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Does Tea Tree Oil Help Varicose Veins

Helichrysum Essential Oil For Varicose Veins

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After learning about Essential Oils, we can talk about Helichrysum Essential Oil for Varicoses.

The properties of Helichrysum Essential Oil for Varicose Veins will help you understand this herb better.

To begin, lets talk about Varicose Veins and what causes them.

After that, well discuss how this essential oil can help.

The Best Essential Oils For Varicose Vein Symptoms

Cypress oil

Cypress stimulates blood flow, boost circulation, and can reduce fluid retention, which might help reduce varicose veins appearance. Regular topical application of this oil may help strengthen vein walls. Cypress is also a pain-reliever and antispasmodic.

Helichrysum is pain-relieving, anti-coagulating, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and can help relieve muscle pain.

Thyme oil

Thyme can be effective at increasing blood circulation and balancing hormones. Its also a potent pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and can help with aches and spasms.

Geranium oil

Geranium is a pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic. Its also been shown to improve blood circulation and hormonal imbalances.

Other oils that can increase circulation and may help alleviate varicose vein pain and inflammation are:

Using Essential Oils For Varicose Veins

The following are a few suggestions on how to use essential oils topically for the treatment of varicose veins.

  • Soak a cloth or muslin cloth in a blend of five drops of essential oils of your choice and 1 litre of water. This can be warm or cool water. Any of the oils listed above may help in your treatment. Elevate your legs for 15 minutes whilst applying the compress to the affected area.
  • Pick a carrier oil of your choice and dilute up to 8 drops of essential oil within a small amount of it. Carrier oils commonly used include jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil and sweet almond oil. However, you may want to use grapeseed oil as your carrier oil. Grape seed extract is said to contain compounds that increase elasticity in blood vessels. You can then add your creation to your bathwater for a soothing, hopefully pain-relieving soak.
  • Take roughly 3 tablespoons of carrier oil and combine this with your chosen carrier oil. Other suggestions include coconut oil, Argan oil and evening primrose oil. These are all anti-inflammatory. Give the affected area a massage in the direction of your heart.

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How Tea Tree Oil Diminished My Spider Veins

I kind of discovered this totally by accident. Ive looked into how to remove them before, but never thought of natural remedies. Ive suffered with spider veins around my nose for a long time. Its the main reason I wear foundation. Ive always been very conscious about it, and Ive even looked into lasertherapy to have them removed. Lasertherapy was always going to be the last resort, but I have looked into products like Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus, but they havent had very good reviews, and when people say it has worked, its been over using the product for a very long time.

So what are spider veins?Spider veins are like varicose veins but smaller. They also are closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins. Often, they are red or blue. They can look like tree branches or spiderwebs with their short, jagged lines. They can be found on the legs and face and can cover either a very small or very large area of skin.

I hope this helps out someone else that suffers from spider veins. Im currently using a superdrug own brand tea tree oil spot stick, and its been working fine for me!

Do you suffer from spider veins? Do you have any other natural remedies? Or do you use tea tree for any other skin problems? Let me know!

How To Use Cypress Oil For Varicose Veins

Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil

Sometimes, due to pressure on the midsection of the body, excess weight, pregnancy, and even standing for too long, people may develop a condition called varicose veins. When this happens, the walls of the veins in your legs stretch, causing the veins to expand, and become engorged with blood. This causes them to bulge out from under the skin.

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Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only does it help the appearance of this skin condition, but Apple Cider vinegar is also another natural skin healing formula that is highly effective against varicose veins and is extremely easy to apply.

Simply dampen a washcloth with Apple cider vinegar and place it over your varicose vein affected area for 2-3 minutes. You can as well as give yourself a gentle massage with the washcloth to help stimulate blood circulation.

Muscular Aches And Pains

Almost all essential oils are anti-inflammatory in some form which makes them beneficial for massage. Tea Tree oils pain relieving properties make it especially suitable for massage therapy or as a component of a healing bath.

Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil along with peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender to bath water and soak in it for up to 20 minutes to get instant relief from pain caused by fibromyalgia, stress, arthritis, injury etc.

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Uses For Tea Tree Oil

The 4 healing benefits of Tea Tree oil that are outlined above are what give it such a diverse set of uses. Below I am going to outline my top 17 Tea Tree oil uses so you can better incorporate this powerful remedy into your life.

Tea tree oil is one of many great essential oils with therapeutic properties. You can find some good at home essential oil tips here

Peppermint Essential Oil Soothes Hemorrhoid Irritation

Unbelievable Natural Home Remedies For Varicose Veins

The cooling effect of peppermint oil can help to quickly stop itching, burning, and pain if your hemorrhoids are irritating.

Studies have shown that peppermint oil is anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce irritation and swelling in damaged tissue. In fact, scientific research has identified over 51 anti-inflammatory compounds in peppermint essential oil.

