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In Person Teas Prep Classes

Nurse Hub Best Free Practice Exams

TEAS 7 Science Study Guide

Nurse Hub is focused on helping test takers prepare for the real thing by providing access to more than 1,270 exam-style practice questions, as well as five test simulations. All test answers include detailed explanations and test simulations include unlimited retakes. Youll have access to detailed reports that help you understand your testing scores, as well as how much youve improved from test to test. Because this course is focused solely on testing, its important that you have a good understanding of the subject matter prior to enrolling. Nurse Hub offers a money-back guarantee if you complete its programs and dont pass your TEAS.


Is Teas Prep Worth It

TEAS prep will help you do well on your TEAS exam, which is an important step to getting accepted into a good nursing program. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses make an average salary of $75,330 per year, and the number of nursing jobs is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade as well. Considering those stats, the cost of TEAS prep could very well be one of the best investments you ever make.

What Materials Are Used To Teach The Class

We use the ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide published by Mometrix, as well as various worksheets that directly relate to skills needed for TEAS success. Tuition does not include the book. You will need to purchase the book separately from the college bookstore. It is strongly recommended you buy the book from the college bookstore to ensure you have the right edition. We will not be responsible if you buy the wrong book for this course.

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Choosing The Right Teas Prep Course Delivery Type For You

There are three main types of TEAS prep courses, and the right one for you depends on your location, schedule and learning style. Weve listed them below in order from least expensive to most expensive.

  • Self-Paced: You pay for the course materials and study when its convenient for you.
  • Live Online: You learn from a live instructor through a virtual classroom.
  • Live In-Person: You travel to a physical location and learn alongside other students in a familiar classroom setting.

How Is The Teas Scored

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Your TEAS scores are presented in three ways: Adjusted Individual Scores, Mean Scores and Percentile Rank.

Adjusted Individual Scores

The Adjusted Individual Scores are the ones that nursing schools look at. These scores are calculated in the same way as a traditional school exam. You divide the number of questions you got correct by the number of total questions and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. Theres an overall score and a subscore for each section. You can also see how you did with each topic or concept.

Mean Scores

The mean scores show how you did compared to others who have taken the TEAS. Theres a national mean score that includes all students who have taken the exam and a program mean score that focuses on students who are enrolled in the same program as you . A mean score isnt quite the same as an average score, but it is similar and can give you some idea of how you measure up to other test takers.

Percentile Rank

Percentile rank is another way to compare your scores. These are also broken down into national and program scores. Your percentile here tells you how many students scored below you. For example, a 50th percentile rank means you did better than half of the students who have taken the TEAS in recent years. You receive separate percentile ranks for each section of the exam as well as an overall ranking.

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Boostprep Best Product Offerings

BoostPrep offers five individual courses to help you prepare for the TEAS. Courses include math, English, anatomy, reading, and science. Additionally, with your membership, you receive access to three full-length, timed practice exams to help you prepare for the real thing. All courses are accessed online and on-demand. BoostPrep offers a 100% pass guarantee, meaning that if you successfully complete your courses and dont pass the TEAS, you can request a full refund. All courses are available for iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices. BoostPrep is best for students who like to study at their own pace but are disciplined enough to complete their coursework within the allotted six-month time period.


The Most Interactive Teas Study Plan On The Market

Practice questions are an important part of any TEAS® study planso we’ve added hundreds of sample questions and answers to the Achieve TEAS® Review. Flashcards are another fantastic learning tool, so you’ll get those, too. Instructional videos and other study materials? It’s all here.

But what if you have a question, or need added explanation? You can’t ask a flashcard to expand upon its answer, and no matter how politely you ask, a video is never going to reply to your follow-up questions.

That’s why the Achieve TEAS® Review goes a step further. We give you streaming online classes taught by living, breathing, question-answering human instructors. Plus, our classes are available across a vast range of days and times. No matter what your schedule is, there’s an Achieve TEAS® Review class that fits into it.

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What Are The Important Dates For Taking The Teas

You can register to take the TEAS in several ways, including online, on-campus at your institution, or on-site at a PSI National Testing Center. All tests are proctored and offered at varying days and times that are dependent on the location you choose. You can access more information about dates and testing locations by visiting ATI online.

