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What Are The Best Tea Bags

Q How Should I Store My Black Tea

The Best Compost Tea Bag by Heavy Harvest

A. Maintain your black teas flavour and freshness by always storing it in an airtight container away from excessive temperatures, moisture, and light. Never store tea in the refrigerator or freezer, as it will degrade the flavour, and keep your tea away from other foods or items with strong odours that might permeate the tea and alter its taste.

Find The Right Tea Blend For Your Tastes And Preferences

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The Spruce Eats / Photo Illustration by Chloe Jeong / Retailers below

The history of tea is murky as a splash of milk in Earl Grey, but its most popular origin story traces back more than 5,000 years, to ancient China. While the true beginnings may never be known, the popularity of tea is undeniable. It is the most consumed beverage in the world outside of water, beloved for its taste and the way it brings people together. Our round-up is just a pinprick in this vast and rich tapestry, but it includes delicious options for all kinds of tea lovers.A great cup is not only about finding great tea, but also knowing how to brew tea properly. “Mistakes with brewing tea usually involve time, temperature, or water-to-tea ratio,” said Shunan Teng, Founder and CEO of Tea Drunk, which specializes in rare Chinese teas. “This means brewing for too long or too short using an incorrect temperature or using too much or too little tea. Being mindful of all three factors will help people develop their tea-brewing techniques.”

From bagged to loose leaf, green tea to black, here are the best teas to buy.

  • Medium-level strength

Form: Tea bags, loose leaf, and K-Cups | Size: 4, 20, 50, and 100 tea bags | Origin: Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi, and China | Caffeinated: Yes

About The Ginger Plant

The ginger plant or Zingiber officinale is known to be native to the Islands of Southeast Asia. The plant itself is known to grow up to a meter tall and cone-like flowers grow at the end of the stems. But what is treasured is the rhizome or the ginger root which grows under the ground.

If youre a fan of Asian cuisine, youll have encountered ginger, which is commonly used in cooking. Ginger has the unmistaken sharp and spicy taste that complements most Asian cuisines. Besides being used for cooking, ginger has found itself into various forms including ginger tea.

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Artificial Flavors Are Typically Made From Petroleum

When it comes to artificial flavors, Ive got good news for you. Brands are starting to move away from artificial flavors, so there are lots more choices out there. However, some tea companies are still blending artificial and natural flavors together for consistency of taste and for cost savings. This doesnt necessarily mean the flavors are harmful, but they are not natural.

Artificial flavors can be derived from petroleum and linked to cancer, so its wise to avoid them inside your daily beverage. Here are some additional food additives to avoid ranked by how problematic they are. Not all artificial food additives are dangerous, but lots of them are as you will see.

Vahdam Teas Turmeric Tea Tales

The Best Green Tea Bags In UK 2021


If you dont trust us that the Vahdam Teas Turmeric Tea Tales is worth your time and money, maybe Oprah can convince you. The attractive was named as one of Oprahs Favorite Things 2019 and has rave reviews from everyones favorite tea-loving TV host. The set includes two different tea varieties, including ginger masala chai and Maharani chai-spiced oolong tea. The loose-leaf tea set also comes presented in a beautiful box, making it a great gift idea for tea-loving friends and family.


Vahdam Teas Turmeric Tea Tales


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Top 10 Best Chai Tea Bags

Let’s move on to our top 10 list of Masala chai tea bags. We’ve tracked down 10 products that are well-loved by consumers. They come in different flavors and are all delicious in their own way. So take a look at the list and see which flavor sounds the best to you!

*Please note that these products were chosen by our writers after extensive research. They are not necessarily affiliated with or recommended by Daniela Titiun.


A Combination of Green Tea and Spices for a Flavorful Twist

This green tea chai is a refreshing twist on classic Masala chai. You’ll still get a kick from the traditional spice blend but instead of regular, malty black tea, the spices are reinforced with an astringent green tea base.

Another great point about this product is that each tea is carefully wrapped in a foil pouch to preserve the freshness. Some reviewers complained that they only received one box, while the description said “pack of six.” You might want to contact the seller in advance to confirm.

On another note, many reviewers said this tea was their all-time favorite, mentioning that the flavor of the spices was just right and the infusion of green tea added a refreshing note to the overall taste. Other reviewers also found the individual packaging quite convenient, since they were able to take some tea bags on the go.

Number of bags

Best For Bedtime: Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Extra Relaxation Valerian Tea

  • Acquired taste

  • Several cups recommended for best results

Some tea drinkers enjoy a caffeinated cup early in the morning to get going, but many others prefer a soothing cup at night to unwind. One tea to sip before bed is Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Extra Relaxation Valerian Tea.

This widely available and caffeine-free tea has so many wonderful reviews. The brand recommends drinking two or three cups late in the day and at least one cup 30 minutes before bed.

There’s one thing to keep in mind, however. This tea is certainly an acquired taste. Some customers dont love the hints of mint and licorice, but they may continue drinking the tea anyway once it’s part of their daily nighttime routine.

