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Starbucks Iced Chai Latte Recipe

Whats In The Starbucks Chai Tea Latte:

Starbucks Vegan Iced Chai Latte Recipe

Curious whats in the chai tea latte base? Starbucks chai tea latte uses a chai tea concentrate that has the traditional chai spices:

These, combined with strong black team, create the orchestra of flavors known as chai. But, know that chai is easily customizable, so each coffeehouse has their own take on the chai with Peets being on the spicier side and Starbucks having a more cinnamony and less kicky chai.

The flavor is sort of like pumpkin pie without the pumpkin its warm and comforting and tasty.

For the chai tea latte, this concentrate is mixed with your choice of milk and then ice is added and voila! Deliciousness is served.

Sometimes, they shake it in the shaker and thats when its the best ever because it gives it some froth. Yall know we are all about the froth here at WTF.

Best Starbucks Chai Tea Latte Modifications: Iced & Hot

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One of the most popular Starbucks chai tea latte modifications is to top an iced chai with a fluffy layer of vanilla sweet cream foam. Flavoring a chai latte with vanilla or pumpkin spice syrup also tops the list of customer favorites.

In fact, the number of ways to customize a chai tea latte at Starbucks is practically limitless.

This is because all the flavors in Starbucks chai black tea concentrate are easily complemented by many other Starbucks ingredients.

Now, the Starbucks menu only list two chai latte optionsâhot or iced. Plus, theres also a chai tea bag for making a tasty cup of Starbucks hot brewed tea.

But customizing your drink is the name of the game at Starbucks. So heres a look at some of the best ways to modify Starbucks hot and iced chai tea lattes.

Just keep in mind, not all modifications can be ordered via the Starbucks app, so you may need to place your order at the drive-thru or in-person.

Additionally, make note, most modifications will add to the overall price of the drink.

Heres How Starbucks Makes A Grande Iced Chai Latte

There are only three ingredients in a Starbucks iced chai latte:

  • Highly concentrated chai concentrate
  • Directions for a grande iced chai latte

    • Add 4 pumps of chai concentrate directly into the cup
    • Add milk up to the third black line cup marking
    • Fill the cup with ice and give it a swirl to mix

    Now, take a careful look at the photo below.

    Notice that the four pumps of concentrate comes up to the first clear line on the cup.

    I did a little experiment to see how much liquid it takes to get to that line and itâs â cup.

    Next, Starbucks baristas add milk up to the third black line on the cold cup. To get from the clear line to the third black line takes an additional 1 cup of liquid.

    Finally, fill the remaining space with ice. A quick swirl of the cup mixes the ingredients together nicely.

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    How Does Dunkin Compare With Other Coffee Houses

    The amount of caffeine in Dunkin Donuts range of teas and coffees used to be relatively lesser than other renowned coffee shops such as Caribou, Peets, and Starbucks. However, the brand has recently made some changes.

    In the past, Dunkin Donuts used fewer grounds of coffee to make their brewed coffees. In addition, their espresso-based drinks also have less caffeine.

    This was actually quite good for people who did not want that significant caffeine jolt, which brands such as Starbucks and others were pushing.

    However, things have changed now, and Dunkin Donuts now also features drinks with just as much caffeine fix as Starbucks, if not more. In fact, the in a regular-sized cup. This caffeine fix in a decaf coffee is even more than you would find in a Dunkin Coolatta, despite it being a decaffeinated drink.

    The majority of offerings at Dunkin Donuts are just around the range of having 400mg caffeine, which is ideally the recommended safe daily dosage of caffeine for an average grown-up. Still, the suggested single caffeine dose is only 200mg.

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    Cold Brew Iced Coffee

    How to Make Iced Chai Latte: Starbucks Recipe Included

    Starbucks Cold Brew coffee is brewed for 20 hours, whereas regular iced coffee is brewed in just minutes and chilled. Brewing coffee cold for 20 hours dramatically changes the flavor profile of the espresso beans.