Mometrix University Best Instructional Videos

TEAS 7 Math Review with Brandon Craft (TEAS 7 math practice questions & more)

Mometrix University offers several options for students who want to brush up their skills before taking the TEAS. In addition to a free practice test library, this company offers a comprehensive test prep course that includes 97 lessons, more than 150 videos, and access to 525 flashcards that you can use to study while on the go. Mometrix offers a full money-back guarantee within the first week, which gives you ample opportunity to access courses and determine if this program is the right one for you. Overall, this prep course is an excellent option for students who have busy schedules, as well as those who prefer to learn and study at their own pace.


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Ati Best For Students With Learning Disabilities

ATI offers several learning options for students who want to be prepared to take the TEAS. You can choose to access several aspects of the program, including its SmartPrep Tutorial program, which offers individualized study plans that you can access on your own schedule. This program includes 65 lessons on subjects such as science, English, reading, and math. It also includes access to a variety of practice tests and other study materials. While ATI doesnt offer any opportunities for in-person learning, its individualized study plans and optional tutoring packages can be of help to students who are working with learning disabilities.


What Are The Most Important Things To Know Prior To Taking The Teas

Before taking the TEAS, make sure youre familiar with your nursing schools requirements, the exam format and the procedures youll be expected to follow on test day.

School Requirements

Each nursing school has its own opinion about what constitutes an acceptable TEAS score. Some have a minimum requirement that all students must meet while others may just list the average scores of their student body. Do some research online and see what you can find out about the school youre applying to. Make this number your goal.

You should also look up when the schools application deadline is. If theres a rolling deadline, you have some flexibility in when you submit your test scores however, if theres a single deadline, its critical to make sure you get your application in before this. Its best to take the TEAS early, so you have time to retake it if you need to. Paper test takers should keep in mind that they will have to wait up to 48 hours for their tests to be manually graded before results can be sent to schools.

Test Format

The total exam comprises 170 questions, but only 150 of these are graded. The remaining 20 are pretest questions added by ATI to assess the difficulty and fairness of the questions. If they pass, they may appear on a future TEAS as a graded item. Theres no way to know which questions are not graded, so its best to treat them as if they were all going to count.

Exam-Day Procedures

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Work With An Exceptional Teas Tutor

Receive personally tailored lessons from highly qualified tutors in a one-on-one setting. We facilitate TEAS tutoring with highly credentialed TEAS tutors and flexible scheduling anywhere you are.

We require advanced qualifications from tutors in addition to a background check. Only a tiny fraction of applicants ultimately make it through our comprehensive interview process.

How Much Time Should I Spend Studying For The Teas

TEAS Test Prep, TEAS Study Guide, TEAS Book, ATI TEAS Study Guide

This depends on several factors, including your test date, your current level of knowledge and how much time you can devote to studying for the exam. Ask yourself the following questions.

When is my schools application deadline?

Its best to begin studying well in advance of your schools application deadline in case you need to take the TEAS a second time. But if youre getting a late start, you may have to put in more hours per day to cover all the material. Start with your application deadline, plan backwards and determine when youre going to take the exam. Then, figure out how much material you need to cover each day in order to be ready in time.

How well do I know the material?

Take a practice test before you begin studying to establish a baseline score. Compare this to your nursing schools requirements to see how much you need to improve. Focus on the areas where youre weaker, and continue taking practice tests as you go to track your progress. Again, its best to do this well in advance of your exam in case you find that you need to bring your scores up significantly.

What kind of study program is best for me?

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Achieve Test Prep Review

Best for flexibility.

Achieve Test Prep provides 21 hours of live online instruction spread out over 7 weeks. Classes go over each section in detail and touch on some general test-taking strategies that will help you narrow down the possible answer choices. You also get flashcards, practice questions and on-demand review videos to help reinforce what you learn in the classroom. It doesnt offer much in the way of student support outside of class, but it does guarantee that youll score at or above the 80th percentile or you can retake the course for free.

What to Expect

Achieve Test Prep breaks down the instruction into manageable three-hour sessions once a week, so you dont have to worry about clearing your entire schedule like you do with The Adkins Academys course. Classes are taught on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at different times, so you can choose the one that works best for you. At $549, its reasonably priced, especially considering all that you get. Its best to pay for the course in full if you can because youll save $110. If you cant afford this, however, you can spread your payments out over six months.

  • Review Videos: Included with this course are over 10 hours of review videos. These are a great tool to brush up on important test content.
  • Live Learning: Every student gains access to 7 live classes over 7 weeks when working through Achieves courses.

Achieve Test Prep Details

Register For The Teas

Most likely, youve been asked to take the TEAS as part of your basic admissions requirements for nursing or allied health school. Step 1 of taking the TEAS is registering for your test date, time, and location.

