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How To Make Tea With Leaves

How You Can Brew Free Leaf Tea

How to Make Tea from Scratch: Harvest Leaves, Roast and Brew Tea at Home

What youll want:

  • Free leaf tea: You should use any sort of free leaf tea, from purple to pu-erh and something in between.

    Reading: How to use tea leaves to make tea

  • Cup, mug, or pot: Youll want one thing to brew and revel in your tea in, like a favourite mug or a teapot.

  • Tea infuser or filter: Making ready tea in a tea infuser or filter is the best method to put together tea. In case you dont have certainly one of these choices, see our information under to making ready tea with out an infuser.

  • Electrical or stovetop tea kettle: You need to use a tea kettle to warmth your water. In case you dont have a tea kettle, you can too warmth up water in a pot on the range.

  • Good cup tea scoop : Whereas not strictly needed, an ideal cup tea scoop is a good way to simply measure tea leaves.

How To Make Green Tea

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This is a simple starter guide on how to make green tea , with tips and tricks, FAQs, as well as flavor variations!

As much as I love matcha green tea, loose leaf green tea leaves make for a delicious and healthy beverage too as long as you make it the right way, that is. Unfortunately, unlike many tea options, brewing green tea isnt quite as simple as chucking the tea/teabag in a mug, covering with boiling water, and sweetening to your desire. Instead, there are some tips on getting the most out of your green tea.

If you dont prepare green tea the right way, then all youd end up with is a bitter, grassy beverage. When prepared the right way, though, its earthy but flavor-packed and wonderful. Within this post, Ill take you through how to make green tea, the correct way, as well as FAQs, tips, and flavor variations.

Plus, this post contains the method for brewing loose leaves and tea bags. I prefer to use loose tea when possible. That way you avoid any preservatives and chemicals that can be present in tea bags. Plus, tea leaves also tend to provide fresher, better flavor.

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea With Loose Leaf Tea

A perfect cup of tea is something many wish to achieve. It all starts with water and tea leaves, but there are a few other things to keep in mind, too. I completely understand the need for convenience when it comes to tea bags. I do occasionally enjoy them myself. But most of my favourite cups of tea were made with loose leaf teas. Loose leaf tea can seem a bit daunting at first, but making the switch and steeping a good cup of tea with it is actually quite simple. If youre just beginning to explore loose leaf tea or need some guidance to improve your cup, follow the step-by-step instructions here. Please remember that these rules are only guidelines. You should always make tea how you like it, so youll like it! After all, how to make a perfect cup of tea may vary depending on the tea drinker.

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Letters And Lines In Tasseography

Then theres the application of context. Lets say, you see a letter S near to a serpent symbol. The serpent represents bad luck or danger. The placement of the letter S in proximity to the serpent symbol will indicate that youre in danger from a person whose name starts with the letter S.

Now, lets say the letter S appears near a bird symbol flying towards the handle of the cup. In that case, it would mean that youre likely to get a letter or news from a person whose name begins with the letter S.

On the other hand, if the letter S appears near a bird symbol flying away from the handle of the cup, then the sitter would be sending a letter to the S person.

The smaller tea leaves generally form lines inside the cup. A line indicates a travel or a trip and a long line could indicate a long journey. If the line reaches the handle of the cup, then the sitter would probably be returning home, in case he/she is away from home.

If the line ends before reaching the handle then it would mean that the sitter is likely to relocate to another residence. A broken line or a wave would indicate delayed journeys as opposed to straight lines which would mean rapid trips.

If there are any numbers near to the line then that would indicate the duration of the journey. For example, if a number 4 is located near the line, then it would be a journey of 4 days.

A Note On Fortune Telling

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Also remember that many witches, including myself, believe the future is fluid. If you see something in your future that youd rather not experience, make some changes. You have the power to steer the ship of your life. The choices you make in the present can change everything.

There are many books and websites that will tell you what different symbols mean, but you are certainly welcome to add your own meaning to each symbol based on your own personal experiences. You can also look up the meaning of symbols in books that analyze a persons dreams.

Wherever you feel called to seek guidance, consult those sources, but again, above all, trust yourself. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with doing a tea leaf reading that doesnt end up coming to pass. A divination reading is a snapshot of your current future, and things are always changing, just as you are always changing.

When youre all done with your tea leaf reading, you can thank and dismiss the elements. Then discard the leaves, wash your teacup, and let it dry in the sun.

Perform this form of divination whenever you feel called. Its also an excellent practice to do with other witchy friends when youre celebrating a full moon or sabbat.

