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How To Prep For The Teas Exam

How To Study For The Teas Test

TEAS Test Prep (2022): Get Sample Questions and Crucial Tips

Learn how to study for the TEAS test with some of the best methods below.

Aspiring nurses will eventually have to learn how to study for the TEAS test because it is a huge part of their resume when applying for nursing school. Most nursing schools require the TEAS in order to be accepted into their program.

Nursing schools receive a lot of applications so its a competitive field. Therefore, you need every advantage possible when applying. Scoring high on the TEAS test makes your application stand out in a crowd.

This guide will show you how to study for the TEAS test and provide you with some motivation to keep you on the right track.

Here Is What Else You Get:

  • 5 Full-length ATI TEAS VI practice tests for all 4 subject areas that look just like the exam you will take.
  • 2,280+ ATI TEAS VI practice questions.
  • In-depth answer explanations for each question so you will never feel lost or left behind even if you have been out of school for years.
  • Two convenient ways to study go at your own pace viewing the answer explanations along the way or launch life-like exams that mimic the real testing experience.
  • Detailed score reports that show you exactly what you need to focus on to quickly improve your score.
  • Immediate access on any device.

Tip : Dont Ever Cram For An Exam

Cramming is not an effective way of learning and storing information for future use. Cramming often increases stress which impacts concentration. Cramming is often a coping mechanism used for procrastination.

In this process, information is stored in the short term memory and appropriate connections are not made for any length of time.

Spacing out learning and studying and focusing on time management produces better neural connections and information learned.

You need to have all of your study time carefully planned and know the material youll be reviewing ahead of time.

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Do Practice Questions With Your Ati Teas Study Guide

Different types of practice questions are SO useful for TEAS test prep.

Open-ended, non-multiple choice quests are super powerful tools because they make your brain work! When you can see the answer options, you have to work through it and improve your problem solving and recall.

Multiple choice quiz questions are great for reinforcing what youve studied with drills. For example, in my premium online prep course, every body system has a unit quiz. These quizzes help you determine specific areas where you need to study.

ATI TEAS 6 practice exams questionsare great because after youve spent some time reviewing your TEAS test study guide topics. They make you jump around from topic-to-topic. Youll see harder questions and might time yourself when you use these types of questions.

Test Day: How To Take The Ati Teas Exam

TEAS Science Practice Test (updated 2020)

Before you take the TEAS, you will need to register for an exam date. You can do this either through a schools testing center, ATI, or a testing center. When you register, its a great idea to ask questions about the testing conditions of your testing center. This can help you prepare because you can practice taking the exam in similar conditions.

Here are tips for if you are taking the ATI TEAS exam remotely:

  • If you need exam accommodations, its best to request them at least 30 days in advance.
  • Ask your testing center ahead of time about your break. If you are taking the TEAS remotely, you will likely push a button when youd like to take your break, but policies vary by testing center.
  • During the math section, you will be able to use a calculator thats built-in to the exam. You cant bring your own calculator.
  • Ask your testing center about how much scrap paper you will get ahead of time. Some testing centers only allow you to use one piece of paper.
  • Do actual TEAS test practice test questions in the same spot of your house. This will help train your mind to focus, but it will also help your roommates know that you are focused there. It will also help you identify any Internet problems ahead of time.
  • Free up space on your device for the remote proctoring system to work.

One of the best ways to prep is to take an ATI TEAS practice exam under real testing conditions. Here are some tips:

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Best Resources To Prepare For The Ati Teas 6 Math Test

Many prestigious ATI TEAS 6 Mathematics books and study guides can help you prepare for the test. All major test preparation companies have some offerings for the TEAS 6 Math, and the short-listing of the best book ends up being a puzzling phenomenon. There are also many online ATI TEAS 6 Math courses.If you just started preparing for the ATI TEAS 6 test and you need a perfect ATI TEAS 6 Math prep book, then ATI TEAS 6 Math for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Preparing for the ATI TEAS 6 Math Test is a perfect and comprehensive prep book for you to master all TEAS 6 Math topics being tested right from scratch. It will help you brush up your math skills, boost your confidence, and do your best to succeed on the ATI TEAS 6 Math Test.

This one is an alternative book:

If you just need an ATI TEAS 6 Math workbook to review the math topics on the test and measure your exam readiness, then try: ATI TEAS 6 Math Practice Workbook:The Most Comprehensive Review for the Math Section of the ATI TEAS 6 Test

This prep book is also a perfect resource to review all Mathematics concepts being tested on the ATI TEAS 6:

You can also use our FREE ATI TEAS 6 Math worksheets: ATI TEAS 6 Math Worksheets

Have a look at our FREE ATI TEAS 6 Math Worksheets to assess your knowledge of Mathematics, find your weak areas, and learn from your mistakes.