One more thing before you begin the registration process, contact the school to which you are applying to find out whether you should register for the TEAS through the institution either online or on-campus, online via ATI, or at a PSI testing center.

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Mometrix Academy Teas Review

Best for free TEAS prep.

Mometrix Academy offers a free TEAS prep course, covering all major concepts through a series of bite-sized video lectures. You can test your knowledge with free practice tests and use the results to pinpoint areas that need further review. Flashcards and study guides are available for a small fee if you want to practice further. Its a great resource if youre just looking for a quick and cheap way to review for the exam, but its not the right choice for someone who values instructor support. Mometrix Academy doesnt have any instructors standing by to help you if you run into questions.

What to Expect

Theres no need to create an account to use Mometrix Academys free study materials. You can watch the videos directly from the companys website or on YouTube. Each section of the exam has approximately an hour and a half of video lectures, divided into short one- to five-minute sections. You can complete the course in order or skip around through the sections as you see fit. Theres no way to track your progress since you dont create an account, so its up to you to remember which sections youve done and which ones you still need to review.

Mometrix Academy TEAS Details

Nursingcom Teas Test Review

TEAS 7 Math Study Guide

Its not just an ATI TEAS study guide also offers a review course that extends to other topics, like the HESI A2 exam.

Some of the most impressive features this TEAS test prep course includes are their video collection, cheatsheets, and discussion boards. Additionally, you can pay month-to-month or get a discount on 2 years of access.

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Best Teas Test Prep Classes

5 days agoDec 07, 2022 ·Kaplan TEAS Test Prep Kaplan is closer to our #3 pick in terms of how they structure their content. But instead of just practice exams, Kaplans Qbank practice-style TEAS questions are a bit more interactive. Their platform also has a slew of other features to help keep track of your progress.

Courses139View detail Preview site

Long Beach City College

The Nursing Test of Essential Academic Skills Preparation program prepares students with the essential skills for the TEAS. Students gain knowledge and skills in the four areas of the test: Reading, Math, Science, and English Language and Usage. Students who reach competencies may advance to develop skills for the workplace and prepare for future educational opportunities.

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What Do Students Say About Dr Adkins

The Adkins Academy TEAS & HESI Review is the #1 Course for students looking to get into the 80s & 90s.

Getting into nursing school can be life altering for the student but also the family.

Dr. Adkins Live Online Review is in depth and teaches you how to think differently about the concepts.

You will be prepared for nursing school after preparing for the TEAS with Dr. Adkins

Getting the right prep for the TEAS can set you on the path to fulfilling your career goals for being a Nurse Practitioner. Charlotte is a DNP now

Dr. Adkins goes over each question in detail so you truly understand the concepts.

Dr. Adkins can help you get into nursing school by getting you in the 90s on the TEAS.

Struggling with the TEAS? Dr. Adkins can help you improve your score.

Learn To Apply, Not Memorize with Dr. Adkins, the BEST TEAS & HESI Tutor in our TEAS and HESI Mastery Course with real students just like you.

You can contact Dr. Adkins anytime for questions you have during the course.

Consider Your Learning Style

TEAS Test Practice Questions

Every person has a different learning style and approaches studying in different ways. Take time to understand the ways you learn best and look for a prep course that caters to your style. If learning independently isnt your thing, find a course that includes access to study groups and live or in-person courses. To find out more about what your learning style may be and what that means for your test prep strategy, check out this resource.

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Our Tutors Are Superhuman

In recent years TEAS prep has become a commodity with meager average score increases, and generic lesson plans. We hold ourselves to a different standard. We focus on individual help and customized TEAS prep strategies that are based on YOUR needs, not our bottom line. We hire tutors who not only received top scores on the TEAS but also care about taking the time to make sure you understand the material by helping you every step of the way.

  • English and Language Usage

    28 Questions | 28 Minutes

You will have 209 minutes to answer 170 multiple-choice style questions, with the nationally averaged score ranging from 65-75%.

Were here to help YOU. That means we value creating personalized strategies for each individual student, rather than generic lesson plans. Your TEAS prep tutor will work one-on-one with you to understand your learning style so they can create a plan that sets YOU up for success. Our proven strategies to boost your scores in each section combined with our tutors dedication to helping you understand the logic behind the TEAS, means that you will know exactly what to expect when exam day comes.

Interested in the Health Education Systems Incorporated Admission Assessment? Check out our HESI A2 prep section.

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