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Why Is My Tea Bitter

Your tea steeps into a bitter cup? All teas made from Camellia sinensis tea plant contain EGCg, tannins, caffeine and other compounds. All of them make tea either healthy or energizing, but unfortunately most of them are bitter. The longer you steep your tea, the more compounds you will extract. Hotter water will extract more compounds. Your tea will be bitter because you are either steeping your tea for too long or using water thats too hot for delicate tea leaves. Dont worry about not extracting all the beneficial compounds if you steep your tea for only 1-3 minutes. You can re-steep the same leaves and extract more compounds and flavors but without the bitterness.

How To Begin Your Reading

To make your tea, drop a teaspoon of tea leaves into your teacup and pour hot water over the leaves, filling the cup. If youre using a teapot, use one teaspoon per teacup and dont strain the tea leaves out. Just add the spoonfuls of tea leaves into the pot, let it steep, and then divide the tea among the teacups.

Sip the tea as you meditate on your intention or inquiry. When theres just a sip or two of liquid left in the cup, hold the handle in your left hand and swirl the liquid around clockwise in the cup three times.

Next, place a napkin on the saucer and flip the cup over to allow the excess liquid and tea leaves drain onto the napkin.

Turn the teacup right side up and position the teacup so the handle is pointing towards the querent, whether its you or someone else.

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Types Of Fermented Tea

There are many different types of fermented teas. Some are sweet while others are more bitter. Some even require several extra months of fermentation. However, they are all still delicious and healthy to consume.

Fermented teas are normally classified according to how they are made. Piled teas are fermented using natural fungus under very dry conditions. Pickled teas are formed using a wet process with lots of acidic bacteria.

Dark tea is aged in bamboo. The bamboo could be fashioned into baskets and coverings. Bamboo thrives in moist environments where fungi grow. The chemistry and nutritional value of the bamboo allow the rich flavor of dark teas to flourish.

Kombucha is a very popular fermented tea. It is made using mushrooms and other fungi. It is slightly alcoholic and is mostly consumed for the health benefits it gives. It does taste bitter and many people choose to add sugar or fruits to sweeten the drink.

Pickled tea is also a popular kind of fermented tea. This tea is not consumed by drinking a liquid. Rather, it is consumed by chewing on fermented tea leaves. The leaves are pressed into bamboo baskets until a fermentation cake is formed. This tea is known for the many health benefits it has.

Fermented teas are normally sold as compressed tea shapes. The herbs that are fermented are packed into bricks, bowls, or discs. The teas must be aged for several weeks or even years. The prices are most comparable to producing wine from grapes.

Accurate Tea Leaves To Water Ratio

How to make black tea leaves at home | Ceylon Tea

First, follow the instructions that came with your tea if it lists how many scoops of tea to use per cup. But, a general rule to follow with western-style tea brewing is about 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water.

However, there are some loose leaf teas that are large leaf and may need 1.5-2 teaspoons per 8 ounces of water.

If you use too much tea leaves for little amount of water, your steep will be very strong. It will be more like a tea concentrate than a standard cup of tea.

If you use too much water and not enough tea leaves, your cup of tea will be very weak.

Tip: If you have a kitchen scale on hand, it will be the best tool for the most accurate tea leaf to water ratio. Ideally use 2-3 grams of leaf per 8 ounces of water. A scale is not mandatory for this tea steeping guide though.

What kind of tea infuser should I use?

There are lots of good options. My favourite is a tea infuser basket as its simple to use and fits in a variety of cups or even teapots. But, most importantly, tea infuser baskets are spacious.

Loose leaf teas will expand when steeping. Depending on the type of tea, the leaves can expand up to 5 times the size! Thats why I do not recommend tea infuser balls. They are too small and wont let tea leaves fully expand.

When tea leaves dont fully expand they wont release their full flavour. Therefore, its best to find a loose leaf tea infuser that will give the tea leaves lots of room.

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Questions You May Have

Why is my tea bitter?

Tannins are compounds in tea. When tea leaves steep for too long or in water thats too hot, it releases a lot of tannins, making your tea bitter. Thats why you shouldnt steep your tea for too long or in water thats too hot.

Why is green tea so bitter?

Green tea is notorious for being super fickle. You shouldnt steep for too long and most definitely dont need boiling hot water. If youve had green tea thats too bitter to drink, it wasnt made properly. See my green tea guide.

Why is my tea flavorless?

Again, tannins. If you didnt steep your tea long enough or used water thats too cool, youll get a less than ideal cup of tea.

Why cant I use tap water to make tea?

Youll get a cleaner and more consistent tasting cup of tea when you use better quality water.

Can I use the microwave to make tea?