Other studies have found that peppermint oil has a cooling effect on the skin and can reduce the severity of itching.

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How To Use Essential Oils For Varicose Veins

The West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy recommends several ways to use essential oils topically for varicose veins:

  • Create a warm or cool compress by soaking a cloth in a blend of five drops of essential oils and 1 liter of water. Apply the compress to the affected area for 15 minutes. Keep your legs elevated during application.
  • Combine up to 30 drops of essential oil with approximately 3 tablespoons of carrier oil. Popular carrier oils include sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. You may also add the oils to shea butter or cocoa butter. Use the mixture to massage the affected area in the direction of your heart.
  • Dilute up to eight drops of essential oil in a small amount of carrier oil. Add the mixture to warm bathwater.
  • To relieve hemorrhoids , add up to eight drops of diluted essential oils to a sitz bath.

To use essential oils to induce calm and relieve pain:

  • Inhale directly from the bottle or from an inhaler tube.
  • Apply to a handkerchief or cotton pad, and inhale.
  • Diffuse using a room diffuser.

Diluted essential oils are generally considered safe to use externally. If you apply undiluted essential oil to the skin, you may experience irritation or inflammation.

All essential oils have the potential to cause an allergic reaction. Allergic reaction symptoms may include:

  • difficulty breathing
  • rapid heart rate

If youre pregnant or breast-feeding, you shouldnt use these oils without the supervision of your doctor or a trained aromatherapist.

How To Prevent Spider Veins

  • Always wear a sunscreen to limit the spider veins on your face.
  • Exercise daily to improve the blood circulation in your legs.
  • Keep a check on your weight.
  • Eat healthily. Foods like fruits, onions, and garlic are rich in flavanoids that reduce blood pressure and relax the blood vessels.
  • Do not sit for long durations.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Wear support stockings.
  • Avoid wearing high heels for a long duration.
  • Follow a low-salt, high-fiber diet and consume foods like oats, wheat, flaxseed, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.
  • Keep the leg elevated to reduce pressure in the leg veins. Gravity will enable smooth blood flow to the heart.
  • Gently massage the affected area to help blood circulation.

If you follow the above tips and remedies discussed in this post, you will see your spider veins vanish in no time.

Spider veins are small and damaged veins that develop under the skin due to factors such as aging, obesity, genetics, or pregnancy. They are accompanied by symptoms such as itching, pain, rashes, and ulcers on the skin. Doctors opt for surgical methods such as sclerotherapy or laser therapy to treat spider veins. If you want to go for natural alternatives, you can use ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, or tea tree oil may help reduce the symptoms of spider veins. Along with that, eating healthy, exercising daily, or gently massaging the affected areas will promote blood circulation and may reduce spider veins.

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Essential Oils For Varicose Vein Treatment

Apart from smelling great, essential oils provide various health benefits. While some use essential oils as a form of aromatherapy to relieve stress and induce better sleep, others use it as a topical treatment for pain, inflammation, acne, etc.

Notably, lavender essential oil is more commonly used to treat varicose veins due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, in a 2012 study, lavender oil proved to reduce the size and duration of ulcers, a common symptom of this chronic venous disease.

Another common pain-relieving option would be rosemary oil, as its application showed better blood circulation among the participants of a 2009 study.

Can Home Remedies Treat Varicose Veins

Pin on Do terra

Not really. But, some common lifestyle modifications can help you prevent varicose veins from occurring or becoming worse-

  • Yoga Doing some yoga asanas such as Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Navasana, Vaiparita Karani, Matsyasana, etc., are common for improvement in blood circulation and can help in preventing varicose veins.
  • Bicycling This exercise helps in increasing blood circulation in the body. Besides preventing the varicose veins, cycling also strengthens the muscles of the legs and maintains regular blood flow.
  • 30-minutes-walk Walking is beneficial if done regularly for at least 30 minutes this maintains the blood pressure and strengthens the bodys overall muscles.

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Why Do Spider Veins Occur

To determine the best way to treat spider veins, it is helpful to know why they form in the first place. Spider veins usually develop in a network that might resemble a spiders web or a starburst pattern. They may be red or blue, and some of them can become quite large. The most common areas to find spider veins are on the leg, particularly behind the knee, and on the face. However, these visible vessels can show up nearly anywhere on the body.

Causes of spider veins vary and might include:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Some medications, including anabolic steroids
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

The primary risk for spider veins is genetics, which means if one or both of your parents have them, you are more apt to develop them as well. Other factors that could increase your likelihood of developing these networks include obesity, a sedentary lifestyle or long periods on your feet during the day.