ATI TEAS 6 Math FREE Resources:

Who Can Benefit From Taking The Teas Test

The two major parties that can benefit from the TEAS test include nursing students and their future patients. Nursing students can benefit from taking the TEAS test because it allows them to study and learn important academic knowledge before starting their healthcare programs. Starting school with a basic understanding of the four primary subjects can help students learn the skills and knowledge necessary for a nursing career more quickly and efficiently.

Future patients of aspiring nurses also benefit from the TEAS test, because the knowledge and skills developed while studying for the test allow nurses to better communicate and serve patients in a hospital or healthcare setting. Understanding basic reading comprehension, communication and influential math and sciences can allow nurses to effectively perform their job duties and treat patients to the best of their ability.

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Simulate The Testing Experience

At over three hours long, the TEAS exam is a prolonged testing experience, and all of it is taken in one sitting with only short breaks allowed. During your preparatory period leading up to the date of the exam, its always a great idea to simulate the testing experience, including timing yourself on each section and completing an entire practice exam in one sitting. This will give you an idea of how much time the questions generally take you to answer so that you can gauge how much time to allow for each question when taking the actual test.

How Do I Prepare For The Teas Test

ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

Acing the TEAS exam takes preparation. If you can, try to study for the TEAS test earlyas soon as you start thinking about nursing school. Even if you’re not ready to apply to nursing school, studying in advance for the TEAS test can help you get familiar with the content.

Start studying at least 6-7 weeks before the test day using test prep resources. Achieve Test Preps ATI Tests Review gives you everything you need to ace the TEAS exam. Our test prep includes:

  • 21 hours of live, BSN instructor-led teaching
  • 100s of TEAS® exam-style practice questions
  • 10 hours of review videos
  • 50 Flashcards and a variety of additional study materials
  • Our guarantee that you’ll score 80% or better on the examor you can retake our course for free*

Register for the test at least two weeks in advance. You may have to meet registration prerequisites . You can register with your school and choose and time and date, or you can register on the ATI website .

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Register For The Teas Prep 1 Course

If youre ready to take the first steps toward a career that you will love, look no further than Broward Community Schools. Registering is made easy with the seamless usability of our website.

All you have to do is browse our catalog and click add to cart for the classes that you need. You will have the option of an instructor-led option with a specific start date or may begin anytime with self-paced online classes. The latter option caters to students that work full-time or have full, fluctuating schedules. For both options, be sure that your computer meets the software requirements.

If you have questions regarding this course or any other Broward County Community Schools offerings, visit our website or give us a call. We proudly cater to the goals of over 200,000 students annually and empower many through GED and ESOL programs.

What Is On The Teas Test

Thankfully, the TEAS test is similar to most of the standardized tests you’ve already taken in your previous schooling. Most of what you need to know to pass the TEAS are subjects you already covered in high school.

The test has 170 questions divided into four sections:


  • Tests your ability to read and comprehend passages, charts, labels, directions, and measurements.
  • 64 minutes long


  • Tests your knowledge of physical, life, and earth sciences. This section also tests your scientific reasoning ability and your understanding of the human body.
  • 63 minutes long
  • Tests your knowledge of spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and context.
  • 28 minutes long
  • Tests your ability to solve math problems and measure and interpret data.
  • 64 minutes long

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How To Study For The Teas Test Prep Courses

While we would never criticize students for taking the initiative and self-studying for the TEAS exam, it may only get you so far. Having to prepare your own study regimen takes a lot of time/effort and youll end up missing valuable information.

Thats why our TEAS prep course is such a powerful tool. It boosts the efficiency of your study time and ensures that youre studying the right content. Theres nothing worse than spending all of your time studying subjects that youre already strong in.

The truth is that no matter how confident you are heading into the TEAS exam, using a prep course is going to help you get a higher score. The only downside of a TEAS prep course is that it costs money so lets take a closer look at that.

Weighing The Costs

At first glance, the $39 cost of a TEAS prep course might seem like too much but when we dissect it further, its actually a huge value. If you underperform, then you will have to pay an additional fee to retake the TEAS test. At $100 a pop, this expense far outweighs the cost of investing in the prep course.

Remember that its not just important that you pass this test, but you have to score in the top percentile. The truth is that even a slight drop in efficiency that comes with self-studying might be enough to drop you out of that percentile.

Our prep course also comes with a 100% pass guarantee. If you do not pass your exam, you get all of your money back. That is how confident we are in our prep course.