I would advise against using the microwave to make tea. When you use an electric kettle or heat water on the stovetop, you get water thats uniformly hot. In the microwave, you would get hot and cold spots which isnt ideal for steeping tea. Also, its incredibly difficult to figure out the water temperature when you use the microwave.

Which tea should I start with if I want to get into tea?

I recommend starting with oolong tea since its pretty forgiving. See my oolong tea guide.

Im New To Tea Drinking What Tea Should I Use

If you are new to tea, get ready to be amazed. There are thousands of different flavors to explore. The best teas to try for new loose leaf tea drinkers are those that are easy to make. They include traditional blends such as breakfast teas, Earl Grey teas, green teas that are not bitter such as Genmaicha and herbal blends, especially rooibos.

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How Do You Dry Tea Leaves In The Oven

The first of the more modern options is the oven. The three factors, relative humidity, temperature, and airflow, are found in every households oven. Being careful with the settings and time, your tea leaves will be dry in under one hour.

Drying tea leaves in an oven should not be done at high temperatures. Tea leaves are supposed to dry at 100 °F or below. Higher temperatures can cause the decay of compounds in the leaves. Adjust the temperature by letting the oven cool below the minimum temperature and dry for one hour.

The leaves should be placed on a screen or towel. Since the temperature is below 100 °F , neither your hand nor any towel will get burned. I recommend checking the temperature before putting in the leaves.

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Without A Teapot

How to make loose leaf tea  Stone Leaf Teahouse

Picture this: the tea craving strikes, and you find yourself without a teapot. No need to panic we’ve been there. There are a few ways to get your loose leaf tea on even without a teapot or kettle.


Yep, it’s totally possible to brew up a cuppa in the good ol’ microwave. Simply fill a microwave-safe mug with water and pop it in the microwave. Heat it for a few minutes, checking halfway through. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a mug of your favorite blend and forget about that teapot entirely.

Coffee Maker

It sounds crazy, we know. But you can brew loose leaf tea in your coffee maker, even if it’s not designed for tea. Use an unbleached coffee filter and make sure your coffee machine is thoroughly cleaned.

French Press

That fancy coffee machine you have? Yep, it’s basically a tea infuser. Easy peasy.


When all else fails, boil some water in a saucepan on the stove. And no worries if you don’t have a thermometer. Use the boil-and-wait method. For 208° F, let the boiling water sit for about 1-3 minutes. For 195°F, let it sit for 7-8 minutes. For 175° F, let the boiling water sit for about 10 minutes.

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Yaupon Holly Plant Information

Yaupon holly occurs naturally from Texas to Florida and slightly north to the southern part of Virginia. While it tends to thrive in marshy, coastal areas, it has also been spotted in humid forests.

While the yaupon holly grows well on its own in the wild, its a great plant to have in your yard. Birds love to feed on the berries, and its a lovely shrub to add to your landscape not to mention the all-natural caffeine resource right outside your door.

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Yaupon holly should be planted in a location that gets plenty of sun. It tolerates afternoon shade, but it will thrive a lot better and produce more berries in full sun. Yaupon holly wont need special soil unless your soil is particularly poor.

How To Make Tea With Loose Leaf Tea

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I dont know about you, but I sure have enjoyed having my husband, Randy, stop by for regular features. Hes here again today to share about his new insights on how to make tea using loose leaf tea. Take it away, Randy!

I feel a little silly saying I just discovered tea. Humans have been drinking it for thousands of years and its only the second most consumed drink in the world behind water. And I myself have enjoyed tea in some form every day of my life since I could hold a sippy cup. So I was already a fan of tea, however, what I just discovered was how to make tea much better.

I stumbled into a quiet coffee shop while on vacation recently. I had a hankering to try something different so I asked the barrista to hook me up with a cup of hot black tea. . They had a big selection of loose teas. I sort of randomly pointed to Thunderbolt Darjeeling not knowing anything about it. The description said fine black tea. The dude put 2 scoops of tea from the tin into a French press then poured hot water over it. He suggested I press and pour the tea into my cup after about a 2 minute steep. I did and added about a teaspoon of honey. I took a sip and it was really good. It tasted like black tea that Im used to, only much better.

Lose the bag and try making a cup or glass at home from quality loose tea. Youll be glad you did.

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The Most Personal Beverage

Here at Smith Teamaker, we believe strongly in making tea a personal experience. The instructions and guidelines above are simply recommendations. You may find that you enjoy a much shorter extraction. The beauty is being able to control that experience, and removing the leaf from the water at your choosing to create something you like. Have fun and keep experimenting and adjusting so eventually, you can easily become your own tea master.


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