So How Do I Treat Varicose And Spider Veins

Vein health is a medical issue. While these more visible concerns may cause cosmetic insecurity and dissatisfaction, the symptoms we dont see are just as important as those we do. Essential oil isnt going to seep that deep. The best solution for venous insufficiencies or vein disease is to treat them at the root. Thats why we use state-of-the-art treatments like laser therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and sclerotherapy in our clinics. Medical injectables and lasers can safely and easily penetrate to where the issue lies.

In Dr. Mandys Manhattan vein clinic, hes heard it all. From removing varicose veins with deep tissue massages, using lavender oil to soothe, all the way to firming vein cream that tightens veins from the outside-in, the misleading marketing targeting his patients is a constant topic of discussion.

The great thing about seeing a new patient in our clinic, no matter how frustrated theyve become with however many DIY vein removal creams they have tried, is that we get to offer them a safe, effective solution. Our vein treatments are 15 minutes or less, minimally invasive, and have little-to-no downtime following procedures. We can provide patients with the instant-gratification theyve been looking for with vein care essential oils, and better yet, their health is improving as well. We can treat the cosmetic as well as the medical issues behind vein disease.

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Options In Natural Spider Vein Remedies

Natural remedies are often the first choice for spider vein sufferers that dont want to resort to medical treatment to eliminate the vessels. The natural approach is attractive because it does not require a prescription or therapy administered by a physician. Many of these solutions are as close as the neighborhood grocery store. Some of the most popular natural remedies for spider veins include:

What You Can Do Now


If youre new to essential oils, learn all you can about how to use them before adding them to your varicose vein treatment arsenal. A trained aromatherapist can help you figure out which oils may help your situation.

In the meantime, there are small things that you can do at home and at work to reduce pressure on your veins and improve blood flow:

  • Add more fiber to your diet to prevent constipation.
  • Walk as much as you can to boost circulation in your legs.
  • Set a timer to go off every hour to remind you to get up and move. Walk, do jumping jacks, or jog in place for at least five minutes.
  • If your job requires you to sit or stand in one place for a long time, change positions frequently. Do calf stretches while sitting and walk in place while standing.
  • Dont sit with your legs crossed.
  • Wear low heels to help tone your calf muscles and help prevent blood pooling.
  • Eat a low-salt diet to prevent water retention that may cause swelling.

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How To Diagnose Spider Veins

Your doctor may perform a physical examination that involves looking at your legs while you are standing to check for any swelling.

You may also need to get an ultrasound test done to check whether your vein valves are functioning normally and if there are any blood clots.

Your doctor can also suggest some treatments to improve the appearance of spider veins. They include:

  • Laser therapy This targets the wider vessels and seals them.
  • Surgery to remove the widened vessels.
  • Sclerotherapy It involves injecting a chemical into the inner lining of the blood vessels to cause damage to it.

As spider veins are more of a cosmetic concern than medical, many affected individuals are seen opting for surgery to get rid of their unsightly appearance. However, following some simple and natural remedies, along with a few lifestyle changes, can help deal with this condition without having to go under the knife .

What You Have To Do
  • Take a cotton pad and soak it in witch hazel.
  • Dab this directly on the spider veins and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • How Often You Should Do This

    Repeat this 2 to 3 times daily.

    Why This Works

    Witch hazel is a natural astringent and is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The spider veins shrink and become less visible on the topical application of this oil. Witch hazel contains tannins and volatile oils, both of which can reduce inflammation and heal the inflamed veins .

    How Do You Dissolve Varicose Veins

    Sclerotherapy is a popular medical procedure for getting rid of spider veins and smaller varicose veins. The affected veins are injected with a salt solution that causes the blood vessels to collapse and form blood clots. Gradually, the resulting scars will fade, and the appearance of enlarged veins will also reduce.

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    Tea Tree Oil And Castor Oil

    • Mix a few drops of tea tree oil and tbsp of castor oil.
    • Add tsp of aloe or witch hazel and mix it well.
    • Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply directly to hemorrhoids.
    • Diluted tea tree oil is less strong so you directly apply on skin.
    • Mix dilute carrier oil and tea tree oil helps to treat negative skin reaction.

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    Using Tea Tree Oil For Hemorrhoids

    Aceite Melaleuca Alternifolia / Tea Tree

    Tea tree essential oil mixed with lavender might contain hormones thatd disrupt the hormonal balance of boys who have not yet gone through puberty. It is not known if this solution would be safe for young girls to use.

    Mix two drops of it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Using cotton balls use this solution to the affected area. Reapply this solution 3 to 4 times.

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    The Solution That Worked Wonders

    After my disappointing encounter with the bio-oil, I decided to go for a solution that had more reputation. It is known as the Varicose Vein Remover Blue Light Therapy Pen, and it did wonders for me. In just a month, my varicose veins had reduced dramatically, and with consistent use, they disappeared entirely.

    It was the best thing to happen to me, and here are the many reasons why you should choose it over any other remedy:


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