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Tea For Cramps And Bloating

Which Is The Best Tea For Bloating

Reduce Gas, Cramps, and Bloating with Fennel Tea?

So, which is the best tea for bloating? Its hard to choose just one, as everyone will have different preferences and symptoms. However, chamomile tea is generally regarded as the most gentle and effective for all kinds of symptoms. Its powerful yet soothing and has only a mild flavor.

Best of all, chamomile has the added benefit of calming the mind and relieving nervous tension, which can be a factor in stomach bloating.

How To Prepare Medicinal Teas

A note about tea prep time: Herbal teas are distinct from black, green and oolong teas for several reasons. The latter group of teas, which contain caffeine, are all derived from the same plant most people steep them for 3-5 minutes. If you over-steep those teas, youll extract more tannins, making for an astringent brew.

On the other hand, herbal teas can steep at least twice as longthe flavor might get stronger but it wont get bitter. Theres even potential benefit to longer steep times: You could extract more of the medicinal properties. All of the teas listed below, except matcha, are herbal steep them for 10 minutes the first time you prepare them.

Can Eating Quickly Cause Bloating

If you eat a meal too fast, you can get a bloated belly for two reasons.

The first is that you didnt chew the food well, which means that the first, the mechanical part of the digestion is bad, so the chemical part of the digestion will also be slowed down.

In this case, you will have trouble digesting the food. The other reason is that a lot of air can come along with food into the stomach, and bloating can occur.

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A Word From Our Nutritionist

When some foods arent properly digested, they begin fermenting in the gut. This produces gas that leads to bloating. Other reasons include ulcers, colon inflammation, food allergies, or carbonated beverages, all of which can trigger bloating.

Herbal teas are a great option to reduce the amount of bloating experienced, giving you a safe, effective, at-home remedy to eliminate stomach cramps, tightness, and discomfort and treat indigestion.

The best teas are the ones that you enjoy drinking and that have an impact on your system. Of the 11 teas we have suggested, try as many as possible to see which has the best anti-bloating effects for your body.

What To Search For When Purchasing Tea For Cramps


Another critical aspect is that you must submit your order on a reputable E-commerce platform. If you are still unsure about which website to utilize, seek advice from friends or follow the Quora section on Google or any other reliable source of information. And then get to work. Let’s go over some additional important aspects of online shopping.

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Sip Your Way To Pain Relief With The Best Teas For Menstrual Cramps

Period cramps are uncomfortable and for some people, they can be devastatingly severe. For mild to moderate cramps, drinking tea may help to soothe symptoms and calm your nerves. For severe pain, it’s a good idea to visit your gynecologist as painful cramps may be a sign of more serious issues including endometriosis.

When that time of the month rolls around, grab a piping hot cup of tea to help yourself relax and alleviate menstrual pain. The simple act of enjoying a cup of tea can help you unwind and focus on your well being. Cuddle up in a cozy chair or lounge in your plush bed, add a few essential oils to your diffuser, and sip your way to feeling better. If you suffer from truly painful periods or severe menstrual cramps, try pairing one of the best teas for menstrual cramps with ibuprofen to further relieve pain symptoms.

Why Fennel Tea Works For Bloating And Flatulence

Fennel seeds are a potent herbal remedy for bloating, flatulence and many other digestive problems. They have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine and are safe, fast acting and effective.

Fennel tea is made from dried mature fennel seeds. These seeds are rich in volatile oils that relax the smooth muscles of your gastrointestinal tract on contact.

Fennel tea is one of the quickest ways known to alleviate a bloated tummy. Within minutes of drinking a strong cup of fennel tea, intestinal cramps and contractions ease, allowing the trapped gases that cause bloating to dissipate.

Fennel tea is also well known as a remedy for excessive flatulence problems. There are several reasons why it works so well.

First, compounds in fennel seeds stimulate bile production for better digestion. Next, the calmative effect of fennels volatile oils allows both food and intestinal gas to travel through the digestive tract more easily.

As an extra benefit, fennel tea also has strong antibacterial properties. Drinking it regularly may help control an overgrowth of gas producing bacteria in your lower intestine.

Because it is in liquid form, its also much faster acting than tablets or capsules. When you sip a cup of strong fennel tea it quickly travels to where its needed and gets to work.

There are a few potential fennel tea side effects to be aware of, but generally its considered so safe it is even recommended for babies as a colic treatment.

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Chamomile Active Substances And Tea For Bloating

Chamomiles are widely used among people. They are used to relieve pain in the abdomen, anxiety, eye inflammation, brighten the hair, etc.

Many herbs were completely forgotten but today things are changing since medicinal herbs are once again highly appreciated. Chamomile remained in the home herbal pharmacy.

