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Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Membership

Overview Of The Settings

The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship and Forgiveness

The following table lists three settings for helping a person repent. It also summarizes some of the considerations for leaders when deciding which setting to use.

Settings for Helping a Person Repent


A voluntary confession and godly sorrow for oneâs actions show a desire to repent.


Criticism Of Joseph Smith

In the 1830s, the church was criticized for Smiths handling of a banking failure in Kirtland, Ohio. After the Mormons migrated west, there was fear and suspicion about the LDS Churchs political and military power in Missouri, culminating in the 1838 Mormon War and the Mormon Extermination Order by Governor Lilburn Boggs. In the 1840s, criticism of the church included its theocratic aspirations in Nauvoo, Illinois. Criticism of the practice of plural marriage and other doctrines taught by Smith were published in the Nauvoo Expositor. Opposition led to a series of events culminating in the death of Smith and his brother while jailed in 1844.

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Pew Forum On Religion & Public Life

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life published a survey of 35,556 adults living in the United States that was conducted in 2007. The 2007 survey, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International , found 1.7% of the U.S. adult population self identified themselves as Mormon. The table below lists a few significant findings, from the survey, about Mormons. Note: some less populated states were combined in this survey. These include:Montana-Wyoming,D.C.-Maryland, North & South Dakota, New Hampshire-Vermont, and Connecticut-Rhode Island. The racial and ethnic composition of the U.S. membership is predominantly white with a lower percentage of blacks when compared to the U.S. average.


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Move Restrictions On Membership Records

Sometimes a Church member moves while membership action or other serious concerns are pending. Sometimes a bishop needs to share information with the new bishop before transferring the membership record to the new unit. In these cases, the bishop may place a move restriction on the membership record. The record remains in the unit until the bishop removes the restriction. This allows an opportunity for the bishop to communicate concerns and information.


Growth In The Lds Church Is Slowing But Not For Reasons You Might Suspect

Nampas First Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

The Salt Lake Temple, a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, pictured before a minor earthquake in March 2020 shook the trumpet from the angels arms atop the steeple. Creative Commons photo.

SALT LAKE CITY Among religions, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints puts a unique emphasis on the importance of growth, dispatching tens of thousands of missionaries each year in pursuit of a prophecy that says the church will one day fill the entire globe.

But recently, despite record missionary service, growth in the 16-million-member church has hit a 100-year low in the United States.

While the church reported a slight uptick in the number of conversions in 2019 during its General Conference in April, that growth was offset by rapidly declining birthrates, which continue to fall despite the churchs emphasis on traditional family values. As a result, growth is sitting at just over 1.5% annually, significantly less than the 3-4% annual growth rates the church enjoyed in the 1970s and 80s.

In the LDS stronghold Utah, where more than half the population is raised LDS, protests and mass resignations tied to controversial church policies have made the news in recent yearsfrom the news Religion Unplugged reported that the church has amassed a $100 billion stockpile using member tithes in the last 22 years, to the now-revoked 2015 policy banning the baptism of children with gay parents.

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What Is The Position Of The Church Regarding Race Relations

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. The Book of Mormon states, Black and white, bond and free, male and female all are alike unto God . This is the Churchs official teaching.

People of all races have always been welcomed and baptized into the Church since its beginning. In fact, at the end of his life in 1844, Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, opposed slavery. During this time some black males were ordained to the priesthood. At some point the Church stopped ordaining male members of African descent, although there were a few exceptions. It is not known precisely why, how or when this restriction began in the Church, but it has ended. Church leaders sought divine guidance regarding the issue and in 1978 extended the priesthood to all worthy male members. The Church immediately began ordaining members to priesthood offices wherever they attended throughout the world.

The Church unequivocally condemns racism, including any and all past racism by individuals both inside and outside the Church. In 2006, then Church president Gordon B. Hinckley declared that no man who makes disparaging remarks concerning those of another race can consider himself a true disciple of Christ. Nor can he consider himself to be in harmony with the teachings of the Church of Christ. Let us all recognize that each of us is a son or daughter of our Father in Heaven, who loves all of His children .

