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How Much Caffeine In La Colombe Draft Latte

La Colombe Original Draft Latte Made With Oatmilk

La Colombe Triple Draft Latte | Coffee Drink Review by The Guru
  • Made with 100% Arabica, single-origin, Brazilian cold brew coffee
  • 120 mg caffeine , 110 calories
  • Plant Based, Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut-Free, Glyphosate-Free, Enviro-friendly
  • Made with Non-GMO ingredients, Kosher, Low Sugar
  • Utilizes groundbreaking pressurized InnovalveTM can to froth the ingredients when you crack it open
  • Lip Guard to enhance taste experience and pour functionality

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How Much Caffeine Should You Have In A Day

The Food and Drug Administration has identified a daily intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine, which is equivalent to around four or five cups of coffee, as a level that is not frequently linked with harmful or bad consequences.On the other hand, there is a large amount of variance between individuals in terms of how sensitive they are to the effects of caffeine and how quickly they metabolize it .

How Much Caffeine Is In A La Colombe

La Colombe Cold Brew contains 20.00 mg of caffeine per fl oz . A 9 fl oz can has a total of 180 mg of caffeine.

Is La Colombe coffee lactose free?

We love our Lattes so much that we want to make sure that everyone can drink them even our lactose-free fans! To make this possible, we use lactase in our production process, which removes the lactose from all dairy milk that is used in our Latte cans.

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Is La Colombe Coffee Sustainable And Ethically Made

Yes. According to their website, La Colombe coffee is made with sustainable packaging. All of their coffee boxes are recyclable 100% and the company uses plant-based ink. Also, their coffee bags use NEO technology, which breaks down in landfills to make clean, renewable energy. La Colombe Coffee is fair trade, organic, and carbon-free certified.

About Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte

La Colombe Mocha Draft Latte 9 fl. oz.

Feels like summer, tastes like fall

You asked for it, we delivered. Our fan-favorite Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte is now available with Oatmilk. Well-crafted with foamy nitrous-infused oatmilk, cold brew and real pumpkin, this PSL is a delicious treat that will carry you from summer to fall.

A fall seasonal beverage, La Colombe signature cold brew blended with real Pumpkin puree and warming spices for a clean take on a fall favorite that has a fraction of the sugar found in competing offerings.

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Does La Colombe Hard Coffee Have Caffeine

Both have around 50 milligrams of caffeine per can. There are 100 calories in the black coffee, whereas there are 110 calories in the vanilla coffee. On their website, La Colombe portrays the beverages as an alternative to other popular brunch cocktails by making witty remarks such as move over mimosas and screw screwdrivers.

Is La Colombe Draft Latte Good For You

Compared to similar beverages, La Colombes Draft Latte is the healthier choice. Compared to the other beverages, the mocha draft latte has 50 fewer calories, half the sugar, and, for the lactose intolerants out there, lactose free milk is used so you dont have to worry.

How do you say La Colombe coffee?

Does La Colombe coffee have milk?

Contact La Colombe This iced coffee upgrade has the classic full taste and texture of a true cold latte, complete with a frothy layer of milk and 3 shots of espresso. Best enjoyed chilled!

Do you shake La Colombe draft latte?

Please dont shake your Draft Latte. Weve seen a number of people miss the label on the can which says Do Not Shake, only to end up with the beverage all over their new outfit.

Are draft lattes alcoholic?

He invented a method for producing a frothy, cold, on-tap, non-alcoholic coffee and milk beverage that looks kind of like a really good Guinness pourits the Draft Latte. You can drink one of these foamy iced coffee drinks at La Colombes flagship cafe in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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Does Cold Brew Coffee Beer Have Caffeine

Coffee beer does, in fact, contain caffeine.but only in extremely minute quantities.The majority of brewers employ a substantially larger ratio of beer to coffee in their recipes .

