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Harney And Sons White Christmas Tea

Taste Of Tea : : White Christmas Tea From Harney & Sons

White Christmas Toasted Almond Cocktail

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays fellow tea drinkers! I hope youre having a splendid week and enjoying the holiday season. With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, I thought the White Christmas Tea from Harney and Sons would be a good choice for todays Taste of Tea entry. The version I purchased is actually the bagged version, making this my first post with a bagged tea. I picked up a tin of 30 sachets of this tea a few weeks ago at my local Barnes and Noble they had these tins on sale for 2 for $15 at the time so I picked up this tea and one other to try.

This tea came in an attractive tin.

Ingredients: handpicked white tea, cardamom, natural almond, vanilla and cardamom flavors, white chamomiles

Dry Tea: The scent of the tea wafted out of the tin when I opened it and was quite strong. It was kind of sweet and definitely had a wintery spice character, mostly from the cardamom I think. However, some of the vanilla came through as well.

The tea bag was one of the nicer pyramid tea bags.

I went ahead cracked one open to have a better look at the contents.

Preparation: For this tea I more or less followed the directions on the tin: infuse in less than boiling water for 4 mins.

Quick summary:

  • Current Price: $10 for a tin of 20 sachets
  • Texture: astrigent
  • Flavor Notes: wintery spice
  • Finish: sweet, touch of bitterness


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