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Kung Fu Tea York Pa

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“I love milk tea and so glad Kung Fu tea come in York! Nice and clean place, the drink is tastes so good love the boba here, cooked in perfect time that why not too hard, not too soft either. And service seems friendly and convenient!”

Kung Fu Tea To Open First Location In York County

The Warren Norman Company is excited to announce the lease signing of Kung Fu Tea at our new retail building at 1852 SC-160 in Fort Mill. Kung Fu Tea will lease +/- 1,236 SF next to Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Kung Fu Tea is the largest bubble tea chain in the United States. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that was invented in Taichung in the 1980s. The tea is mixed with milk or fruits and topped off with chewy tapioca pearls.Kung Fu Tea has many different variations of Bubble Tea such as milk teas, fruit teas, slushies and much more. All of the teas are fully customizable with many different toppings to choose from. This will be Kung Fu Teas first location in York County. For more information on Kung Fu Tea please visit

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements on other tenants coming to 1852 SC-160. We currently have +/- 2,101 6,379 square feet available for lease. For more information on this property or any other Warren Norman Company properties please visit or call 366-8141.

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“They take way too long to take and make orders They have to come up with a better system. I called my order in min or more before arriving.. my order was ready when I got there I ask for a green tea that was already ready and they still had me waiting mins.. now my food is cold. They have a very unprofessional attitude when I asked about my order. Stop in there at your own risk!!!”

“One of my favourite bubble tea-shops! Always a great experience at Kung Fu Tea! Love how you can customize the sugar level.”

“I initially ordered Taro tea with light boba, and when I received my order, the Taro was gray and tasted like weak vanillanothing like Taro Ive had at any other boba place. When I asked the staff why my tea wasnt purple and didnt taste like Taro, they told me it was, in fact, purple and did taste like Taro. It was literally garbage. They did offer to remake the drink, but I asked for a different flavor, Thai tea, which Ive also had at many other boba places. The Thai tea was a pallid, bitter concoction of what tasted like garbage juice and coffee grounds. And my light boba? Filled halfway to the brim. Popcorn chicken was decent. Portion size and thigh trimmings werent worth the $6. Wont be back to Kung Fu Tea .Just go local. This chain isnt worth it at all.”

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Review Of Kung Fu Tea

Description:Restaurant detailsDescription:

This chain is my favorite. I’m never disappointed. Even when I lived in Seattle for a year this tea was still better than every other “authentic” place.

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It’s a really good bubble tea place in State College. The location is good, easy to find. They have an amazing Coffee Milk bubble tea, give it a try, you will be pleased. The atmosphere is quiet and comfy.

They have really nice teas. I normally get them with the lychee jelly. Their passion fruit teas and some of the milkshakes are also really good.

They have great Bubble Milk Tea. We had the almond with bubbles on top. Oh so good! After walking around downtown, we returned and ordered ANOTHER almond Bubble milk tea and I also ordered a honey lemonade. So tasty! They also have other drinks too, but we went for the Bubble milk tea since another place close to us closed last year.

Reviews For Kung Fu Tea

[NYC] Kung Fu Tea

My first time here and I will be definitely coming back for more! I got the honey black tea with mango boba and I was blown away by how delicious it was. Super refreshing and brewed fresh.

I guess traveling and being from New York really does open up your senses and taste buds. If youre a person who only eats the same thing everyday, then of course things like this will make you gag. Thank you for bringing us milk tea to a place where people think Mc Donalds is the best thing on earth. York, PA isnt quite ready for so much goodness. PS: take all my money!!!

After for a very long time since my last bubble tea from WA state, I gave this place a shot. Went there with my brother and my moms friend yesterday for a treat. What I didnt expect is that they have a bunch of flavors to choose from. I tried the Slushie Red Bean flavored, it was pretty good. Not too sweet at all. Will continue returning there once in a while to try the other flavors.

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