard ingredients found in making chai tea plus the health benefits that come with it too.

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Best Concentrate: Samovar Tea 411 Valencia Masala Chai Tea Concentrate

The 411 Valencia masala chai concentrate from Samovar has it allan inviting hearty aroma and a solid trifecta of sweet, spice, and tea that is so nice. We tasted a lot of concentrates to get here: Some had too much sweetness or not enough spice. Others were all sweetness and spice with the tea as a tag-along. Samovars tastes like a teahouse drink at home. The brand really nailed the tea extraction, with spiced heat that lingers in this brew so well it could make you give up your coffeehouse chai habit. It comes in a single 32-ounce container or case of 12.

It May Combat Oxidative Stress

Chai Tea! Benefits of and How to Make Chai! BenjiManTV

Chai is mainly made of black tea, which is packed with antioxidants known as polyphenols and flavonoids. Antioxidants play a key role in neutralizing free radicals in the body and fight against oxidative stress, which is described as an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. If left unbalanced, unstable free radical molecules can cause inflammation, lead to cell death, and even damage your DNA, increasing your risk of cancer.

The various spices that you steep in a cup of chai also have antioxidant properties, most notably ginger and cardamom.

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Can Chai Tea Help Weight Loss Its Benefits And How To Make It

Drinking chai tea for weight loss is one of the common methods of dieting out there. This yummy, flavorful drink indeed make dieting enjoyable, especially if milk is used just like the traditional recipe inquire. However, does this delightful drink actually help with weight loss?

Just like the trend of slimming tea, chai tea is one of the oldest diet trends existed. It was marketed not as a diet, but a little addition to our daily routine that can zap the fats magically. Seems to good to be true? Find the truth by reading below.

Increases Energy And Alertness

Whether youre looking for a good cup of tea to get you going in the morning, or to give you a boost throughout the day, black tea is an energizing tea that can help to increase alertness and focus. Black teas like chai tea contain a moderate amount of caffeine to give you a welcome boost of energy when youre feeling lethargic, without any of the jitters or other negative side effects that can come with excess caffeine intake. When combined with the l-theanine also present in tea, the caffeine in black tea helps to encourage focus and alertness.

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Additional Processing And Additives

After basic processing, teas may be altered through additional processing steps before being sold and is often consumed with additions to the basic tea leaf and water added during preparation or drinking. Examples of additional processing steps that occur before tea is sold are blending, flavouring, scenting, and decaffeination of teas. Examples of additions added at the point of consumption include milk, sugar and lemon.

Tea blending is the combination of different teas together to achieve the final product. Such teas may combine others from the same cultivation area or several different ones. The aim is to obtain consistency, better taste, higher price, or some combination of the three.

Flavoured and scented teas add aromas and flavours to the base tea. This can be accomplished through directly adding flavouring agents, such as ginger, cloves, mint leaves, cardamom, bergamot , vanilla, and spearmint. Alternatively, because tea easily retains odours, it can be placed in proximity to an aromatic ingredient to absorb its aroma, as in traditional jasmine tea.

Tea ceremonies have arisen in different cultures, such as the Chinese and Japanese traditions, each of which employs certain techniques and ritualised protocol of brewing and serving tea for enjoyment in a refined setting. One form of Chinese tea ceremony is the Gongfu tea ceremony, which typically uses small Yixing clay teapots and oolong tea.

Helps Reduce Menstrual Cramps

What is Chai Tea: Delicious, Creamy, and RichBut What is ...

Chai tea can be excellent for relieving menstrual cramps, thanks to some of its key ingredients that have a long-history of relieving menstrual cramps. For example, the effects of ginger on menstrual cramps are well documented .

Ginger has been the main cure for menses pain in traditional medicine, especially in Kampo medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine among others.

Ginger is particularly effective in reducing menstrual cramps because it is loaded with powerful components that are known as salicylates, which are scientifically known to have pain relieving effects, including relieving menstrual pain.

The other active ingredient of chai tea that is widely known for reducing menstrual cramps is fennel, which studies have shown that it can help with reducing menstrual pain after a study involving college-aged women with the help of a fertility monitor found out that those who treated their menstrual cramps with fennel extract experienced relief from their cramps as opposed to those that never used the fennel extract at all .

Bottom line

Chai tea can provide a nice, natural way for women to get relief from those annoying menstrual cramps. It combines the most effective ingredients that are well-known for their role in fighting menstrual pain and other types of pain as well.