Membership Records In The International Genealogical Index

Some listings in the old International Genealogical Index came from Church membership records. These entries will have one of the following types of seven-digit batch numbers:

  • 694—-. If the batch number begins with the numbers 694, it refers to membership records from various areas outside the mountain states and several international areas. If more than one source film is listed, only look at the films for areas where your ancestor lived. Some women appear in the membership records under their married names, so look for women under their maiden and married names in the International Genealogical Index, and on the membership records. Your ancestor may be on the film more than once, and each entry may contain different information.
  • H——. If the batch number begins with H, it came from the . This file includes all the information that appeared on his or her membership record when the person died. This includes the name of their last ward or branch, and may include the name of other wards or branches where the person also attended.

Entries are no longer added, nor changed in the International Genealogical Index. Membership information is currently going onto the FamilySearch Family Tree when a member of the Church dies. The entry source will say it is an “LDS membership of a deceased person” but there will be no further source information available for the record.

International Genealogical Index H—— 694—-

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Organization Of The Church

On April 6, 1830, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and a group of approximately 30 believers met with the intention of formally organizing the Church of Christ into a legal institution. It is uncertain whether this occurred in the home of Peter Whitmer Sr. in Fayette, New York, or whether it occurred in the log home of Joseph Smith Sr. near their property in Manchester. Soon after this formal organization, small branches were formally established in Manchester, Fayette, and Colesville. Although the purpose was to effect a legal organization, it may have had no legal effect since no records of incorporation have been found in either the ManchesterâPalmyra area, the Fayette area, or in several other counties around this time period, as required by state law at the time: the church evidently did not follow the required legal formalities.

Histories Of Local Church Units

Being an Agent to Act

Many histories of wards, stakes, and missions are available at the Family History Library and the Church History Library. These unit histories sometimes include biographical sketches of members, photographs, maps, lists of ward officers, and a history of the local community. For books and articles that give short histories of many local Church units see:

  • Jenson, Andrew. Encyclopedic History of the Church cited fully in .

The Church History Library has manuscript histories, and historical reports for local Church units from the 1830s to 1983. Since 1983, the yearly histories have been known as annual reports. Wards and branches submit their reports to the stake or mission, which compiles them and submits the reports to the Church History Library. These records often include the names of the Church units officers and teachers. Histories of the Mormon Battalion, the Pioneers of 1847, , and other prominent groups are also available.

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Young Mormons Want A More Tolerant Church

Even with a concerted emphasis on family formation and religious education, there is evidence that an increasing number of Mormons are still leaving the church. The Pew Research Centers 2014 Religious Landscape Survey found that 64 percent of those raised in Mormon households still identify as Mormon as adults. And while this rate is still better than that of most other Christian denominations, it represents a modest decline from 2007, when the retention rate stood at 70 percent. Jana Riess, author of the upcoming book The Next Mormons: How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church, argues that younger Mormons are leading the way out the door, at least in part over the churchs hardline stance on LGBTQ issues.

Quin Monson, a professor of political science at BYU and co-author of Seeking the Promised Land: Mormons and American Politics, says that while the church has maintained its conservative theological stance, it is offering a kinder and gentler approach on hot-button social issues like LGBTQ rights. Its a matter of emphasis and how the church talks about social issues, he says.

Correction: The Mormon Church lifted its ban on caffeinated soda in 2017, but still prohibits the consumption of tea and coffee.

Church Membership Shrinks In 21 Us States

  • David NoyceSalt Lake Tribune

While the church enjoyed small gains in membership growth the past two years globally and nationally amid a worldwide pandemic, more than 40% of U.S. states saw their numbers decrease during that time frame.

California , North Dakota and Washington were the biggest percentage losers between the start of 2020 and the end of 2021, independent demographer Matt Martinich reports at, while New Jersey , Louisiana and Nebraska had the tiniest declines.

The largest percentage winners were South Dakota , Arkansas and Tennessee .

Utah, home to the faiths headquarters and the most Latter-day Saints of any state, saw its membership grow by 1.66% to 2,161,526.

This article is published through the Utah News Collaborative, a partnership of news organizations in Utah that aim to inform readers across the state. To read the full article,

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Why Does The Church Send Out Missionaries

The missionary effort of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is based on the New Testament pattern of missionaries serving in pairs, teaching the gospel and baptizing believers in the name of Jesus Christ . Missionary work is voluntary, with most missionaries funding their own missions. They receive their assignment from Church headquarters and are sent only to countries where governments allow the Church to operate. In some parts of the world, missionaries are sent only to serve humanitarian or other specialized missions.