Form: Tea bags | Size: 16 tea bags | Origin: Herbs sourced from various locations | Caffeinated: No

The best tea will always depend on personal preference, but Twinings English Breakfast is likely to satisfy thanks to its strong, traditional flavor, along with a low price point. If you’re looking to shake up your tea routine, however, you can test out this smooth ceremonial grade matcha from Matcha Konomi .

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Tea Bags That Make Great Cold

When it comes to making cold-brew iced tea, fancy loose-leaf teas aren’t worth the expense. The pulverized leaves in ordinary bagged teas have more exposed surface area, which means they infuse better into cold water. Here are our notes on four popular supermarket brands. –Sue Li

The British import yields a dark, smoky tea.

2. Luzianne

A Southern staple, it has a slightly sweet, vanilla aroma.

3. Tetley

This classic choice makes for a lighter-bodied infusion.

4. Twinings

A fragrant and mellow brew.


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Food Innovation Group

Waitrose English Breakfast 100 Teabags 280

How To Brew Tea Using a Tea Bag

As late as the Edwardian era, tea was still sold as a medicinal beverage. For instance, the Co-ops 99 blend was originally known as Prescription Tea. Is Waitroses English breakfast a throwback? It certainly tastes like something you might offer as a gentle restorative to a fragile flower who, having collapsed on a chaise longue, is incapable of stomaching anything stronger. It is warm and wet, sweet and weak-willed. If you concentrate, you can detect a little tannic character in its depths but, essentially, it tastes of very little.3/10

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How To Tell If A Tea Is High Quality

As a tea snob, I wince every time I see somebody unknowingly purchase low quality tea.

So, here are a few tips you can use to spot premium tea:

  • Price isnt always a sure signal, but a cheap bagged tea will usually be low quality.
  • When you can see large, unbroken leaves, the tea has been taken care of and is likely high quality. There are exceptions. Sometimes black teas are broken up to create a more brisk brew.
  • Keep an eye out for over-branded tea. Sometimes the most popular tea brands are also the lowest quality.
  • Buy from a reputable seller. Most tea you buy in strip malls from cheap shops will be low quality.
  • Check the reviews. Read what other people who have actually tasted the tea have to say.

And a few more tips when buying tea in person:

  • Look at how the tea is stored. Is it kept in an air-tight container and stored in a cool, dry place?
  • Smell the tea. High-quality teas will be fragrant and aromatic.

Keep these tips in mind but also listen to your gut. Intuition is one of the best ways to figure out if a tea is garbage or premium.

Best Gift For A Tea Lover

Each tea drinker has their own preferences when it comes to tea. If you know what type of tea they like, you can pick out some loose leaf from one of the brands above.

Otherwise, consider buying them a piece of teaware or tea accessory. The Tea Spot has a unique line of custom developed steepware that you can check out here.

Ive also written articles taking a look at the Best Tea Infuser Mugs and the Best Portable Tea Infuser Bottles if youd like to check out my recommendations regarding teaware.

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Yorkshire Tea: Best English Breakfast

To a lot of the Northern hemisphere, the perfect brew consists of black tea with a splash of milk .

The question of how English is English breakfast tea? remains controversial, but whats for sure is the guys up in Yorkshire certainly know their tea.

Founded in 1886 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, Yorkshire Tea despite being owned by Taylors of Harrogate, has become a household name in and of itself. It was and remains a family-run business, quenching the thirsts of most of the British public and then some.

Their not-so-secret secret to producing absolutely top-quality tea is simply that they refuse to compromise on quality. You may be wondering But I didnt think you could grow tea in Yorkshire?. Full marks to you! No, the perpetually rainy North of England is unsurprisingly not known for its tea-friendly climes and rich soils.

The fact is: Yorkshire Tea is sourced from the finest growers in Africa and India, paying fair prices along the way, while remaining impeccably British.

Furthermore, Yorkshire Tea is produced by Rainforest Alliance Certified growers, in addition to carrying the trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council. The not-for-profit promotes sustainable forestry management and strives to preserve the biodiversity of forests. Thats a guilt-free cuppa teaif we ever saw one!

Yogi Tea Ginger Tea Bags

The Best Iced Tea Bags for Summertime Sipping

The story of Yogi Tea dates back to the late 1960s when the would-be founders are served a vibrant Ayurvedic tea made by their Yoga teacher. Inspired, they would later establish the company and continue to share to the wonderful benefit of pure herbal tea to the public.

Making a cup of ginger tea from Yogi Tea can be the much-needed soothing that your stomach needed. Ginger is well known for its healing effect for a poor digestive system and the tea bag contains more than that. Youll also enjoy the invigorating effect of lemongrass and black pepper along with the refreshing peppermint.

As a brand known for its superior herbal tea, you can expect a cup of ginger tea that is free from artificial flavoring or sweeteners. Each sip you take is derived from organically harvested plants. To truly enjoy the tea, it is suggested that you steep the tea bag for a full 7 minutes.