  • The ratio of one barrel of beer that is 31 gallons in volume to one gallon of cold brew that is made from one pound of coffee beans is an example of a common ratio.
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    Draft Latte: See How It’s Made

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    What Is In A Vanilla Draft Latte

    The nutrient-rich milk, cold brew, and genuine vanilla that go into the making of a Vanilla Draft Latte are all ingredients that are entire and authentic.In order to provide a better and more nutritious pick-me-up first thing in the morning, it is just very subtly sweetened with a little bit of cane sugar.Consumed best when ice cold!

  • With a Vanilla Draft Latte Subscription, you can simply set it and forget it.
  • What Is The Best Way To Drink La Colombe Coffee

    You can enjoy this coffee beverage by itself straight out of the can, but its better if its chilled. Also, you can add water or milk, if you prefer, to the coffee to reduce its strength. It all depends on your coffee preference. You can add ice to the beverage and enjoy it straight or add water or milk to reduce the intensity of the coffee.

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    Does La Colombe Have Espresso

    It has been one of our favorites for a very long time, and it is the coffee that is used to make espresso in all of the La Colombe cafés. We are really grateful to our Brazilian partner for their dedication to the protection of the local ecology, which they have demonstrated by permanently protecting hundreds of hectares of unspoiled, old-growth rainforest.

    La Colombe Draft Latte Original Ss

    La Colombe Draft Latte Triple

    Coffee Drink, Real, Double Shot

    Real coffee drink. 90 calories. Lactose free. 120 mg natural caffeine = 2 shots of espresso. Real ingredients. Natural caffeine. Foamy nitrous-infused milk + cold brew. Perfectly foamy. Real coffee. Foamy milk. We set out to craft the impossible, the world’s first genuine caffe latte in a can made with honest ingredients, real milk, real coffee, and a truly foamy texture. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we do. – Todd & JP, Founders. lacolombecoffeee.

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings Per Container :

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    Whats Inside A Cold Draft Latte

    PREPARED TO BE INGESTED: In these four easy-to-carry, ready-made, chilled cans, you can enjoy the authentic flavor and velvety smoothness of a real cold draft latte.THE ACTUAL COMPONENTS ARE: Milk that is gluten-free, lactose-free, and rich in nutrients is utilized in each and every can.Featuring genuine vanilla extract and a dash of maple syrup.Only 100 calories are contained in each individual coffee beverage.

    La Colombe Mocha Latte 9 Fl Oz


    • Made with 100% Arabica, single-origin, Brazilian cold brew coffee, nitrous-infused lactose-free milk, cocoa, and a hint of cane sugar
    • Delivers a rich, subtly sweet mocha taste
    • Emulates the frothy, creamy mouthfeel of a true cold latte
    • Contains 180 mg of natural caffeine, equivalent to 2.25 cups of coffee
    • Shelf-stable convenience best served chilled

    Customer questions about this product

    Why does this product no longer include a plastic lip guard?
    La Colombes investment in their production process has increased the amount of texture in their draft lattes, so the aeration benefit of the sip-through lid is no longer necessary. Please see official communication in resource section for more details.

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    About Draft Chocolate Milk

    A dose of chocolatey nostalgia blended for modern tastes. This rich and creamy twist on a classic flavor is crafted with the same quality chocolate served in our cafes.The perfect combination of simple ingredients like natural cocoa and frothy, non-fat milk, this nitro-infused treat is sure to be an obsession for chocolate lovers of all ages.

    Real Chocolate: Made from real, sustainably-sourced premium cocoa.Real Milk: Made with real Grade A, Non-Fat Milk. Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium.Real Texture: Infused with nitrous-oxide to create a unique frothy texture.

    Best Vegan Drinks From La Colombe

    La Colombe Coffee Oatmilk Draft Latte Review & Taste Test

    Okay, so lets dig into my list of the best La Colombe vegan drinks. Well, there are two lists. The first list consists of the 5 vegan La Colombe coffee drinks that you can currently buy on Amazon.