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The Best Chai Tea For Your Diet

While fresh chai tea can help weight loss through and through, it is useless without at least diet to accompany it. In case you are doing a low calorie diet, then its best to omit or lessen the milk and substitute it with more water or low-calorie plant milk such as almond milk. Using healthier sweetener such as maple, honey, stevia, or agave may cut the calories even lower.

Yes, drinking chai tea for weight loss indeed. The spices incorporated in the drink indeed can improve our metabolism, hence faster and smoother weight loss. However, the initial result still relies on the person life habit if they still eat unhealthily and dont exercise, chai tea alone may not be enough to help their case.

It May Help Improve Heart Health

Theres evidence that chai tea may be good for the health of your heart.

Animal studies have shown that cinnamon, one of the main ingredients in chai tea, may lower blood pressure .

In some individuals, cinnamon has been shown to help reduce the levels of total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by up to 30% .

Most studies used doses of 16 grams of cinnamon per day, which is generally more than youd find in your typical cup of chai tea.

However, a recent review reported that doses of as little as 120 mg per day may be sufficient to offer these heart-healthy effects .

Several studies also suggest that the black tea used to make chai tea may contribute to lower blood cholesterol levels .

Most research has observed that drinking four or more cups of black tea per day may slightly reduce blood pressure levels. Whats more, drinking three or more cups of black tea per day seems to be linked to an 11% lower risk of heart disease .

However, not all studies are unanimous, and none have investigated the direct effect of chai tea on heart health. Thus, more research is needed before strong conclusions can be made .

Summary: Chai tea contains cinnamon and black tea, both of which may help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, studies that directly investigate the effects of chai tea are needed.

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What Is Chai Tea Made Of

Although chai tea leaves are now available in stores, the name actually refers to the combination of tea with spices, milk and sweeteners. The tea used is often green, black or oolong tea. Spices vary according to individual preferences, but the most commonly used are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and peppercorns.

Milk is also a traditional ingredient of chai tea, and often used generously. You can create healthy versions of this tea with skim or soy milk. When it comes to sweeteners, honey is always best.

Best Unsweetened: One Stripe Chai Co 32oz Unsweetened Chai Concentrate

Why You Should Drink Chai Tea

While masala chai typically is assertive in its tea and spice, sometimes necessity means skipping the sweet. The majority of masala chai concentrates in the market are all pre-sweetened. Instead of going for pre-sweetened sugar-free versions, you can opt for One Stripe Chai Co.’s unsweetened masala chai concentrate. Its aroma yields a fresh citrusy spice bouquet for a cup of robust black tea with a sharp but not abrasive spice profile. It’s available in 32-ounce glass bottles.

For the green tea fan who still wants the lively spices of a masala chai, consider the bold green chai from Republic of Tea. Made with organic Indian green tea mixed with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove, this tea is flavor-forward, and the spices heat up the throat and mouth. Its a well-balanced blend, good on its own or with a splash of milk. It’s available in a chai stackable trio of tins or a 36-bag pack.

Rooibos is a wonder herb. This spindly red bush leaf that originates in South Africa lends a tea flavor without the caffeine. MEM Tea Imports herbal chai is the caffeine-free masala chai that rose to the top with its well-rounded bouquet and flavor profile, warming with spices, but subtle honeyed notes of rooibos peeking through. It’s available in 2-ounce to 1-pound sizes of loose tea.

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It Offers Digestive Support

Due to its digestive-boosting effects, chai tea is normally taken after meals. For instance, the

black pepper contained in chai tea is clinically proven to have multiple digestive benefits .

Black peppers role in supporting the pancreas in the process of secreting digestive enzymes is well-known and documented. By doing this, black pepper can help speed up the amount of time required for the body to fully digest heavy foods such as fats and protein.

Another ingredient of chai tea, ginger, is traditionally a well renowned digestive herb that can help support a healthy digestion in a number of ways, from fighting excessive gas in the digestive tract to soothing the intestinal tract

Ginger can be particularly effective in reducing symptoms of nausea and relieving stomach pain, all of which can promote a healthy digestion a great deal .

Bottom line

Drinking chai tea regularly can help improve your digestion and counter those annoying stomach problems such as excessive gas and bloating. To get all its digestive-boosting benefits, it is imperative you take this herbal tea after your meals on a regular basis.


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