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Door County Coffee And Tea Company

The Perfect Blend For 20 Years

Welcome to Door County Coffee & Tea Co.

The perfect cup of coffee is made with the best ingredients, the right process, and by people who care enough to create an outstanding product. At Door County Coffee & Tea Co., located in Carlsville, that coffee trifecta has come together for the past 20 years.

Vicki Wilson, the founder and president of the small family-owned company, leads 40 employees to roast, grind, package, and distribute over 100 flavors and signature blends of premium coffees online, in stores, at their own store, and in coffee shops across the Midwest.

Wilson launched Door County Coffee & Tea in Forestville in 1993. The former senior buyer for Shopko grabbed onto her dreamto produce the best-tasting quality coffee and to deliver it to customers with an unsurpassed level of customer service and found plenty of coffee lovers eager for her product. She moved the growing company to Carlsville, the heart of Door County, in 1997 where it has flourished ever since.

We start with the best raw materials beans and flavoringsand that is what sets us apart from everybody else, said LouAnn Deprez, production manager and master roaster at Door County Coffee. Door County Coffee & Tea is seriously particular about the grade of coffee beans that are used and only purchases Specialty Class 1 Arabica Coffee beansthe finest two percent of coffee beans grown in the worldand as near to perfect as a coffee bean they can get. They combine beans from around the world for each unique coffee blend.

About Door County Coffee & Tea Co

Located in Carlsville, the heart of Door County, Door County Coffee & Tea Co. is a small, family-owned business, roasting coffee the old-fashioned way in small batches to exacting specifications.

Founded in 1993 right here in Door County, Wisconsin, the Door County Coffee mission has always been to produce the best-tasting, highest quality coffee and deliver it to our customers with an unsurpassed level of customer service. To accomplish that, only Specialty Class 1 Arabica coffee beans are used, which are the top 2% of what is grown in the world! Combine that with superior roasting technology, and you get a wonderfully even, perfect roast each and every time.

The Door County Coffee cafe and roasting facility in Carlsville, is a place where you can grab your favorite latte or coffee at our espresso bar, enjoy a wonderful breakfast or lunch, or meander through our gift shop filled with home décor, gourmet foods and womens accessories. Oh, and most important of all, when you walk in the front doors, you will immediately enjoy the aroma of more than 100 types of coffees all of which are roasted on-site. Located on Highway 42 directly between Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor, the Café is open year-round 7 days a week! In fact, most weekdays you can see the roastmasters right through the main window in our café hard at work.

In Green Bucolic Door County Wisconsin Family

Drive up to white clapboard, country-cute building that Door County Coffee & Tea Company occupies in the town of Clarksville just outside of Sturgeon Bay, and you know youre in for something special. The wide porch and blossoming flowers welcome you into their coffee roasting facility/ café and bakery-gift shop. As you slip through the wooden screen door, youre enveloped by the warm, earthy smell of roasting coffee. Thats because they roast more than 100 different coffees onsite.

Vicki Wilson, company founder, greets guests with enthusiasm, knowledge, and coffee.

Were greeted by the companys founder, Vicki Wilson, a tiny blond with a big smile and irrepressible energy. She invites us to help ourselves to big pump thermoses filled with different coffees, including a raspberry-flavored one and a dark roast, which is what I choose. Unlike many darker roasts, this Private Reserve coffee is silky without the harshness often associated with deeply roasted coffee. The flavors are rich and complex and I find myself returning to the pot again and again.

I order the Egg Bake Topped with Sausage and its delectable: fluffy eggs with rich creamy texture topped with plenty of flavorful, chunky sausage and melty cheddar cheese. It comes with a thick slice of house-baked crusty wheat bread and fresh fruit.

Coffee College

Door County uses a special roasting technology to bring out smooth yet robust flavors.

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