    The second list consists of the 10 best vegan drinks you can order in one of La Colombes cafes.

    So, without further ado lets dig into the best vegan La Colombe drinks.

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    Is Canned Coffee Safe To Drink

    Yes. Canned coffee is typically considered to be safe as it has to go through an inspection by the FDA just like any other beverages sold in grocery stores. The concern over the safety of canned coffees comes from the fact that were simply used to coffee being made on the spot at a cafeeither that or making our own with ground beans at home.

    And when we do buy ready-made coffee, its often through the refrigerated section at the grocery storeor its instant coffee that can be mixed in a matter of seconds. The difference between canned coffee is that its usually in a vacuum-sealed container for better shelf preservation.

    This allows it to sit at room temperature without spoiling, which is no different than canned food. However, its always best to know the expiration date of your coffee and to refrigerate it once you open it.

    Why Does La Colombe Coffee Have A Lid

    A plastic cover resembling the ones on La Colombes to-go cups is added to the top for a double purpose: it prevents consumers lips to directly touch the aluminum and any substances it may accumulate during storage, and helps eliminate the metallic flavor note that drinking directly from the can adds to a beverage.

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    How Much Caffeine Is In La Colombe Cold Brew Triple Shot

    175 mg of natural caffeine = 3 shots of espresso. Real ingredients. Natural caffeine. Foamy nitrous-infused milk + cold brew.

    What does La Colombe taste like?

    La Colombe may be small, light, and thin in size, but its got the foam spurting draft of a real rootbeer and the real flavor of an iced vanilla latte with as they say on their package, REAL ingredients!!

    Where is La Colombe coffee from?

    La Colombe was founded by Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti in 1994, with its first location near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

    What does draft mean in coffee?

    Turns out, Kickshaw was on to the biggest coffee trend of the summer, only without the nitrogen. Whereas draft coffee comes straight from the tap, nitro, as brew geeks call it, is coffee infused with nitrogen. Similar to a soda fountain, nitrogenated coffee is extra smooth and looks a little like a Guinness.

    How is La Colombe coffee lactose free?

    We love our Lattes so much that we want to make sure that everyone can drink them even our lactose-free fans! To make this possible, we use lactase in our production process, which removes the lactose from all dairy milk that is used in our Latte cans.

    Does La Colombe coffee have dairy?

    La Colombe Oatmilk Coffee Draft Latte Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Made With Real Ingredients Grab And Go Coffee Double 9 Fl Oz 144.0 Fl Oz.

    What is a skinny coffee?

    Whats a triple latte?

    Does La Colombe draft latte need to be refrigerated?

    What is a triple shot espresso?

    Does Draft Latte Have Alcohol

    La Colombe Draft Latte Triple

    He invented a method for producing a frothy, cold, on-tap, non-alcoholic coffee and milk beverage that looks kind of like a really good Guinness pourits the Draft Latte. You can drink one of these foamy iced coffee drinks at La Colombes flagship cafe in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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    When Can I Pause My La Colombe Drink

    You are free to halt at any moment! Relax and enjoy your favorite La Colombe goods! Enjoy the authentic flavor and velvety texture of a real vanilla latte, complete with a thick coating of frothy and smooth foam on top. The nutrient-rich milk, cold brew, and genuine vanilla that go into the making of a Vanilla Draft Latte are all ingredients that are entire and authentic.

    Is Caffeine A Laxative

    Is drinking coffee a laxative or a diuretic? Some people find that drinking coffee helps them defecate and also acts as a diuretic. Caffeine, which is found in regular coffee, is a substance that can cause urination. Coffee can also serve as a gentle laxative for those individuals who consume it and then have a desire to defecate shortly after.

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    About The Draft Latte

    So what is a Draft Latte?