  • Helps to ease stomach issues.


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Q What About Iced Tea

A. A cup of iced tea on a hot summer day is very refreshing. You can make iced tea quickly by brewing hot tea, allowing it to cool, and serving it over ice. For a stronger, more refreshing iced tea, pour cold water into a pitcher with one tea bag or a tablespoon of loose tea in an infuser for every 16 ounces of water, then refrigerate it overnight before removing the tea leaves and serving the drink over ice.

The Best Tea For Floral Fruity Iced Tea: Bigelow Earl Grey

Earl Grey teas are infused with bergamot oil, which adds a floral, citrusy flavor to the black tea base. When I posted a video on stories about testing teas, my friend replied that she already knew it was going to be the best oneshe wasnt wrong. Though bergamot is technically a citrus flavor, I found this tea to have a lovely mild vanilla note when I drank it in iced form. It was comparatively light in color and it had a remarkable smoothness and much less bitter taste than many of its competitors, making it extra refreshing.

The smoothness of this tea really won me over. I dont drink coffee mainly because of this disparity between smell pre-brewing and after. I’ve always loved the smell of the beans and hated the smell of the liquid and never understood precisely why they’re so different.

I say all of this because the first thing I noticed when I put this cup of iced tea to my mouth was how nice it smelled, and how that nice smell directly translated to the taste. Of all the teas I tried, this ones smell and taste felt the most similarI loved its somewhat earthy with woody undertones.

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Q What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Black Tea

A. Black tea contains a variety of compounds that may be good for your health. One such compound is theaflavins, which might lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Another is flavonoids, which also reduce bad LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides. Black tea may also increase the number of helpful bacteria in your gut, as well as lower your blood pressure. Plus, studies have shown reduced risk of stroke among tea drinkers.

An Herbal Tea Packed With Whole Flowers And Petals

Tip Top Tea: how are teabags made?

What:Leaves and Flowers Turmeric Wellness Blend

Why: Every blend Ive tried from Leaves and Flowers has surprised me: Each tastes vibrant and complex and looks like the chicest, freshest potpourri. I particularly love making a cup of the Turmeric Wellness Blend as a nighttime ritual. I inhale the herbs and spices while the tea is still dry and watch the bits bloom and swirl as I pour water over it . This teawhich has rosemary, ginger, pepper, turmeric, and citrus peelis spicy, earthy, and a little tangy. It yields a deep orangey-gold liquid from the turmeric. Sometimes Ill add soy milk and honey to make it sweeter and a little more soothing. The fragrant, gorgeous teas from Leaves and Flowers make the tea process feel extra-special, and it helps that the packaging is really beautiful and well-thought-out. You can reseal the paper bags like a coffee bag, squeezing out the air and folding the top closed with built-in plastic tabs.

Anna Perling, staff writer

Other teas to try from Leaves and Flowers:Mintha, a verdant tea and just a touch sweet, like fresh mint picked from a garden

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Stasher Platinum Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

  • PLATINUM SILICONE: The worlds first fully functional, self-sealing, reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags.
  • ELIMINATE SINGLE-USE PLASTIC WASTE: Each Stasher eliminates thousands of single-use plastic bags from ending up in our oceans or landfills.
  • PINCH-LOC TM: Features the innovative air-tight Pinch-Loc TM to keep food fresh to store, marinade, and sous vide.
  • DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE: Platinum food-grade silicone is safe for use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and oven up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • START YOUR STASH: Half-gallon 10.

Best Loose Leaf Tea: Harney & Sons Paris Flavored Black Tea

  • Floral notes not for everyone

  • On the pricier end

There is a multitude of reasons to buy loose-leaf tea rather than tea bags. Loose leaf is generally fresher, crafted from finer ingredients, and can be more cost-effective when purchased in bulk.

Harney & Sons’ Paris blend is a one-of-a-kind tea that combines black and oolong teas for a beverage that smells like Earl Grey but tastes wondrously unique. In addition to the oolong and black tea flavors, notes include Bergamot, vanilla, and caramel.

The tea has 40 to 60 milligrams of caffeine per cup and takes four to five minutes to brew. It comes in a gorgeous black tin with gold accents, making it a great gift option.

Form: Tea bags, sachets, and loose leaf | Size: 4, 7, and 16 ounces | Origin: India, Taiwan, and China | Caffeinated: Yes

  • Caffeine content too high for some

Masala chai, meaning spiced tea, is an ancient drink that dates back thousands of years to the Indian subcontinent. Made from black tea leaves, its flavors can range from sweet to creamy to spicy. Today, the beverage and all of its wonderful variations, from chai lattes to dirty chai, are popular in coffeehouses around the world.

Vahdam Teas was formed in India over 80 years ago and sells a variety of other chai options, including unique flavors like Ginger Chai and Earl Grey Chai. While prices vary, this Original Chai is the most affordable and most popular choice.

Form: Tea bags and loose leaf | Size: 3.53 or 16 ounces | Origin: India | Caffeinated: Yes

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