Herbal Teas To Help Reduce Bloating

8 Herbal Teas That Help Bloating | Bloating Stomach Remedies | Doctor Sameer Islam

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

If your abdomen sometimes feels swollen and uncomfortable, youre not alone. Bloating affects 2030% of people .

Many factors may trigger bloating, including food intolerances, a buildup of gas in your gut, imbalanced intestinal bacteria, ulcers, constipation, and parasitic infections .

Traditionally, people have used natural remedies, including herbal teas, to relieve bloating. Preliminary studies suggest that several herbal teas may help soothe this uncomfortable condition (

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The Best Tea For Your Period

There are 5 main period teas that help with different aspects of our periods. The top period tea I always have at home are chamomile, hibiscus, rose petal, ginger, and raspberry leaf tea.

Like I said, each tea will affect your period differently and have other added side effects. Its important to find the one that works best for you, know when to drink it, and how much.

FYI, tea doesnt just have the ability to make or break your period. Like did you know it can also help you live longer!?

Tea For Bloating: Does It Work

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Herbal teas do work to soothe abdominal pain, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and mild digestive issues. This is because tea has anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy digestion while relieving digestive discomfort.

Remember that tea cannot replace medical treatment for more severe digestive issues and chronic conditions within the digestive system. However, drinking your favorite herbal teas can take the edge off bloating and reduce the symptoms enough to make it manageable. The best thing is that you can also drink unsweetened tea while fasting, as it does not impact your blood sugar levels.

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Gassy And Bloated Steep These 5 Teas To Help Soothe Your Stomach

Instead of opening up the medicine cabinet the next time you feel gassy or bloated, reach into your pantry instead.

Video of the Day

Herbal teas have long been used to treat a variety of ailments like menstrual cramps, colds, insomnia and allergies, but there are certain teas that can help calm an unruly tummy â specifically, helping to banish bloat and gas.

A number of things can lead to bloat and the buildup of gas. The types of foods you eat â those high in fiber, foods high in FODMAPs , artificial sweeteners and cruciferous vegetables â are all common culprits.

The âwayâ you eat also plays a role: Did you eat too fast or too much?

Regardless of why you’re stuck with an expanded stomach and more flatulence than you care to admit, you’ll want to try these best teas for bloating and gas to help soothe your discomfort.

What Else Can Help Your Period Cramps

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Warm Cinnamon Tea, USDA Organic, PMS Support for ...

So, in this blog we’ve covered 6 great drinks for period cramps as well as some dietary elements which may not so helpful when it comes to your period. But, what else can you do to help with period cramps?

Originally published in May 2018, updated and reviewed in May 2022.

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What Causes Period Pain

There can be many reasons for period pain, and if you experience chronic painful periods, its only natural to wonder why. Maybe youre the only woman in your family who gets severe cramps. Maybe your painful periods didnt start until your 20s. Whatever your situation, a doctor can help you understand why you get painful cramps every month. Some of the most common causes of painful periods are:

How To Make Fennel Tea

Fennel tea has a light, refreshing and slightly sweet aniseed flavor that youll probably recognize from Indian cuisine where its widely used.

You can make homemade fennel tea by adding a heaped teaspoon of organic fennel seeds to a cup and pouring boiling water over them. Leave it to sit for 5 10 minutes, strain if you like and sip for relief from trapped intestinal gas in as little as 5 minutes.

For convenience, you can also use these medicinal strength fennel tea bags in the same way. They are even recommended for chronic gastrointestinal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and there are many other health benefits of drinking fennel tea.

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Best Teas For Menstrual Cramps

For those who want a natural solution that could help them cope with the discomfort around their menstrual cramps, these teas can provide just the trick. Tea is forever a soothing remedy. Warm and meditative, a cup of tea is a hug in a mug. Not only can these teas soothe the soul and pull you out of a funk but they are also full of direct healing properties that can help alleviate symptoms and side effects connected to menstrual cramps and muscle cramps too. Take a look at these naturally pain-relieving teas and home remedies for cutting out the cramps and period symptoms

Start Hormonal Birth Control

Natural Nutmeg Remedy for Menstrual Pain, Bloating, and Diarrhea

Birth control can stop period pain if cramps are caused by a hormone imbalance. Balancing your levels of estrogen and progesterone helps thin the uterine lining so it sheds more easily. Hormonal birth control also regulates the length and frequency of your period. Some forms of birth control can completely alleviate period cramps by stopping your period altogether. Talk to your OB-GYN about birth control options, including the pill, birth control shot or hormonal IUD. Then, youll be able to choose the type of birth control that works best for you.

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Best Herbal Teas To Help With Menstrual Cramps

Itis normal to experience moderate cramping during your period every month.However, severe menstrual cramps can be painful and make it challenging forsome women to make it through the day. While in some cases, medications arenecessary, it is always better to use home remedies and holistic to helprelieve their cramps naturally.