    Cold brew is generally stronger and richer in flavor than iced coffee, and it also lacks some of the bitterness that iced coffee has. Another great spin on the classic cold brew is the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew.

    The recipe is essentially the same except nitrogen gas is added to give the coffee a creamy texture. This beverage is served with light ice and completely changes the experience of drinking cold brew iced coffee.

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    How To Make Chai Tea Concentrate With Tazo Chai Tea Bags

    The Tazo tea bags contain the same spices as the Starbucks chai concentrate! Tazo Chai Tea bags contain: Black Teas, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardomon, Cloves and Star Anise.

    To create a simple concentrate we need two Tazo chai tea bags, sugar or vanilla/maple syrup, hot water and some milk of your choice.

    All we need to with these, is steep 2 Tazo Chai Tea bags in 1/2 cup hot water for 5-7 minutes.

    If you are using sugar instead of syrup then use 1-2 tablespoons. Add it to the hot tea and stir to combine. If you are using maple or vanilla syrup use 1-2 tablespoons. Pour it over your ice and then add in the steeped tea. Top with your milk and enjoy.

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    Ways To Customize A Chai Tea Latte From Starbucks

    As with any Starbucks drink, there are a variety of ways that you can customize your chai tea latte. For example, you can choose the type of milk you want in your drink. The options include whole milk, non-fat milk, soy milk, and almond milk. You can also choose the level of sweetness that you prefer. The options range from no sweetness to extra sweet. Finally, you can also choose whether or not you want whipped cream in your drink.

    Here are some popular ways to customize a chai tea latte from Starbucks:

    Add a shot of espresso for a little extra caffeine

    Ask for it iced instead of hot

    Skip the whipped cream to cut down on calories

    Add a flavor shot such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut

    Ask for extra foam for a more creamy texture

    Get it half sweetened for a less sugary drink

    No matter how you like your chai tea latte, Starbucks has got you covered. So, go ahead and order one today!

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    Iced Tea: No Caffeine

    The only caffeine-free Starbucks iced tea is Iced Passion Tango Tea.

    While Passion Tango is the only iced herbal tea available, it can be mixed with lemonade or other juices like peach or guava to make a variety of drinks.

    In fact, my Starbucks go-to, caffeine-free summer drink is Iced Passion Tango with a splash of lemonade.

    This iced tea is so refreshing that I even like to make it at home. Heres my Starbucks copycat recipe for Passion Tango Tea Lemonade.

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    How Is Starbucks Chai Latte Made

    STARBUCKS COPYCAT RECIPE | Iced Chai Tea Latte with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

    A chai tea latte from Starbucks is produced by combining chai tea concentrate with steamed milk in the appropriate proportions. The chai tea concentrate that is used in all Starbucks Chai beverages is an infusion of black tea and numerous other components, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. This concentrate is the key ingredient in all Starbucks Chai beverages.

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    Does Chai Latte Have More Caffeine Than Coffee

    Comparatively, a cup of coffee with the same volume often has an astounding 120 milligrams of caffeine, whilst a cup of chai latte typically contains only 40 milligrams of caffeine. This indicates that you are able to have several more cups of chai for the same amount of caffeine that is found in only one cup of coffee.

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    What To Serve With Chai Latte

    Whether youre drinking this latte to start your day or as an afternoon treat, you can treat yourself to something cozy to go along with it. Here are some of my favorites.

    • These Gluten-free Apple Muffins scream of autumn with cinnamon spice and nutmeg and topped with struesel! Dairy-free option.
    • For something cold, I like these Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats. Theyre easy to make in 5 minutes and ready when you wake up.
    • If you prefer more cinnamon action, these Cinnamon Overnight Oats are ideal. Both of the overnight oats recipes can be made gluten-free with gluten-free oats.
    • For a quick breakfast or afternoon snack, these Vegan Oatmeal Cookies are caramel-like in texture and taste amazing! Can be made gluten-free with gluten-free oats, and theyre no-bake!
    • For a sweet snack, these Healthier Maple Candied Walnuts are terrific! There are only 3 ingredients, and they take 5 minutes to prepare. Theyre naturally paleo and vegan.
    • And this Pumpkin Seed Butter spread on toasty warm Overnight Sourdough Bread is the way I like to greet the day!

