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Best Espresso Beans For Latte

Koffee Kult Dark Roast

How to Make a Cafe Latte/BEST COFFEE/Italian Expresso

With a very notable rich aroma and shiny oily beans and a brilliantly thought out blend of volcanic coffee beans from Sumatra, washed processed Colombian beans and Guatemalan coffee beans.

Perfectly roasted, and you can expect a great coffee, be it an espresso shot or as the base for many of the milk based espresso drinks.

Lavazza Dek Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza is an old and respected coffee brand. They have been around for a long time and have been producing coffee the entire time.

So it makes sense that they have a steady and quality stream of decaf coffee.

The Dek is no different. Its an espresso-specific decaf coffee that is well-balanced and comes from a Central American blend.

It is full-bodied and with a strong aftertaste.

Lavazza made this to resemble a classic Italian coffee. So its pretty dark and best served as espresso and not as a daily brewer.

It comes in a 1 lb bag and doesnt break the bank, meaning its a great choice for getting fresh bags regularly.


  • Italian-inspired decaf coffee, so its meant as espresso and works well when served with milk
  • It comes in a 1 lb bag, so its great for buying fresh beans regularly
  • Its a Central American blend, so it has a lot of unique and strong flavors


  • Its a chemical decaffeination process, so youll get a chemical aftertaste and lose a lot of the lighter flavors

Do I Need Special Beans For Espresso

specialty or special beans for an espresso do not necessarily make for a better shot of espresso. There is not one particular coffee bean or location of bean that makes a better espresso. By far the biggest determining factor is the roast and the brewing skill and technique when it comes to pulling a great shot.

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Best Espresso Beans From Around The Globe

Coffee consumption is a routine affair throughout the world. Getting it from a grocery store or ordering online, a wide variety of options are available when making your coffee bean purchase. Exotic choices from different corners of the world are there for you to indulge in and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Fair Trade

The movement established after World War II was based on the concept of buying goods at fair prices from producers in developing countries, apparently as an act of charity. Although those in support believe it to be a wonderful effort, however, there have been arguments against the Fair Trade way of business.

USDA Organic

This standard or the seal on your coffee packaging certifies that the product was grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied to it, in at least last three years prior to harvest. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or use of genetically modified organisms.

Popular Single Origin Types

Single origin beans give us a chance to enjoy coffee from a single source, so that one can savor the natural aromas and flavors that come from the soils of various coffee growing nations. Some major Single Origin coffees from around the globe are:


These wonderful brands can be bought in grocery stores or online through Coffee beans from different regions have their own virtues and unique flavors and textures. These beans can give your mornings a fresh start and your drinks, delicious bliss.

What Is A Latte

Front view coffee latte with coffee beans

In case you are still struggling to understand what café latte is, I would say that it is a combination of espresso and steamed milk. It is different from macchiato and cappuccino because it is usually served in larger cups and with a lot more milk. However, the basis for all of these coffees is an espresso shot and steamed milk.

How many shots are in a coffee bean latte?

Traditionally, a café latte should have one or two shots of espresso. This depends mainly on your preference though if you want the coffee to be stronger, you should always go for that extra shot, but if you enjoy coffee with a milder taste, you should go for only one shot of espresso.

Depending on the coffee shop you go to, the amount of coffee you get can vary and there might be a slight variation in the taste. The taste will depend on the coffee beans that the shop uses. You can also find ready-made latte mixes that contain ground espresso beans and powder milk, but they will not capture the true taste of a freshly made café latte.

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Devils Brew Extreme Caffeinecoffee

Caffeine Content: 1325 to 1350 mg per 12 Ounce brewed coffee.

Bean Type: Ethically sourced Robusta coffee beans.

This is a British brand, and it packs a pretty potent punch, 1350 mg of caffeine is almost the equivalent of 7 x 12 ounce French press coffees! Trust me. you will feel the caffeine boost, and probably the caffeine jitters.

How Can Roasting Change The Original Flavor

Even though the type of coffee, origin, and processing form a certain taste, different methods of roasting can produce entirely different flavors. Heres how:

Lightly roasted coffee emphasizes the natural taste of the bean and sometimes tastes a bit grassy. Medium roasted coffee leaves the flavors fairly intact, but ads slight caramelization to the sugars in coffee. Darkly roasted coffee modifies the flavor the most and caramelizes sugars completely. This gives the roasts strong, bitter, smokey and burned notes.

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Faq Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Strongest Espresso Beans

The following questions are related to the subject of the strongest espresso beans. At Latte Love Brew, we thrive and really love to hear your questions. Every single one gets an answer. The common and most frequent ones get added to our FAQ the best, a whole article.

To put it simply, we love to help you to make better coffee.

The Best Rated Espresso Bean: Death Wish Coffee

Our Favorite Whole Bean Coffees of 2020

Look up on amazon and you will find that the Death Wish Coffee that weve featured earlier as well is the Best Rated Espresso Bean on !