Certaintea blends can help alleviate pain, bloating, and discomfort during menstrualcramps. Since teas are a natural remedy, it is safe to consume these teasduring your period:

1 Ginger Tea

Gingerhas anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which help to reducemenstrual cramps and bloating during your period. To make a cup of deliciousginger tea, start by smashing some raw ginger slices in a mortar and pestle. Ina small saucepan, add the crushed ginger and water. Simmer it for five minutesbefore straining it in a cup. Add raw honey and enjoy a delicious cup of Gingertea.

2 Chamomile Tea

Chamomiletea helps to can help reduce menstrual pain, promote better sleep, and reducefatigue. To make a cup of chamomile tea, add dried chamomile flowers to ateapot. Pour over boiling water and allow it to brew for 5 minutes. Pour intoteacups, add raw honey, and enjoy a cup of soothing chamomile tea.

3 Peppermint Tea

4 Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Enjoythese teas as herbal remedies for treating menstrual cramps and reducing periodpain. However, if you are taking any medications or supplements, it isadvisable to talk to a doctor or healthcare professional.

Chamomile And Digestive Problems

Chamomile has a reputation for possessing relaxing and sedative properties. Some alternative health care practitioners recommend chamomile for digestive problems, particularly those connected with stress. The herb may relieve intestinal gas, diarrhea, upset stomach, chronic heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.

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Bonus: Spearmint Tea For Pcos

Spearmint tea, can be very beneficial for people with polycystic ovarian syndrome as it can have antiandrogenic properties. Unfortunately, theres only one study study from 2010).

There is a possible connection between spearmint tea and hormonal acne as well. The thing is, there arent any concrete studies on this yet a lot of the results are simply anecdotal . But it might be worth trying for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference. Its recommended to drink 2 cups a day everyday. You might start seeing results after one month, but more likely it can take 2 to 3 to see results.

P.S. you want to make sure to buy spearmint NOT peppermint tea. Often when you have mint tea, its peppermint because its stronger in mint flavour but spearmint has all the period tea benefits!

Shop Spearmint Tea For Periods

Fight Period Pain With The Best Teas For Menstrual Cramps

Top 10 Best Teas for Menstrual Cramps and Bloating in 2021

For many people, menstrual cramps are a fact of life. Period pain can be a minor nuisance or a debilitating condition that causes many individuals to miss work, skip important events, and simply feel miserable. While people often reach for medications and prescriptions that can help improve pain, there are also holistic options that can make your menstrual cycle easier.

Drinking tea is one of the best herbal remedies for alleviating menstrual pain. The beverage is delicious and taking the time to sip a cup of tea can help boost your mental health too. Banish period pain and stop dreading that time of the month by trying these best teas for menstrual cramps.

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Best Tea For Period Cramps = Peppermint

Peppermint, whilst being super delicious and refreshing to drink, has anti-spasmodic properties – it can aid in reducing pesky menstrual cramps as it relaxes the muscles of the walls of the uterus. It also helps to reduce bloating, another common side effect of PMS. If a minty brew isn’t to your tasetbuds, try Raspberry leaf tea for a similar fix, instead. Both types are herbal blends and so they won’t keep you up at night.

Ginger Tea: Period Cramp Tea

Ginger is actually a root not a plant but you can still make tea out of it. This is one of the easiest teas you can even make with fresh ginger at home for the best results possible .

Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory so its no surprise that it also helps relieve menstrual cramps. In fact it was as effective as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for reducing period pain.

Another study found that ginger can also help with reducing your flow. Similar to hibiscus tea, ginger can also help regulate your period by balancing your hormones.

To make ginger tea you can use fresh or even freeze dried ginger . Check out my turmeric and ginger tea recipe for a immune boosting and period power drink. Simply drink it two to three times a day during your period for best results. You have to try it for at least three consecutive menstrual cycles .

Where To Buy Ginger As A Period Cramp Tea? Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea | Freeze Dried Ginger

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Teas Bad For Your Period: Black Tea

Im very disappointed to report that at the top of the list of teas that are bad for your period is black tea. Period tea does not include teas that are high in caffeine . Our periods are not caffeine friendly. For years I was under the impression that caffeine was good for our periods, and Im not exactly sure why.

So its time to put down your cup of black tea and brew one of the nice tisanes I mentioned instead.

You shouldnt drink caffeinated tea during menstruation because the caffeine can actually make your menstrual cramps worse. You see, caffeine is anxiety-inducing, which causes your muscles to contract even more.

If its too hard to cut off caffeine altogether, switch to green tea for the week. Itll cut your caffeine consumption down by half which should be enough to make a difference. Plus green tea is quite healthy for you as its loaded with antioxidants and even promotes blood flow.

Heres the full scope of our periods relationship with caffeine.

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