    This Iced Chai Latte is perfect for those in-between seasons, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. If you make it, share it on social with a mention @texanerin or tag #texanerinbaking so I can see your creations. Enjoy!

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    Cinnamon Oatmilk Chai Tea Latte

    Cinnamon, oats and chai. If this drink sounds like comfort in a cup, thats because it is. Its also dairy-free.

    Heres a few ways to create this delicious flavor trio.

    How to order this drink: There are a few ways to order this latte, hot or iced since you can add-in cinnamon with cinnamon dolce syrup and/or cinnamon powder on top. Order a hot or iced chai tea latte with oatmilk and add-in cinnamon dolce syrup if desired and/or top the latte with cinnamon powder. For the iced version you may want to add a topping of vanilla cold foam dusted with cinnamon powder.

    Way Modify Iced Chai Tea Latte At Starbucks You Can Consider

    Starbucks Iced Chai Latte Recipe

    Chai Tea Lattes are a warm, spiced drink. It is the perfect beverage for when you are feeling under the weather. This is because of its many beneficial spices. Chai Tea Lattes will often contain cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, ginger, and cardamom.

    These superfoods will help you to feel better in no time. They also blend to create a deliciously aromatic drink. While the spices in chai tea give it a kick, the creamy whole milk of the latte gives this drink a dreamy taste.

    Starbucks Chai Tea is made from their special blend of chai tea concentrate. This blend tastes incredibly warm and inviting. Starbucks chai tea concentrate can be purchased from their store or directly from your barista if they have enough in stock.

    This means that you can brew your very own Starbucks Chai Tea Latte right in your own home. But why stop there? Try out all of these Chai Tea variations and see which you prefer!

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    How Make An Iced Chai Tea Latte Using Teas And Spices

    If youd like to make your own chai spice, check out this recipe. It uses the same spices as Starbucks. Then creat

    Please use Tazo chai tea bags for this recipe or one that you know is potent. I have tried it with some different brands of tea bags and it did not produce the same strong chai flavour I was going for.

    What Is In The Chai Latte At Starbucks

    The chai latte from Starbucks is made with chai concentrate, 2% milk and ice . The chai concentrate is made with black tea, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla and cane sugar. And thats in addition to a few additives like natural flavors and citric acid.

    You can buy Tazo Chai Concentrate at many grocery stores, Target and amazon. They even make . While the Tazo Chai concentrate is similar, I still think it tastes slightly different than the chai they serve at Starbucks. And I also find the boxed chai concentrate is very sweet. It contains 22 grams of sugar in a 3/4 cup serving.

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    Selecting Spices For Chai Latte

    Spices are what make masala chai the drink we love. When it comes to which spices are essential, very few can agree and Id argue that that is a very good thing indeed. The spices you choose will make a chai perfectly suited to your tastes.

    Sheela spent New Years Eve in India, drinking masala chai, and reported In India, masala chai is definitely not as heavily spiced as it is here. Id get one almost every day from the inns we were staying in or little cafes, and theyd often be spiced with just cardamom, just ginger, or maybe a little bit of both. It completely changed my opinion of masala chai for the better because I just loved that you could really taste the tea and the spice rather than all the dozens of spices thrown in overpowering everything.

    These are the five spices that are essential to making a warming chai latte.

    The bulk bin is your best friend for making chai lattes regularly at home, as you can easily find whole spices that are fresher and less expensive than those sitting on the shelf.

    More of chai spices: The 5 Spices You Need for Homemade Chai

    Sweetening Chai Lattes

    I have a terrible sweet tooth, but find that a too-sweet chai latte masks the spices. You can use granulated sugar for sweetening, but I recommend brown sugar or even maple syrup, as their caramel notes accentuate chais spices rather than hide them. Add your sweetener to the warm tea base after steeping but before straining.