For phenomenal Espresso brewing at home:

  • Keep your coffee well stored, away from contamination
  • Use filtered water
  • Measure your coffee and water precisely

For a good frothy Crema:

  • A nice pressurized steaming mechanism to emulsify the oils
  • Make sure you have the freshest possible beans
  • Grind the beans fine and tamp them properly

For a well prepped latte:

  • Foam / steam your milk to fine frothy thickness
  • Begin pouring the frothed milk to your espresso from a relatively high position
  • Ensure a small amount of stiff milk foam on top after pouring.

Good Crema? Bad Crema?

The question is inevitable when talking about a phenomenon that actually itself is an indication of the quality of the brew. If its a smooth and dark, its good! A bubbly, light, or yellowish finish is a sign that you need to continue working on it!

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What Are The Top 10 Best Tasting Espresso Beans And Drinks

In this article we talk about the best tasting espresso beans and the best tasting espresso drinks. To us at Latte Love Brew, to produce the most delicious espresso you need the best tasting beans, the best equipment and, of course, make the best espresso drinks that bring out their flavors.

Keep reading as we dig down into this topic.

What Is The Most Popular Latte Nespresso Capsule

The most cherished coffee capsule among caffeine drinkers is usually the ristretto capsule. This capsule packed with mind-blowing flavors is ideal for dark brews and drinks such as lattes!

The ristretto is a blend of purely Arabica coffee beans originating from the south and central America. The optimal fine grind and dark roast bring about a full-bodied and smooth liquid that creates deep cocoa and hints of woody tones when combined with milk for a latte. Plus it creates a beautiful thick crema crown on top!

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The Top Spot For Espresso Beans Goes To

Choosing the right beans for a shot of espresso will make a world of difference in your brew. This brewing method is perfect for highlighting the strong flavors of coffee and offering a bold shot of caffeine for coffee lovers.

Peets Coffee Espresso Forte is the winner by far because of the full-bodied flavors, sustainable practices, and silky-smooth crema. This is a great bean to try if you are looking to make a quality shot of espresso.

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso

Caffe Latte And Coffee Beans Stock Photo

Coffee Bean Direct is such a pure fusion of just right with hell yeah for those who want the flavour and the kick without the hard old fashioned coffee meanness. This brand is a rich and full bite of coffee with subtle and neat hint of smoky molasses and cocoa powder.

You will find that the flavour of this coffee is much more mellow and milder, and thus it can suit the needs of everyone! This attribute is further reinforced with the fact that this coffee comes in great packages of high volume as well, and all at a very reasonable cost. Although some would argue that this is not a very distinct taste, but yet it makes a great cup of coffee.

These beans are slow-roasted only a little while before they are packed, which is why they give off an amazing aroma and great flavour. However, these beans are pretty oily, so be mindful of that when youre using them in your machine.

  • The beans are a little too oily

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Red Bay Coffee Brazillian Cake Lady

I think the name of these coffee beans give away the fact that they are Brazilian coffee beans. They hail from Bahia. This is worthy of noting as these particular beans are a delight for your taste buds due to the very unique range of flavors that you will only get from Bahia coffee beans.

The flavor profile can only be described as a mix of chocolate and peanut butter. Think Nutella and Sun Pat meets coffee. It is quite a fantastic combination.

The Best Espresso Beans For That Perfect Shot

Updated: March 13, 2022 by Owen Richardson

What better way to kickstart your day than with a strong shot of espresso in the morning? Since espresso shots contain more dissolved coffee than a traditional brew, choosing the best espresso beans is essential.

Choosing the right beans will be the difference between a grumpy start to your day or a perfectly perky start to your day. You can avoid a bitter shot of espresso simply by choosing the best coffee beans for espresso.

Okay, yes, your grinding technique and brewing skills will also contribute to how good your morning espresso tastes. But, choosing the right espresso beans is the first step to brewing up a bold and flavorful shot of espresso.

Whether you have your espresso on its own or add some steamed milk and foam for a cappuccino, the bottom line is that the beans matter. In this guide, you will find the top 11 espresso beans for your brew.

Find out how to extract the truly bold flavors by selecting the right beans for your espresso. Pro tip: you can tell you are using quality coffee beans when you notice the quality crema on top of your shot.

TOP PICKMy pick for best espresso coffee beans is Peets Coffee Espresso Forte because of its bold flavors with unique notes of hazelnut. As a bonus, the company uses sustainable practices to source and roast the beans. This bean is purely designed for espresso, and it is sure to give you a nice kick.


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Are The Best Beans For Espresso Arabica Or Robusta


This is quite a complicated question as it is often debated. I personally used to avoid robusta beans until I moved to Vietnam, literally the Kingdom of Robusta beans.


do not underrate or dismiss Robusta beans out of hand.

Arabica beans are by far the most popular, with 60% of the coffee beans sold in the world are Arabica outselling Robusta beans 2 to 1!