    You can see an awesome explanation for how the Draft Latte is made here, but Ill provide the short version as well:

    • Cold pressed espresso from freshly roasted La Colombe coffee
    • Hormone-free milk from grass-fed cows
    • 14g of cane sugar
    • Unique pressurized can that froths the ingredients when opened

    To learn about how I rate ready-to-drink coffee, go here.

    Tried The Draft Latte

    La Colombe | Draft Latte Pour

    If youve tried the Draft Latte Id love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment or review below. Also, if you have questions about this drink, ask away!


  • Kathryn Stevenssays:


    I have tried both the canned draft latte and the draft latte from the tap. They are both amazing. I first tried the can. I sipped it from the special sip top, but I especially liked it when poured into a glass. The draft latte from the tap is really something to talk about. It was so light a fluffy, it was like drinking a milky coffee cloud. But I do have to agree, it has more of a milky taste and not as much coffee taste. I also did try the black & tan, which is half cold brew and half draft latte over ice. Very, delicious. Thanks for the review!

  • Availability

    Ive had the Latte and the Mocha and believe your review is spot on. I drink my coffee black and agree a bit more coffee flavor would be good. Otherwise, the flavor is impressive. The Mocha is pretty much the perfect chocolate milk drink for grown ups. A splash of vodka might work too. They both elicited OMG from my wife. Im excited to see these in cans as we can stock up on the boat. We purchased ours from Harris Teeter in Charleston, SC so we dont have to mail order or wait until we get back to Philadelphia. I love good coffee and espresso but, sometimes you just want a latte on the rocks.

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    La Colombe Draft Latte Caramel Cold Brew Coffee Medium Roast 9 Fl Oz 12/carton

    Online. In store. Always free.

    If you arent 100% satisfied with this item, you may return it or exchange it for free. Simply bring it back to any Staples store or send it back to us by completing a return online. For more details, please see our return policy.

    • Great-tasting cold brew coffee with real caramel cupping notes
    • Medium roast coffee with caramel flavor
    • 9 fl. oz. capacity

    Caffeine In Flavor Of La Colombe Draft Latte

    • La Colombe Draft Latte Original: 120 mg
    • La Colombe Draft Latte Triple: 175 mg
    • Vanilla La Colombe Draft Latte: 115 mg
    • La Colombe Draft Latte Mocha: 170 mg
    • La Colombe Draft Latte Oatmilk: 120 mg
    • La Colombe Draft Latte Oatmilk Vanilla: 120 mg
    • La Colombe Draft Latte is lactose-free and contains added fiber

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    La Colombe Draft Latte

    With Summers arrival here in the Northern Hemisphere, there has been an inevitable influx of cold coffee drinks making their debut in cafés and grocery stores across the country. Of course, cold coffee drinks are great at any time of year, which is probably why La Colombe didnt wait too long to release their Draft Latte to the masses in a convenient ready-to-drink can.

    The Draft Latte was conceived as a more convenient way to serve up iced lattes to La Colombes customers. Traditionally, an iced latte is made by pulling a shot of espresso, steaming milk, and then pouring the combination over ice.

    Suffice to say, it isnt a quick process. So La Colombes CEO, Todd Carmichael, tinkered with a recipe before finally coming up with something that tasted great and could be served on tap at La Colombe cafés.

    Well, less than a year after the Draft Lattes in-store release, it was released in ready-to-drink form so that the drink could be distributed to a wider audience, particularly those who dont live near any La Colombe locations .

    Should I Buy A La Colombes Latte For A New Parent

    La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte Coffee Drink 9 Oz

    Because of this, if you have a new parent friend, sibling, or family, you owe it to them to either purchase them a case or inform them about the Subscribing & Saving program because it is likely essential to their continued existence.The lattes at La Colombe are of exceptional quality.Even when they are at room temperature, they are delicious, and they are fantastic to drink first thing in the morning to get me out of bed.Although they are expensive, I am prepared to pay the price for them.

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