    What Does Starbucks Use In Their Chai Lattes

    Iced Chai Tea Latte! (DIY Starbucks) Summer Sips in Sixty Seconds – Mind Over Munch

    Starbucks uses Tazo Chai Concentrate, Milk, Ice and requested sweetener.


    Use Tazo Chai concentrate or brew chai tea in 1.5 cups water then let cool.

    Use vanilla coffee syrup, sugar free syrup, any other preferred syrup flavors or omit sweetener all together.

    Use half & half for a creamier latte. Or use milk instead.


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    Brewed Organic Chai Tea Latte With Espresso Shots

    Teavana Organic Chai Tea Bag + Hot Water + Steamed 2% Milk + Espresso

    How to Order: For this drink you want to order a chai tea latte made with chai tea bags and not from chai concentrate. Theres not a way to do this on the Starbucks app so you will have to order it in-person.

    To do so, ask for a chai tea latte made with tea bags with a shot of espresso. For sweetness, ask for liquid cane sugar or a sweetener of your choice.

    Alternatively, for a sweet dirty chai made from tea bags order a Royal English Breakfast Tea which already comes with liquid cane sugar. Then just ask for Teavana Organic Chai tea bags in place of Royal English Breakfast. Of course, add-on a shot of espresso to make it dirty.

    Is there caffeine in this drink?

    Yes, the chai is made with black tea, so theres caffeine in the drink.

    What does chai latte taste like?

    It tastes like black tea with hints of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and other warming spices. The milk and sugar make it creamy and sweet.

    Whats in Starbucks Chai Tea Latte?

    Its made with 2% milk, water, and a chai tea concentrate that includes black tea, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and vanilla.

    Homemade Chai Tea Latte Recipe

    A hot homemade chai tea latte really hits the spot in cooler months

    To celebrate the warm, earthy, yumminess of Fall, heres my homemade chai tea latte recipe. Its also great on its own without the tea to make a warming caffeine-free drink.

    This homemade chai tea latte tastes just like the one at Starbucks, but its WAY healthier. Plus, you get to control the amount of sugar in it and the quality of ingredients.

    Each of these spices is packed full of nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can drink up guilt-free.

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    Ingredients For Iced Chai Tea Latte

    You dont need much to make our delicious copycat Starbucks iced chai tea latte recipe. There is no need for fancy espresso machines or coffee shop equipment. All you need is a measuring cup, tablespoon, glass, spoon and a few special ingredients. Here are the ingredients you need to make a delicious iced chai tea latte.

    Once you have all the ingredients you need, it is time to make the best iced chai tea latter recipe youve ever tried. We promise it will be even better than Starbucks iced chai tea latte and cost you way less.

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    Starbucks Latte Hacks To Upgrade Your Coffee Runs

    Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte Recipe

    Starbucks brings the variety to your coffee run with new seasonal menus each year, but when you want to change it up even more or hack a classic latte when its out of season thats when you need to get creative. Between swapping in oat milk for your PSL or adding cold foam to any chilly drink, there are so many ways you can change up a latte. When your steamed milk and espresso need a little something extra, its always good to have some simple Starbucks latte hacks up your sleeve. If youre ready to upgrade your latte, make sure to try these seriously sweet creations on your next coffee run.

    Theres no shortage of secret menu drinks to choose from, but sometimes the best hacks are the simplest. Take Starbucks go-to coffee order, a Grande Nonfat Caramel Latte, to the menu for a limited time to celebrate the re-recording of her 2012 album Red. The promotional drink is long gone from the Starbucks menu, but the simple latte hack remains. To order the Caramel Latte, all you have to do is order the drink by name in stores or by hacking a Caffè Latte in the Starbucks App. But thats not the only way you can customize your latte with so many sweet syrup combos and exciting extras to choose from, you can switch up your Starbucks order every time and never run out of options. Here are just a few of the possible latte modifications hacks at Starbucks worth trying.

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