The reason for this being is they provide a much better flavor profile with sweeter, caramel, chocolate and nutty hints, often with tones of berries with a pleasant acidity and slightly bitter undertones.

Robusta beans have an earthy, bitter and grain like tastes and a nice peanut like after-taste. They are less sweet and have a higher caffeine content than Arabica beans.

Both Arabica and Robusta when they are freshly roasted and to a dark roastprofile have the capability of producing a great, tasty espresso shot with a thick, rich crema on top.

Speaking of which,

when it comes down to brewing an espresso, you can get away with breaking the normal coffee brewing rules and still end up with an amazing coffee with a great taste and rich crema.

Worthy of note is that many espresso blends, even the best Brazilian coffee, will have about 20% Robusta to boost the caffeine content.

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What Is The Most Popular Espresso In Italy

The Barista Touch | Beans 101: Freshness and flavors of coffee beans | Breville USA

Based on sales, the most popular espresso in Italy is, by far, the original Lavazza Rossa which is a blend of Brazilian Arabica beans and African Robusta.

The second most popular is Lavazza Crema e Gusto, which is a blend of South East Asian Robusta beans and Brazilian Arabica.

In third place is Lavazza Qualita Oro which is a 100% Arabica beans, a blend of 6 beans that come from Central and South America.

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Is The Origin Of Coffee Relevant

I always wondered why manufacturers have to accentuate that certain bean is from Brazil or another famous coffee region. However, as I became more passionate about coffee, Ive learned that factors such as humidity, ambient temperature, soil, growing altitude all affect the taste and quality of coffee beans.

One thing to remember is the higher the growing altitude is, the better quality of the beans is.

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The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Making Lattes

It’s hard to ruin a latte, but it is possible.

Here are three of the most common mistakes:

  • Not using espresso – If you’re making a latte at home and you want barista-level lattes, you’ll need a good espresso machine . Using espresso ensures you get a good crema, the best flavors and a nice balance of coffee and milk.
  • Not steaming/frothing the milk – You can reduce a latte to coffee and milk pretty quickly if you pour in cold milk or don’t steam/froth the milk. For best results, use a machine with a milk frother, or invest in a stovetop milk frother.
  • Using the wrong type of coffee – Taste is a personal thing, but most people prefer espresso roast . Experiment with different kinds of coffee to see what you like best. For best results, use an espresso machine with finely ground coffee.
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    Devil Mountaincoffee Company Black Label

    Caffeine: Content: 1,550 milligrams per 12 ounces of brewed coffee.

    Bean Type: Unknown, Not Listed

    Black label coffee beans by Devil Mountain are literally satanic! It is the most dangerous cup of coffee or espresso shot in the world. These coffee beans have an incredible 1,550 mg of caffeine. per brewed cup of coffee. How much per shot of espresso is unknown. You can rest assured that it is in the range of 150 mg per single shot of espresso double what you get from Starbucks.

    It is certainly devilish.

    Nespresso Pods For Lattes And Cappuccinos


    Nespresso Vertuo Pods for Latte

    The Altissio coffee pods are perfect for brewing a fantastic cup of latte or cappuccino in a Nespresso Vertuo machine. They have an intensity level of 9 and a single pod can brew up to 1.35 ounces of coffee.

    These pods are medium roasted and full-body which results in smoother and balanced flavors There is no unpleasant intensity or bitterness to them. However, they are, still, intense enough to retain all coffee flavors even when milk is added.

    They include both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and make for an incredible mix with the milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

    Nespresso Vertuo Pods

    Nespresso Original Pods for Cappuccinos

    For your OriginalLine Nespresso, the Scuro coffee pods will make a brilliant partner. The package typically contains 50 capsules with a level of intensity of 7. Although they are not as strong as the Altissio capsules, they still pull a pretty intense shot of espresso.

    These pods really take your espresso to a whole new level. Not to mention how their heavy roast and concentrated notes create a perfectly balanced combination with milk for cafe lattes and cappuccinos.

    The Scura capsules contain Columbian and Ethiopian coffee beans. This combination creates the smoothness of the espresso. Another important factor that adds to the perfection of the espresso is that the beans are all Arabica and are prepared in a split-roast manner to extract maximum flavors.

    Nespresso Original Pods

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    Espresso Beans Variety Coffea Robusta

    Coffea Robusta, or Robusta coffee beans are a very common coffee variety that represents 30% of all coffee beans sold worldwide.

    In the world of coffee production and coffee farming, these are the ones that require the least maintenance as they are very robust against disease. The name means strong, which is appropriate as the tree is strong and able to resist disease. It is also strong and high in caffeine, producing on average 2.2x more than an Arabica bean.

    Robusta coffee beans have a higher intensity, more antioxidants and produce a coffee that has a richer cream.

    But the coffee beans flavor is much lower than an Arabica bean.


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