Lds Methods For Retention

When an image leaves one speechless: The 15 Apostles together in Rome ...

While it may seem that reconsidering its stance on social issues is one method to retain more young people, Mason and other scholars say this probably isnt the answer. Some people say the best thing to do is to accommodate modern cultureaccept gays, ordain women. I dont think its that simple, Mason says. We see this with the liberal Protestant church, and theyre still experiencing steep declines in membership. But by holding the line, you become a museum piece at a certain point. So there has to be this dynamic tension.

What will really make the church successful, Mason posits, is whether it will identify and emphasize that which has made it most successfulthe strength of its local congregations, called wards. These local units not only meet together for Sunday services, but often multiple times per week for gatherings that are not overtly religious: campouts and picnics, sporting events, community service. At the ward level, the church takes a village approach to not only religion and childrearing, but, as is the LDS way, all aspects of lifea given ward may appoint someone to help others find employment, pursue education, or improve physical health, according to the needs of the locals. And it is within these local units, Mason says, that Mormons bridge divides and help one another in times of need.

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What Are The Countries With The Most Latter

When the Church was first organized on April 6, 1830, there were six members of the Church. Now, 191 years later, there are 16,663,663 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world in 31,136 congregations, according to the Churchs 2020 statistics.

This chart shows the 30 countries with the most members of the Church.


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Meet With The Missionaries

Meeting with missionaries, either in person or online, is one of the most effective ways to learn about our beliefs. The missionaries will share brief messages about Jesus, Gods plan for you, and how you can strengthen your family. They can answer your questions about the Church and how to become a member. Meeting with the missionaries doesnt mean you have decided to join the Church. Its simply a way you can learn more about it.

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Indexes To Membership Records Of A Specific Place

The following indexes are for membership records of Utah, Wales, England, Italy, Samoa, or Scandinavia.

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church Historians Office. Historians Office Record of Members: Known as the “Minnie Margetts File” . WorldCat entry. FHL Films 415443 to 415457. This file is known as both the Membership Card Index and the Minnie Margetts File. This is a large index of mostly English branch membership records . For a list of the English branches indexed in the file, see the summary on FHL Film 415443. The FamilySearch Catalog entry notes mention other wards and branches outside of England in Australia, Mexico, Samoa, and 28 congregations in the United States which are indexed in Minnie Margett’s File. Minnie Margett’s File card for Walter A. Wood of the British Mission.
You can locate the microfilm number of the original membership record in two ways:
Once you are viewing the film of the original membership record:

Mission Of The Church

James Huntsman files lawsuit accusing Latter-day Saint Church of fraud

The mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to help all of Gods children come to Jesus Christ3 through learning about His gospel, making and keeping promises with God , and practicing Christlike love and service.4

Members of the Church believe in helping individuals and families fulfill the commandments to love God and to love your neighbor.5 Members do so by living the gospel of Jesus Christ,6 caring for those in need,7 inviting all to receive the gospel,8 and uniting families through family history and temple work.9

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What Is A Temple

Temples existed throughout biblical times. These buildings were considered the house of the Lord . Latter-day Saint temples are likewise considered houses of the Lord by Church members.

To Latter-day Saints, temples are sacred buildings in which they are taught about the central role of Christ in Gods plan of salvation and their personal relationship with God.

In temples, members of the Church make covenants, or promises, with God to live a virtuous and faithful life. They also participate in ordinances on behalf of their deceased ancestors.

Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also used to perform marriage ceremonies in which the faithful are promised eternal life with their families. For members of the Church, family is of central importance.

Members Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter

Age distribution among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

% of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are ages

15% 543
3% 543
56% 556
3% 547
88% 552
15% 493
10% 639
12% 552
50% 553
< 1% 556
< 1% 556
< 1% 556
< 1% 556
< 1% 556
2% 556
2% 556
3% 556
3% 556
< 1% 641
< 1% 556
4% 556
2% 556
13% 556
22% 556
3% 556
4% 556
1% 641
3% 556
3% 556
6% 641
6% 556
7% 641

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