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Biossance Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Best & Worst of Biossance

CoCo is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise thats been around for over two decades, and theyve got 4,000 stores worldwide.

They opened their first shop in Toronto back in 2014, and theyve now got 50 stores across Ontario!

My go-to order is always the Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea its so dang delicious.

You can find them at Yonge & Weldrick or at Commerce Gate in Richmond Hill.

LOCATION: Various locations

This locally-established bubble tea shop is fairly new to the GTA, and you can find them at Commerce Gate in Richmond Hill.

Try their Rose Oolong Milk Tea or Purple Rice Milk Tea!

LOCATION: 505 Hwy 7 #61-63, Thornhill, ON

How Effective Is Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Even if you haven’t tried tea tree oil for acne, you’ve probably at least heard of it, since it’s not only been for decades, but it’s also been , especially fungal acne. “Tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help acne in certain cases and at the right concentrations,” Dr. Love explains.

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Get access to *all* of Cosmo

But as amazing as tea tree oil sounds, Dr. Love wouldn’t recommend it as a first-line treatment if you’re looking for the most effective option.”There’s a reason salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are so ubiquitous in acne treatmentsthey work,” she says. “Tea tree oil is unlikely to be as effective, but it may be gentler on the skin, depending on the concentration.”

Not only that, but Dr. Love points out that there haven’t been many studies that look at the the exact concentration of tea tree oil needed for improvement in acneor the best way to dilute it and still reap the acne-treating benefits. So it’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t found success with other treatments, but it’s unlikely to be the single magical cure for your breakouts.

Start with one of these tea-tree oils:
Maple Holistics Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Biossance has proven to have dependable, clean products to help boost your skin towards your healthiest skin ever. Biossances collection of clean face and body oils and non-toxic moisturizers is no different. Our clean face and body oils and non-toxic moisturizers are award-winning and hold many certifications for cleanliness, sustainability, and dependability. Plus, they are a fan-favorite for skincare lovers everywhere.

Did we also mention that three of our products have been accepted by the National Eczema Association? These products are perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. You can find these skincare products stamped with the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association in our Clean Moisturizers and Clean Oils collection.

All of this isnt by coincidence though. Our clean face and body oils are scientifically backed and full of clean ingredients that are effective, safe, and that will leave your skin looking more radiant than ever.

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How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Instead of mixing together your own concoction and hoping for the best, use a tea tree oil-containing product designed specifically for acne. “This decreases the chances of irritation and worsening of acne unintentionally,” Dr. Love explains.

But those with sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin should be careful with using tea tree oil-containing products on the face at all since skin allergies to essential oils are common. “I recommend performing a spot-test on the forearm for a week before applying to the full face,” Dr. Love says, who recommends only applying tea tree oil to your face every other day when you start to see how well your face really tolerates it.

Treat your acne with these 4 tea tree oil products
Nolaskinsentials Iconic Elixir

Our Sustainable Vegan Multitasker That Hydrates Head To Toe

Biossance Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil
  • 95% agree skin felt instantly hydrated*
  • 93% agree skin is more nourished and hydrated after 2 weeks*
  • 100% showed an increase in cell renewal rate after 5 weeks**

*Based on a 28 day consumer study of 84 female subjects, ages 18-54, after twice daily use**Based on a 5 week clinical study of 35 subjects, ages 18-54, after twice daily use

  • Squalane oil for the face instantly hydrates and locks in essential moisture.
  • Helps other active ingredients penetrate more deeply and work more effectively
  • Promotes microbiome diversity for healthier-looking skin

Our new Jumbo size comes in limited edition packaging, made with 100% post-consumer recycled material , celebrating our commitment to ocean conservation with 5% of the proceeds going to support Oceana.

*Donations made through DailyKarma go to The DailyKarma Foundation, a 501 charity that makes grants to the designated cause.

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Can Tea Tree Oil Make Acne Worse

The problem here is that tea tree oil is an essential oil, and pure essential oils are very strong and can be super irritating. So you would definitely want to dilute your tea tree oil with another oil firstlike mixing a single dab of TTO in with a few drops of your favorite face oil and blending that over your acne-prone areas.

Or, do what Cosmo’s deputy beauty director does : Dab it over your zit as the final step of your skincare routine. “All the face creams I layer on first usually provide a pretty thick buffer against the tea tree oil,” she says. “My skin is incredibly sensitive and reactive, and as long as I only dab it on once a day, I’m good.”


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