How To Actually Use Your Teas Study Guide

Free Printable Teas Practice Test

OK, at this point you probably have an idea of the order youll study the material, the supplies you need, and the outline of your weekly study game plan. Awesome!

Now, we are going to link your studying to specific locations. In general, youll want to pick locations to study that offer time for quick study and time for deep study. Even if you are spending most of our time at home, pairing your learning with events is a great way to keep moving forward with your TEAS test prep. Lets take a look at some examples.

On Monday mornings, you study in the library for an hour. Here, you study your college biology textbook, take notes, and really dive into the material.

On Monday evenings after dinner, you review flashcards for 10 minutes. Youre looking to build repetition quickly. Those 10 minutes will add up over the months.

Ideally, you want to be saying things like, From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Im going to go to the library. Ill draw the path of food through the digestive system, paying particular attention to the 14 major enzymes involved in digestion.

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Ati Teas Online Practice Assessment Package

Need online TEAS prep? Check out the Prenursing Smarter Online Teas Prep Program.

Youll get a comprehensive study system with this ATI TEAS online practice assessment package. Students who use the program have increased their assessment scores by 25% from when they began the program to when they end.

  • 1000+ TEAS practice questions, including quiz question banks and two full TEAS practice tests
  • 11+ hours of video lessons that cover the most important TEAS topics for each section
  • Audio reviews on each anatomy and physiology body system
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and structure your studying

Emily scored in the 91st percentile nationally after studying with Prenursing Smarter. She had taken the TEAS six times before enrolling in Prenursing Smarter.

Today I woke up to take my TEAS test exam for the 7th time this past year. I finally got into the 80s and moved from proficient level to advanced! I cried my eyes out. I couldnt have made it in the 80s without your help and your tips. Im so happy to be eligible, and Im so grateful for your help and your program.

Diamond was able to get into the best nursing school in her area, which is also the most competitive program.

I have taken the TEAS so many times, and I finally made my goal!!! If it wasnt for Prenursing Smarter, I wouldnt be here today. On Monday I got accepted to the nursing program, and they were the program that was so strict on the test, and I finally got in.

Nursehubs Free Teas Practice Test

Pros: NurseHub offers TEAS reading practice tests, TEAS math practice tests, TEAS science practice tests, and TEAS English language practice tests. When you take one of NurseHubs tests, youll get step-by-step answer explanations that help you understand the correct answer and how to get it. The answer explanations have diagrams and visuals to help you learn complex content.

Cons:NurseHub doesnt offer any full-length free TEAS practice tests. However, you do have the chance to upgrade for $49.99 to purchase five full-length tests. Each test includes all four subject areas.

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Common Questions About Passing The Teas Tips And Advice

What is a good TEAS score?

This really depends on your target program. Generally speaking, a TEAS score between 59% 79% is considered proficient. A score in this range often qualifies a student for a nursing program, particularly for ADN/ASN programs. This varies by state and program, however! A score of 80% or above is considered advanced. Advanced scores are often required for competitive programs. A score above 92% is considered exemplary.For many students, getting into the 80s is the most difficult hurdle. Other students want above a 92 percent so that they can feel confident about admission into some of the most competitive nursing programs in the country.Please note that TEAS scores do not indicate quality nursing programs. Sometimes score cutoffs reflect state population and college funding.

What is the TEAS exam?

The TEAS exam is a standardized test used by nursing schools and allied health programs around the county. It covers reading, math, science, and English language.

What should I bring to the TEAS test?

If you are taking the TEAS in person, bring your mask and government issued ID. Check with your testing center for whatever else they might recommend. For example, you might be able to bring a water bottle. If you are taking the TEAS remotely, bring a scrap paper, a pen/pencil, and your government-used ID. Be prepared to show your testing room on camera, so tidy up.

Should I study the day before the test?Do I get a calculator on the TEAS?

Get A Study Buddy Or Form A Study Group

Teas 6 Exam – Guide in how to prepare for the TEAS

Studying with other test-takers is extremely beneficial. Each member of the group has strengths and weaknesses and can assist others in their weaker areas. One can also share learning techniques that may benefit others. Knowledge-sharing is so valuable in any setting, but especially in the academic realm. Putting a “shout out” or ad at the school or an online community to recruit students to a study group is an excellent idea.

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How Will This Class Help Prepare Me For The Ati Teas Exam

The ATI TEAS is a standardized test. Consequently, the sections of the test, types of questions asked, overall format, and timing of the test do not change. By familiarizing oneself with these aspects of the test, learning helpful test taking tips, practicing, and applying these tips to the exam, students find their scores increase.


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